Gopro Hero 7 Black Continuous Recording

By | 15/08/2022

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You’re on an adventure, and you want to record every second of information technology without the hassle of your battery dying, causing you to miss something important. We understand that, so I have the solution you need to tape all day without changing your battery.

To exist able to record using your GoPro hero vii and 8 all day long, you’ll be going to demand an 10-PWR-H8 and H7 from the 3BR Powersports kit and a ability bank. This kit allows y’all to charge continuous ability to your Hero 7 and 8 Black in any weather weather, and likewise volition keep your photographic camera safety and powered up for long periods.

When y’all become on your adjacent line-fishing hazard, y’all want your
to record every 2d of the activity. By reading on, you lot tin can larn everything you lot need to well-nigh recording with your
GoPro all mean solar day long
without changing your battery and tips for making your bombardment lasts as long as possible.

How to Use GoPro Hero 7 and eight and Tape All Day Long in Any Weather condition Conditions?

GoPro cameras aren’t well-known for having not bad battery life. As the new generations accept been released, the battery life has increased over time.

The good news is that even though the battery life isn’t especially good, y’all take some options to make this battery life last longer every bit y’all enjoy your angling adventure.

The Equipments

Knowing the equipment that you need to optimize your setup can ensure that you accept exactly what you need for your next line-fishing trip. This equipment includes:

  • GoPro Camera (Hero 7 or viii)
  • Powerbank
  • SD Carte du jour
  • Breast Mount
  • Mic Adapter
  • Mic
  • 3BR All-Weather Charging Housing Kit
  • Female person USB 3.0 to Male USB-c iii.1
  • Some other USB-C 3.1 female person

GoPro Photographic camera (Hero 7 or 8)

The first function of this to accost is whether y’all desire a Hero 7 or Hero 8 if you don’t already have one.

Whether you already have a 7 and unsure if you want to upgrade or just know which 1 you want to invest in, this section volition take a cursory look at these options.

The 8 has a very unlike design from the GoPro’south previous generations, which non just makes information technology smaller just likewise makes it easier to change the memory card or batteries out without removing it from its mountain.

Hero eight also has better stabilization. Aside from these differences, they are pretty comparable options that you lot volition be happy with.


You may be surprised at the diverse options yous have here. Y’all could choose an external power banking company, an platonic option for about users, or you could even tap into your boat’s battery to ability your GoPro.

While these are both slap-up options to consider, you may be improve off with the power depository financial institution.

Y’all tin can get a power depository financial institution which tin can have a 26,800 AH and could power your camera for potentially 24 hours.

You could get options that have 13,000 AH, which can give you about eight-10 hours of power.

This all depends on what your specific needs are. These long-lasting batteries will only be every bit strong as the retention card that y’all’re using, and so keep that in mind.

SD Card

Your camera is simply as proficient as your SD menu. Y’all can take all of the battery life in the world, but you won’t get very far if you have to change your SD menu constantly.

A faster SD carte du jour is swell because it tin can better go on upwards with the features of your camera.

The problem is that not every SD card is going to work for your GoPro, so you want to make sure that you practise your research to selection an option that can keep up with your GoPro needs.

Once you do, you just need to format the SD for your GoPro, and you tin can become to savour your photographic camera.

Chest Mount

The chest mount gives yous a user-friendly, hands-gratis option that allows you to record while you are line-fishing.

It won’t become into your manner, and you can just worry virtually relaxing, line-fishing, and having fun.

At that place are officially licensed options similar the chesty, or you could buy an culling that you think volition ameliorate suit your needs.

Mic Adapter

Before you can attach an external microphone to your GoPro, you lot need to be sure that you get a mic adapter.

While the before generations of GoPros had audio input ports, the newer models lack this feature, so you are unable just to plug one into your camera directly.

For Hero viii, y’all could either select a Media Modern or the 3.5mm mic adapter.

The Media Mod wraps around the camera and offers a convenient solution, only these tin can be more difficult to obtain.

A 3.5mm mic adapter is an affordable option that is very piece of cake to use.

For Hero seven, y’all need a different adapter to use with the USB-C port and a 3.5mm adapter.


All GoPro cameras accept built-in microphones, simply waterproof casings can negatively impact these.

These internal microphones accept less than stellar audio quality besides.

If recording sound is that of import to you, investing in an external microphone can be a good idea.

All the same, you do need to choice a practiced mic for your specific needs.

Some mics are better for recording voices, while others are better for recording groundwork noises or music.

Best All-Weather Charging Housing Kit For GoPro Hero 7 And 8

At that place are plenty of options for these housing kits,
but the X~PWR~H8Opens in a new tab.

and X-PWR H7 are by far the best options out there.

These kits are affordable and frequently easy to use. Information technology’s important to remember that at that place’s a distinct difference between weatherproof and waterproof.

These cases are weatherproof, meaning that the internal part of the camera would be fine to use in bad weather condition conditions, but information technology cannot exist fully submerged in water.

All-conditions, External Ability kit for GoPro HERO5, HERO6, and HERO7* Cameras

You can find various products that will help you achieve longer battery life. 1 option is an external product for the
GoPro Hero 7, like the

The problem with solutions similar this one is that y’all run the chance of exposing the camera to the elements, which tin be a major problem, especially when you are fishing.

This product is great considering it’due south non every bit bulky as many other extended battery options.

With this approach, y’all will need to mode the casing to fit the product in, creating that closed surface that y’all want to protect your GoPro.

This solution allows you to connect the product to an external source, creating a more compact and lasting solution for your long-term needs.

You lot can find the upgraded version for hero7 hitherOpens in a new tab..

All-atmospheric condition, External Power kit With Aluminum housing for GoPro HERO8 Black

X~PWR~H8Opens in a new tab.

is another all-weather external charging solution for the GoPro Hero eight.

The biggest deviation betwixt this one and the H5 is. The H5 requires the user to mod the case to fit the production, whereas this one comes with its frame.

This is another product that is all nearly weatherproofing the GoPro so that you can use an external power source without compromising your GoPro.

Other solutions leave the ports on your GoPro susceptible to water harm.

Two Means to Fix it Up

In that location are two approaches to this: with a mic adapter and without a mic adapter.

When you take the approach without using a mic adapter, you lot don’t need to use the mic adapter or an additional USB and USB-C adapter. Just plug it in directly to your ability bank, and you are good to go.

With Mic Adapter

If you desire to use a mic adapter, you will be going to need a female USB
male person
(2x), and an boosted female person USB-C to make the mic adapter work.

Once yous find the right setup for your specific needs, find the right external power source to keep your GoPro running as long every bit possible.

With some setups, you tin enjoy virtually 10 hours straight of filming. There are a few problems with some extended battery setups.

For ane thing, they tin can be incredibly bulky, getting in the fashion of the activities you are trying to participate in.

Another major result is that they plug into the USB port, which can leave your GoPro vulnerable to water and poor weather conditions.

Safe Tips:
I would recommend removing the GoPro battery when using this setup. This is to avoid the bombardment from overheating while charging.

Guide and Tips To Tape All 24-hour interval

To record without having to charge, you need to exist sure that you accept batteries that are always ready to get.

My old setup

Or yous tin invest in power banks. When you decide to go the battery route, you will desire to brand sure that you accept several batteries on hand that you tin switch out.

However, the problem with this is that y’all may run out of charged batteries while yous are surf fishing. That’s where power banks come up in.

AnkerOpens in a new tab.
produces some of the all-time power banking company options, such equally the 10000 or 20100.

These are small batteries that may offering an equivalent life of between eight and 16 fully charged batteries.

But recollect that power banks like these do require access to the USB powers, which is why you demand all-atmospheric condition kits to proceed your GoPro protected from the elements.

Looping Mode

Looping is an incredibly valuable feature that your GoPro is capable of, just it’southward not used every bit often every bit it should be.

Looping allows the video to be continuously captured while overwriting the beginning of your video.

This allows whatever new footage to be captured while also conserving infinite on your SD card. This can be a slap-up tool when used properly. (GoProOpens in a new tab.)

Then how practice you do this?

The first matter to address is when information technology’southward a good time to use this characteristic.

This feature is all-time used when you lot what to capture something of importance, only you’re not sure exactly when it will happen.

For instance, in the example of angling, you lot want to do this to capture your big catch.

Instead of having to stop the recording and gamble missing this moment to articulate upwards space on your SD carte, you tin can use the looping feature instead.

You lot will have to go on a few things in mind. Showtime of all, you take to consider your SD card.

The adept news is that looping doesn’t touch on any other recordings on your SD carte du jour.

You are looping but writers over information from the same recording. But, it’due south still a expert idea to have a fresh SD menu when you are using it.

Yous desire to have as much space as possible, which is why a fresh SD card is the best idea.

Next, you lot have to determine on the best interval option for your needs. Interval will determine an estimated length of video that you’ll take after the recording has ended.

You lot can get looping in intervals minutes of five, twenty, 60, 120, and max when yous are looping while fishing, you volition want to go with a longer interval option.

Max isn’t an interval in minutes, and rather this ways that the photographic camera will continue its recording until your SD card is near total.

If yous do make up one’s mind to go with the max interval pick, yous should format your menu before your recording.

Chaptering is a feature that you may utilise to review your footage on the computer regularly.

Chaptering refers to the way that the GoPro splits long and continuous recordings into smaller files.

When you are looping, you should have 20 minutes of footage left later on your recording.

The Video beneath from Outdoors In Maryland volition explain how to gear up looping mode for hero vii and 8.

Video credit: Outdoors in MarylandOpens in a new tab.

What are The Benefits of Looping Mode?

The benefits of looping are simple: y’all won’t miss whatever action. Surf Angling is an activity that requires a lot of patience on your behalf.

You can sit down around for a long time before you lot go any catch, allow lone that big catch that y’all can’t expect to prove off to others.

With looping, you tin can just allow the camera practise its matter until the big moment happens.

You are guaranteed not to miss that special moment by having to switch your SD card every so oft.

Looping makes capturing fishing significantly easier, and yous tin can merely focus on that big catch.

Safety Precautions

The biggest precaution that yous accept to have is to ensure that you accept the proper protection for your GoPro.

Using power banks go out your GoPro vulnerable to the elements, and then yous need to be sure that you lot have protective kits that cover the USB ports.

Otherwise, you can say adieu to the money spent on your GoPro.

You also want to be certain that you utilize gear like a chest mount when using the GoPro while line-fishing.

This will preclude you from dropping the camera in the water while fishing.

You can keep the camera going while your easily are free to fish, take hold of snacks, or do whatever you lot want while you are waiting for fish to seize with teeth.

Other Tips to Make Bombardment Power Last

Typically, the GoPro Hero 7 battery only lasts for betwixt 45 and 146 minutes and the GoPro Hero 8 records for 70 minutes at 4k resolution.

There are tips that you can exercise that can aid improve your battery life. This section will aid you maximize your battery lifespan.


You lot should brand sure that your GoPro always has the latest firmware. Firmware is important considering information technology helps resolve any issues that you may have with your camera, but information technology tin besides increase your bombardment’s life. Through firmware, manufacturers can set a variety of different problems, including battery life.

Continue Wi-Fi Off –
Be sure that you keep your Wi-Fi off to ensure optimal bombardment life. This could potentially increase battery life by up to fifteen minutes. This volition prevent your battery from draining equally information technology searches for Wi-Fi, which isn’t usually bachelor while yous are on a boat line-fishing.

Reduce the Settings

To improve battery life, yous demand to reduce the frame rate and resolution. By reducing these settings as low equally you perchance can, you reduce the power that your camera needs to piece of work. You lot can either set it to 720p or if you want to keep it at 1080p, you can reduce the frame charge per unit to xxx FPS. This can requite y’all a significant improvement in bombardment life.

Bring Extra

Keeping extra batteries or power banks on y’all at all times, you can ensure that you lot have as much battery life as possible. You don’t want to stop your adventure and take chances missing that great shot of your large take hold of by having to stop to replace the battery in your camera.


Fishing is an adventure that tin take up most of your solar day, and y’all desire to capture information technology every second. Having the ability to tape all day long without stopping to accuse your batteries tin capture that perfect moment.

A lot of people brag virtually their large catches, without having the proof for their great gamble. Using power bank setups is the best approach to making sure that you e’er accept the bombardment life you lot demand.