Format Sandisk Extreme Ssd For Mac

By | 26/08/2022

When you’re newish to a Mac. And you’re not sure how to get the formatting of your Western Digital SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD. Or SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD done.

Even though your SanDisk Portable SSD is formatted out of the box ExFAT.

Perhaps you lot don’t want that.

Or the factory formatting is playing up on your Mac.

Or y’all want APFS formatting because you’ve heard that’s the All-time for an SSD on Mac.

Read on. In PICTURES, words and a video, take a guide though how to get it washed.

That’s the offset pass. Then if yous want APFS formatting y’all can pick that the second time through.

Would You Like To Learn Through Words or From A Video?

Are you a visual learner?

Then this video is for you. Run into how the formatting of a SanDisk Extreme Portable is done on a Mac.

Here is a 4 minute 53 second video for you.

Video Credit: MacTakeAwayData

Before You Beginning The Formatting Of Your SanDisk Portable On Your Mac

Sign into your iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or M1 Pro. Then plug in your SanDisk NVMe SSD bulldoze.

Sandisk Extreme Portable Plugged Into Mac

Y’all get a USB C to USB type C cablevision in the box.

When you’re plugging into an older Mac. A Mac without a USB C port.

You’ll want to use the adaptor in the box. Put it on the stop of your USB type C to USB C cable.

Only think to check when y’all plug in that your cable is well seated into your Mac. And into your SanDisk Portable SSD.

Because if your cable isn’t plugged in right. Your Sandisk Portable. Or your Extreme Pro Portable won’t appear on your Mac’s desktop.

Check the adaptor plug is well seated and that the arrows lucifer up.

Extreme Portable USB C Adaptor Arrows
Extreme Portable USB C Adaptor Arrows

So y’all should see your SanDisk SSD’due south bulldoze icon on your Mac’s desktop.

Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD Icon
Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD Icon

Thinking about getting yourself a new SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD?

Click the link text. And pop on over to the review commodity on the site.

And Learn more than about it on a Mac.

Sandisk Extreme Portable Not Showing On Your Mac’s Desktop?

Check THIS.

Open up a Finder window. And open upwards Finder Preferences.

Finder Preferences
Finder Preferences

Look under your Finder Preferences General heading. And make sure there is a cheque mark against ‘External Disk’ on the preferences window.

Finder Preferences Show External Disks
Finder Preferences Evidence External Disks

That’s the setting that says whether your Mac shows you your external drive on your desktop. Or Not.

What You Use To Format Your Extreme Portable SSD On Your Mac

Your Mac has software that’s already office of your Mac’s operating organisation. The software is chosen Disk Utility.

There’s nothing extra to pay to use it.

And that’due south the software to use to format your Sandisk Farthermost Portable. Or SanDisk Pro Portable SSD on your Mac computer.

How To Format Your SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD On Mac

Before you commencement. Break One Second.

Do you have any of your own files or information on the bulldoze?

Do you want that data? And so copy them off somewhere else first.

Your SanDisk Extreme Portable ships with some files already on there.

Sandisk Extreme Portable Files On Drive
Sandisk Farthermost Portable Files On Bulldoze

A folder with some pdf’south within.

And a program file.

The program only runs on a Windows PC. It’s the hardware encryption software for the SanDisk Farthermost Portable for a PC.

The PDF’s are about using that software.

If you don’t plan to use those files then carry right on reading this postal service. And with your formatting.

Remember you might desire to utilise these files?

Then re-create them somewhere else start.

A quick re-create and paste to a folder on your Mac. And yous’ve got them saved if yous want to utilise them in the futurity.

Because if you want that data dorsum after you’ve formatted. Then you’ll be seeking the services of a Data Recovery company. Or buying yourself Data Recovery software.

And with no assurance yous’ll recover your data.

Now y’all’re ready to start.

1. Start Upwardly Disk Utility.

Disk Utility lives in the Awarding binder on your Mac. Inside a binder called Utilities.

Y’all can open up your Applications binder from your Mac’s Dock. Or from a Finder window.

Utilities In Application Folder
Utilities In Application Folder

Scroll down to find the Utilities binder. And double click to start up Disk Utility.

Disk Utility In Utilities Folder
Disk Utility In Utilities Folder

One time Disk Utility is open.

SanDisk Extreme Portable Internal External
SanDisk Extreme Portable Internal External

Your Disk Utility window lists all the drives your Mac can see.

And they are under two headings.

Your internal drives y’all’ll see under ‘Internal’

Your external drives are nether ‘External’. The arrows in the picture signal out the headings.

You’ll find your Western Digital SanDisk Farthermost under the External drives list.

One thing to bank check.

Be certain y’all can see two levels.

SanDisk Extreme Two Levels
SanDisk Farthermost Two Levels

If not, become to the height of your Mac’s screen.

Then option Deejay Utility View. And choose ‘Show All Devices’.

SanDisk Disk Utility Show All Devices
SanDisk Disk Utility Show All Devices

You’ll then see all the levels you need to, to properly format your SanDisk Extreme USB bulldoze.

ii. Choice your Sandisk Extreme Portable.

Click your Sandisk Portable SSD at the meridian level

SanDisk Extreme SSD Pick At Top Level
SanDisk Farthermost SSD Option At Height Level

3. Click Erase.

SanDisk Portable Erase
SanDisk Portable Erase

Erase is what your Mac calls formatting.

Don’t panic. You lot’re going to set how yous want your SanDisk external SSD formatted for your Mac next.

Yous’re not actually erasing still.

4. Set Your SanDisk Farthermost Portable Mac Format.

On the next window that pops up you’ll have a hazard to give your SanDisk Portable SSD a name.

Type that in where the screen says name.

Next. Ready the format as Mac Os Extended (Journaled).

And the scheme as GUID segmentation Map

If you don’t see those options and then use the pocket-size up down arrows at the end of the field to selection these options.

SanDisk Portable Format Setup
SanDisk Portable Format Setup

You’ll see from the moving picture the default chosen past Disk Utility is Master Boot Record. That’southward how your SanDisk comes shipped.

Simply you don’t want this for your Mac.

Be sure to choose GUID Partition Map.

SanDisk Portable Format GUID
SanDisk Portable Format GUID Partition Map

Did you recollect to re-create everything yous want off your SanDisk Portable SSD. Or SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD start?

If non then do that now. And and then come back through the steps to here.

Fifty-fifty if you plan to have your Extreme Portable in APFS. Format the first time as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and the Scheme as GUID Partition Map.

Because you lot won’t see APFS as a format option until y’all do this first.

You Ready?

5. Click On The Erase Push button.

Sandisk Portable Format Cllick Erase Button
Sandisk Portable Format Cllick Erase Push button

Click on the Erase push and your Mac will first formatting your SanDisk Portable SSD.

Sandisk Extreme SSD Formatting
Sandisk Extreme SSD Formatting

Expect a few moments and your Mac will be washed.

SanDisk Extreme SSD Formatting Done
SanDisk Farthermost SSD Formatting Done

6. Quit Disk Utility.

Quit the Disk Utility application. And you lot’ll meet that your SanDisk’s drive Icon will be on your Mac’s desktop.

You lot can at present double click it to open up a finder window on your bulldoze. Drag and drib your files to your newly formatted drive. Or copy and paste your files onto it.

Create folders every bit you lot please.

Earlier Plugging Out Your SanDisk

Recall to correct click on your SanDisk external SSD. And selection Eject when your done with your drive.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD Right Click Eject
SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD Right Click Squirt

Wait till the drive icon disappears off your Mac’s desktop.

Wait a few seconds more than.

Your Mac writes what it needs to down to your SanDisk SSD.

There’s no flashing calorie-free on the bulldoze to tell yous when that’s done.

So, waiting a few seconds more is a good idea before pulling out your USB cable.

That fashion you won’t risk corrupting your files on your SSD.

Do I Need To Format SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD For Mac?

Generally, yeah. Format your SanDisk Portable. Or Pro Portable SSD on your Mac for Mac. Several Mac users have had issues with the format the SanDisk SSD storage ships in.

Your SanDisk USB bulldoze is already formatted in a format your Mac can read. It’s called ExFAT. And your Western Digital SanDisk ships to y’all in that format.

And it’s a format that both your Mac and a Windows PC tin can read.

And this format is normally fine when y’all plan to share your SanDisk SSD storage between your Mac and a Windows PC.

Even and then, format on a Mac even if yous programme to use the ExFAT format.

Mac’s tin be quirky about their drive formats.

And the SanDisk Extreme Portable ships with a Chief Boot Tape Scheme.

Fine for a PC. Simply your Mac might object over time to the bulldoze. Which is a real pain when you’ve got files on the drive.

Formatting on your Mac is the safest option.

Why Format Your SanDisk Extreme SSD Portable As Mac OS Extended?

Because before y’all can change your SanDisk Portable to any other format on your Mac. You have to format every bit Mac OS Extended (Journaled) first.

The adjacent best reason is because information technology’s the most common format used past Mac’due south.  This format is besides known as HFS+.

And when your moving your SanDisk SSD Portable between older and newer Mac’southward. This is the format lots of Macs will sympathize.

Format Your SanDisk Extreme For Elevate And Drop

Or copy and paste.

And You lot’re not planning on sharing your drive with a PC.

Then format as Mac Os Extended (Journaled). Or APFS.

How To Format Your SanDisk Extreme For Fourth dimension Machine

Using your SanDisk SSD USB wink drive on your Mac for a Time Machine backup?

Know that Time car CAN’T utilise the default ExFAT formatting of the SanDisk Portable SSD.

Time Automobile volition only backup to a bulldoze formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Or APFS.

How To Format Your Sandisk Extreme As APFS?

APFS – Apple File System. Is the file system Apple created for Mac’south using SSD drives. Considering before that Macs had a hard bulldoze inside. And used an external hard drive.

APFS is a fast file system made to take advantage of the fast transfer speed of SSD’due south. And y’all’ll get the benefit of flexible partitioning on your SSD.

What’south that?

You can create new partitions. Or alter your sectionalization sizes and not wipe the files you already have on there.

And when you demand the fastest performance from your SanDisk SSD it’southward the file organisation format to pick.

But APFS didn’t piece of work for a Time Automobile fill-in before Mac Bone x Big Sur. Simply Since Mac OS x Big Sur you can format your SanDisk external SSD in APFS.

But think it’southward non supported in earlier Mac Bone’due south releases with Fourth dimension Car.

When you want to gear up your SanDisk Extreme Portable. Or Extreme Pro Portable as an APFS drive. You lot follow the formatting steps as described higher up.

Then step through them 1 more fourth dimension.

The second fourth dimension through the formatting, at step four you’ll run into the APFS options.

APFS won’t come up if you don’t format as Mac OS Extended first.

Option APFS.

And withal choice GUID sectionalisation map as the scheme.

And abroad you go.

Changing your SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD USB cable

You might think the cable supplied with your SanDisk Farthermost Portable is a fiddling curt.

Simply if y’all do buy yourself a replacement cable, exist certain to get 1 that is a USB 3.2 Gen 2 cable.

As just that type of cable allows yous to become the fastest speed out of your SanDisk SSD bulldoze.

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