Get Rid Of White Outline Photoshop

By | 17/08/2022

Annoyed With That White Outline Effectually Your Model? Hither’s How to Remove Information technology in Photoshop

I love shooting on location and am passionate nigh deep bluish skies. Ordinarily I would use CPL and ND filters to get the all-time skies to my taste. A detailed article about how to become dramatic skies is described in my previous article, “The Ultimate Guide to Dramatic Skies in Portrait Photography.” After the shot is taken I always play with the luminosity and saturation values of the blue tones. One issue I often face while darkening the skies via luminosity is having a white outline appear around my model. Today I volition take you through a brusque tutorial of how to get rid of that quickly and effectively, without the demand to compensate on your luminosity.

Now you have to find an image which has this issue. Open the file in Photoshop and zoom to 200–300% to have more accurate results. Activate the eye-dropper tool and click on the white fringe (any color) effectually our subject. I recommend using 5 by v px Boilerplate range, every bit your fringe is not a solid colour.

Once you accept chosen the colour to exist replaced, navigate to Prototype > Adjustments > Replace Color.

The selected color is already in the Color box, just you can change it anytime during this step for better results. But be certain you click the correct color box. Now comes the tricky part. Each prototype is different and yous have to play with the box. Move the Fuzziness slider to the right slowly, until you beginning to see the selected color fringe. Your choice volition announced white in the Fuzziness box. Equally said above, the selected color is not solid all effectually your subject and you want to have a uniform result. For that I bring the Saturation slider to the left, desaturating the color range I selected. In addition, you might want to play with the Lightness slider based on your image. Here I had to move it to the left to make the bright whitish outline more diffused. In images where, for example, y’all accept a blueish fringe, yous want to move the Lightness slider to the right. As yous can see, the outcome is obvious. It might take a little time to become used to it, but it’due south well worth the fourth dimension playing with this. Y’all can get some really make clean results.

I am very sensitive to colors and aim to keep every tone possible. The above described steps will also affect parts of the image where you have a similar color every bit the colour range you selected to change. The trouble is solved when yous play with Fuzziness slider, but sometimes you might run out of the range. It was the same with this image. The trees were also afflicted past this modify. Notwithstanding, it is super easy to set up by masking out anything yous don’t need.

At that place are million ways of solving this task, but this is what I use in my workflow. Experience complimentary to share your knowledge and tips in the comments.