Full Frame Lens On Crop Sensor

By | 26/08/2022

A camera with a crop (APS-C) sensor and the one with a full frame sensor give unlike results with the same lens. It can sound abstract in theory before you really see the results. Photographer Ilko Alexandroff created a comparison between APS-C trunk and a full frame torso, using 85mm and 135mm lenses on both. And so, from this video, yous can see exactly how these lenses perform on a ingather and on a total frame body, and how the combination of the camera and the lens affects the photo. It’s interesting to see the changes, and if you are however relatively new to this topic, you lot will detect this very useful.


Canon EOS-1DX

Canon EOS 70D

Canon EF 85mm f/i.8

Canon EF 135mm f/2.0

85mm lens on a full frame vs. ingather body

The first comparing Ilko makes is with the 85 mm lens. He places them on a ingather body get-go, the Catechism EOS 70D, so on the 1DX, which has a full frame sensor.

The settings are the same for both shots: aperture is wide open at f/ane.8, ISO 100 and shutter speed one/640. The distance between him and the model was the same also.

The digital multiplier for Canon is 1.6, so the focal length of the 85mm lens on a ingather body is actually 136mm. Hither are the results of the photos with these ii cameras and the 85mm:

135mm lens on a full frame vs. ingather body

The next two camera-lens combinations to test include the 135mm lens on the full-frame and the crop body. Ilko starts off with the Catechism EOS 70D. Every bit this lens has f/two.0, he decreases the shutter speed for ane-third of the end to balance the settings with the previous shots. So, it’s f/2.0, ISO 100 and shutter speed 1/500.

With this lens on a crop torso, you lot go near 216mm focal length. Therefore, you would need to stand up pretty far from the model. These are the results:

85mm on a crop body vs. 135mm on a full frame body

The terminal comparison Ilko makes could be the well-nigh interesting to yous if you are withal making a determination between buying a camera with a total frame or a ingather sensor. It includes the 70D with the 85mm lens and the 1DX with the 135mm lens. Considering the crop factor, these 2 lenses give almost the same focal length: 135mm on a full frame body and 136mm on a crop body. The focal length is almost identical, but it’southward interesting to see the difference between the bokeh. And here are the results of this comparison:

I’one thousand guessing you already know the deviation between the crop and the total frame sensor in theory. Just this comparing is a very practical and straightforward manner to come across and compare the results given by these lenses on dissimilar cameras.

So, will you lot opt for a crop or a total frame camera? Do yous recollect the differences are significant in the third comparison?

[APS-C Crop Sensor vs. Full Frame Sensor DSLR comparison with 85mm & 135mm  | Ilko Aleksandroff]

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