Fix Under Eye Lines Photoshop

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A Quick & Easy Style to Remove Numberless Under Eyes in Photoshop

For most of the states shooting in harsh light under the mid-solar day sun or using studio lighting for that contrasty wait, bags nether the optics are a part of life—something that we have to deal with on a regular basis. Different people have different approaches to editing their images and getting rid of these. In this video, photographer Dani Diamond shares a very simple and yet surprisingly effective method using Photoshop that promises to get rid of those black bags from our images:

Why the Patch Tool is Ineffective

The patch tool replaces not simply the skin tone merely also the skin texture, making it appear unnatural.

The patch tool will not only replace the skin tone but also the skin texture.

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Equally can be easily spotted in the above paradigm, the patch tool replaced not only the tones simply it also ‘grafted’ the pores. Certainly, this is not what yous desire to accept in your portrait images!

Why the Clone Tool is Also Ineffective

photoshop clone tool

The clone tool does a better job than the patch tool, simply it blurs out the pare texture.

Results of using the clone tool (pictured in a higher place) is non satisfactory either. It does a better job of patching the skin tones just in the procedure smudges the peel texture, because it was used at less than 100% opacity (every bit is the case in a bulk of edits).

Why Dodge & Burn down Doesn’t Piece of work Either

Diamond explains this by saying,

“The reason why [dodging and called-for] does not work is because you are not replacing the tones, y’all are simply making them lighter, and they are different tones than the general area. So, a lot of times what will happen is that if yous dodge it also much, it’s going to start turning gray and it’due south going to completely lose the tones that it had.”

The Right Way to Remove Numberless Nether Optics

Diamond samples the tone that he would exist using to replace the tones that are problematic using the Curves tool.

photoshop curves layer

Create a new Curves layer.

1. Create a new Curves layer
(remember to choose the curves symbol and not the mask).

photoshop eyedropper tool

Select the eyedropper tool.

2. Sample the preferred tone to replace
with by choosing the tiptop eyedropper tool.

iii. Make the sample.

select skin tones

Select the pare tones to replace.

Select the tones
that you lot want to replace.

invert the mask

Invert the Curves mask.

five. Go to the curves mask and press
Ctrl+ i
invert the mask.

start painting

Select a castor, alter the opacity, and offset painting.

half dozen. Select a brush,  turn the
opacity to between ten-20 percent
start painting
to replace the tone.
7. If you become carried away and practice a bit likewise much, don’t worry. Y’all can always bring down the
of the aligning layer after on.
8. Repeat the process for each eye, and each fourth dimension sample a different tone to supplant with, since the tones on either side of the face are jump to differ.

Here are the
before & later on shots:

how to remove black bags from portrait shots using photoshop

Before / After

A truly versatile method!

But when you thought this was simply for those black bags… wait! This technique works as well in other situations, e.g., when your model has make-up on her face only not on the shoulders and neck. This process helps to remainder the skin tone in general.