Golden Gate Bridge Spots For Pictures

By | 21/10/2022

Pinnacle three Golden Gate Bridge Photograph Spots

top 3 golden gate bridge photo spots

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is a California landmark you have to meet at to the lowest degree one time.  Check out these top three Gilded Gate Bridge photo spots for some of the best views.

top 3 golden gate bridge photo spots

Over the summer, we went on an amazing California road trip starting in San Francisco.  Flights into San Francisco were a bit cheaper, and Reece had “never heard of the Golden Gate Bridge.”  I know…what?!  So when he asked me if that was the reason why we flew into San Francisco, yeah…kinda.  Our flight was delayed and landed at midnight, and by the time we picked up our rental auto it was 1:30 in the forenoon. We actually wanted to see the span at sunrise, so we decided to stay awake, so we could exit our Airbnb at 4:xxx am.  Three hours at an Airbnb was totally worth $150…however it had no Air-conditioning and it was in the 80s, and then I don’t know how well we would’ve slept anyway.  Onto our start of the top three Gold Gate Bridge photograph spots-Battery Spencer.

Battery Spencer

Battery Spencer is where you will come across the first picture perfect view of the Gold Gate Bridge.  Parking is limited, still visiting at sunrise on a weekday, we simply saw 1 other car.  If the lot is full, cars will park along Conzelman Road.  The walk from the parking area to the large viewing surface area is around a quarter mile or and so.  Forth the trail you will pass what’due south left of San Francisco’due south Harbor Defense.  It was abased in 1943, but it stands every bit office of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  Unfortunately, it’s covered with graffiti at present. Just the master reason y’all’re visiting Battery Spencer is for the close-up views of the Golden Gate Bridge!  The view at Battery Spencer was our favorite and having information technology virtually all to ourselves as the sunday came up was even ameliorate.

top 3 golden gate bridge photo spots

Nosotros were so worried that the San Francisco fog would be hiding the bridge from view, only it was a perfectly articulate morning.  What we should have been worried about was the wind!  Battery Spencer sits on a cliff loftier above the bay and tends to be extremely windy all the fourth dimension.  Bring a jacket; don’t be like us freezing in our curt sleeve shirts.  As well, I dearest a practiced hat picture, simply it’southward not going to stay on your caput unless you hold information technology the whole time.  Even then, I tried to hold mine and the wind snatched it out of my easily, and I virtually lost it forever.  If you’re setting upwardly a tripod, be conscientious with that too.

Golden Gate Overlook

If you’ve ever seen a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in between two Cypress trees, Aureate Gate Overlook is the spot!  We stopped hither right after visiting Bombardment Spencer, and the bridge in the morning lite was beautiful.  Once again, as it is a pretty pop spot, make it early on to beat the crowds.

top 3 golden gate bridge photo spots

Marshall’south Beach

Marshall’s Beach offers visitors gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge. We parked at the Golden Gate Overlook and took the Batteries to Bluffs Trail to go downwards to the beach.  A lot of the trail is made upwards of wooden steps which is nice going down to the embankment, but not equally nice coming back upward.  The walk downward to the embankment is scenic, and the trail is well maintained.  We loved how secluded the beach felt too as the perspective of the bridge from the beach below.  Just an FYI, it is a clothing optional beach.

When visiting these spots, make sure your valuables are with yous or hidden in your vehicle.  Car break-ins are very mutual in San Francisco.

Nosotros loved seeing the Golden Gate Span from dissimilar angles during our brusk time in San Francisco.  Allow u.s.a. know in the comments which view is your favorite!