Gopro Hero 9 Night Video Settings

By | 13/08/2022

In that location are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best GoPro settings. Outset, consider the purpose of the video. Are you trying to capture action shots or create a fourth dimension-lapse? 2nd, call up about the lighting weather condition. If you’re shooting in depression low-cal, you’ll need to adapt your settings accordingly. Lastly, e’er examination out your settings before yous showtime shooting. This volition help you lot get the best results.

HERO10 Protune Setup

HERO10 Protune Setup

Here’s where I set up my cameras to begin.
These controls are explained in detail in the video beneath.

  • Chip Rate Loftier
  • Shutter Auto
  • EV Comp: 0
  • White Balance: Motorcar (or Specific Temperature based on Scene).
  • ISO Minimum 100
  • ISO Max 1600
  • Low Sharpness
  • Natural color

LTM – New Image Algorithms

HERO10 LTM - New Image Algorithms

HERO10 tin can now employ avant-garde image processing thanks to GP2. Local Tone Mapping, or LTM, is a technique that highlights details in the video. HERO10 footage may look more than detailed than HERO9’due south. This is due to LTM. The LTM lens and sensor are identical to HERO9 HERO10. LTM is available in both Vibrant (and Natural) colour profiles. However, it is not present in the FLAT colour contour. LTM may appear inconsistent. This is because it is missing from some high-powered modes.

Modes that practice not require LTM

5.3K-60 | 4K-120 | two.7K-240

LTM is as well present with TimeWarp, all photo modes and other than GoPro RAW GPR file. If yous prefer the look of LTM without information technology, I recommend FLAT. I have advocated for an LTM-specific switch. We’ll see what happens.

HERO10 Settings Guide

HERO10 Settings Guide

Y’all tin get the all-time quality out of your GoPro past setting the settings according to your intended use case for that specific shot. You should ask yourself these questions: Exercise I crave irksome motion? Do I need more views? Do I require the best stabilization? These are all factors that influence how I approach film. I always optimize the settings and modes. You tin can create presets for each of these settings in the HERO10, or you can just read my chat and change your settings every fourth dimension you lot get.

These are the scenarios I use to decide which mode to shoot. This is an abbreviated version that I have in the video. But, I will go deeper because you are likely looking for the deep swoop and not the one solution. You tin increase the 30FPS you suggest to 24FPS and 25FPS. HERO10 will shortly receive total 24FPS support in a Nov. sixteen upgrade.

Travel / VLOG/ Documentary

This is the best option for details & stabilization if you lot don’t require irksome motility.

  • Resolution: 5.3K-30
  • Lenses: Wide, LINEAR or Linear + HL
  • HyperSmooth – High

HyperSmooth Loftier is available in 5.3K-30. This provides about Boost level stabilization with no loss of field of vision. The Linear + Horizon Leveling lens is used in this mode. Information technology has the same ingather level and quality equally Linear. You may have noticed a meaning zooming effect when yous tried L+HL in Hero9 in 5K.

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These modes offering the best view angle. You tin adjust depending on how dull-motion you need.

  • Resolution: 5K 4:3-thirty | 4K 4:3-sixty | ii.7K iv:3-120
  • Lenses: Wide, LINEAR or + HL
  • HyperSmooth Standard

Shooting in 4:3 mode gives you lot the all-time vertical view if you are shooting POV footage or video that is mounted high. The quality of 5K four;three and 4K4:three will look significantly amend than 2.7K at 120FPS. I prefer to shoot 4K iv :3 when I need tiresome motion and utilize 2.7K a niggling less. All 4:3 modes have a HyperSmooth mode. Standard and Boost are the merely options. However, I prefer the wider FOV of Standard. The crop between Linear+HL and Linear is the same in all 4/3 modes.


GoPro HERO 10 Cinematic

This mode is for the best quality and 2x tiresome motion.

  • Resolution: 5.3K-sixty
  • Lenses: Wide or Linear
  • HyperSmooth Standard

When shooting five.3K at 60FPS, HyperSmooth Loftier will non be available. Linear can be used for better stabilization. Notwithstanding, 50+HL will crop out on this mode, then I recommend using Broad or Linear.

Slow Motion

These modes are for wearisome-move up to 4X.

  • Resolution: 4K-120 | ii.7K-240 | two.7K four:3-120
  • Lenses: Broad or Linear
  • HyperSmooth Standard

4K-120 should be preferred over the other options equally both 2.7K-4:iii-120

will endure quality drops. Whedue north shooting 4K at 120FPS and 2.7K at 244FPS, HyperSmooth Loftier will not exist available. Linear can be used for better stabilization. All the same, L+HL will crop out on these modes, so I recommend using Broad or Linear. You should go on extra batteries handy as these modes can cause battery problems. You’ll find a drib in your battery level as shortly equally the HERO10 switches to the appropriate mode.

Best Stabilization

These modes offer the all-time stability and the well-nigh extensive view. Linear and Linear +HL will provide the best overall stabilization, but they are nonetheless very good and close to Heave levels.

  • Resolution: 5.3K-thirty | 4K-lx | 2.7K-120
  • Lenses: Wide, LINEAR or Linear + HL
  • HyperSmooth – High

These options are your best option if you desire the best stabilization and the largest field of view. These options volition exist used if stabilization is my top priority. The HyperSmooth High 5.3K-30 Wide is perfect for breast-mounted mountain biking.


HERO10 Lowlight

These modes are best for indoor and dark filming.

  • Resolution: 4K-30 | 1080-60
  • Lenses: WIDE
  • HyperSmooth – Loftier

These two modes are part of the HERO10 and use a new 3DNR noise reduction algorithm. Y’all will see more particular and
noise-handling with 4K-thirty
than you would with a similar mode like 5.3K-30. Wearisome-motion is possible with 1080-threescore, which is currently the only supported mode for 3DNR. Other related modes that support 3DNR include
4K iv:3-30 and 4K-30

FPV Drone (with Reelsteady GO).

These modes tin can be used in conjunction with Reelsteady Go to get the best quality FPV drone footage.

  • Resolution: 5K 4:three-30 | 4K 4:iii-60
  • Lenses: Wide
  • HyperSmooth:
  • ISO Max 100

Reelsteady GO reduces vertical frame sizes when you send clips. To avert this, I recommend shooting in 4 to 3 so that your final output remains 16:9. To achieve shine motion blur, I prefer to ready my Max ISO to 100 when using a drone. If you plan to use ND filters, go along your ISO at 100. Otherwise, you will introduce dissonance into your image. For utilise with Reelsteady GO, you need to have HyperSmooth turned OFF.


GoPro HERO TimeWarp

Use higher speeds and Linear, or Linear +HL for the best stabilization.

  • Resolution: 4K 4:iii
  • Lens: LINEAR
  • Speed: 30x in 10 minutes+, 15x in 5-10min durations. 5x, 10x, and 10x respectively for 1-5min durations.
  • ISO Max 100

To have good motion blur in my TimeWarps, I keep ISO Max at 100. To provide better stabilization, I shoot Linear and usually shoot 10X or more than.

Dark Lapse (Stars & Galaxy)

These settings will requite you the darkest sky possible.

  • Fashion: Night Lapse video
  • Resolution: 4K 4:3
  • Lenses: Wide
  • Shutter: 30s
  • Interval: AUTO
  • ISO Max 800

Total moons or cityscapes with low ISO, lower ISO to 100 or 200 depending on available light. Or, apply AUTO shutter equally described below.

Night Lapse (Cityscapes Traffic Sunrise & Dusk Holy Grail)

The following settings can be used to create a Holy Grail Timelapse (Night To Day) or any other brighter than a full night sky.

  1. Fashion: Night Lapse video
  2. Resolution: 4K four:three
  3. Lenses: Wide
  4. Auto Shutter
  5. Interval: 10s, 15s or Machine
  6. ISO Max 100

To get more light, utilise ISO 200, 400 or 800. To chop-chop get back-to-back photos if the exposures are too brusque, you can utilise an AUTO interval.

How to Choose Night Photo

How to Choose Night Lapse

Hero 10 Black, Hero 9 Blackness, and Hero viii Black

  • Scroll correct until you reach Photo style.
  • Click the [Photo Preset] button, then gyre down to Dark Photo.
  • To arrange the Night photo settings, tap on the [pencil icon].

HERO7 Blackness

  • Nighttime Photo can be enabled by swiping left on the touch screen, and selecting [Photo].
  • Tap the [camera icon] button in the lower left corner of the touch screen.
  • Tap [Dark].

HERO6 Black, HERO5Black:

  • Night Photo can be enabled by short pressing the [Manner/Power] push button until the photographic camera enters Photo mode.
  • Tap the [photographic camera icon] push in the lower left corner of the touch screen.
  • Tap [Night].


  • To enter Settings, press [Manner/Power] (side) until the Settings icon is displayed (wrench). Then press [Shutter] (front).
  • To open up the photo mode settings, press the [Mode/Ability] push button one time.
  • Notation: If “Dark”, is displayed on your camera, Dark Photograph has been enabled. To take a photo, exit the Settings and navigate into Night Photo.
  • To highlight “PHOTO”, press the [Way/Power] push once, then press the [Shutter] push button repeatedly until “NIGHT” is displayed.

HERO5 Session:

  • Nighttime Photo tin exist enabled by clicking the [Menu] button until Camera Settings has been selected.
  • To highlight the Video icon, printing [Shutter Push button] and then press [Shutter Button] again until a photo icon appears.
  • To highlight “Photograph”, printing the [Menu Push] push button again.
  • Next, press the [Shutter Buttons] to change the mode to “Night photo.”
  • You tin set the Dark Photo settings and make changes faster when you connect to the Capture app


  • Select the [Mode/Power Buttons] until Night Photo is enabled.
  • To change the mode setting to Night, press the [Settings/Tab Button] button.

Nighttime Lapse

Y’all can capture a series of photos at certain intervals and exposure times. Night Lapse can exist used in low-calorie-free environments, such as when you want to capture the dark heaven for a long period of fourth dimension.

Dark Lapse: How to Get in Work

Nighttime Lapse is available on HERO10 Black and HERO9Black.

    1. Swipe left until you reach Time Lapse fashion

    2. Tap the Fourth dimension Lapse Preset at the top, and curl down to Night Lapse
    3. To adjust your Night Lapse settings, tap the [pencil icon].
    4. Y’all can decide if you desire individual images or if the camera will stitch the files together to create a video.
  • Tap [Format] to switch between Photo/Video and then choose Night Lapse Photo/Nighttime Lapse Video

Night Lapse can exist enabled on other cameras

  1. Coil down until Multi-Shot appears.
  2. To change the Mode setting from Night Lapse, press the [Settings/Tab Push button] push button.

Night Lapse Settings

Night Lapse Settings

How to adjust the shutter speed on your camera

HERO10, HERO9, and HERO8 black:

  1. After you lot have entered Dark Lapse mode press and concord the icon at the bottom of your screen. Or tap this icon, then tap the [pencil] icon side by side to Night Lapse.
  2. Tap [Shutter]
  3. To select your Shutter speed, use the slider scale to the right of the screen

HERO7 Black:

  1. You tin swipe the touchscreen to select Photo or Time Lapse. This will depend on whether you are looking for Night Photo or Night Lapse Photograph.
  2. Tap the [photographic camera icon] at the bottom left to select Night Photo or Night Lapse Photo.
  3. Tap the [settings] button in the middle of the touch screen.
  4. Select the [Shutter] choice to cull your speed.

HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black

  1. Press the [Style/Power] button until you see Photograph or Multi-Shot.
  2. Tap the [Photo Icon] in the lower left corner of the back LCD screen.
  3. Click the [Night Photograph] button.
  4. The LCD screen now has a Shutter option at the bottom. Click on the [Shutter] pick.
  5. Swipe left and right, or tap the shutter speed you prefer (default volition be Car).
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  1. To enter Settings, press [Mode/Power
    (side)] until the Settings icon is displayed (wrench). Then press [Shutter
  2. To open the photo mode settings, press the Way/Power button one time.
  3. Notation: If “Dark”, is displayed on your camera, Dark Photo has been enabled. To take a photograph, exit the Settings and navigate into Night Photograph.
  4. To highlight “PHOTO”, press the [Mode/Power] button one time, then press the [Shutter] button repeatedly until “Dark” is displayed.

HERO5 Session:

  • Night Photo tin exist enabled by clicking the [Menu] button until Photographic camera Settings has been selected.
  • To highlight the Video icon, press [Shutter button] and and so printing the shutter again until you see a Photo icon.
  • To highlight the word Photograph, press the [Bill of fare] button again.
  • Adjacent, press [Shutter] to change the style from “Night” to photo.
  • To highlight Motorcar again, printing the [Carte du jour] push button. Next, press the [Shutter] push to select the shutter speed you desire (default is Motorcar).
  • You lot can ready the Night Lapse settings and make changes easier by connecting to the Capture app


  • Press the
    push button first, until you run into Photo or Multi-Shot.
  • Click the
  • To change the Mode to Night, press the Shutter button (Single will default).
  • To highlight
    Speed, printing the
  • To select the shutter speed yous want, press the Shutter button (default will exist Auto).

How to suit the Nighttime Lapse Interval Photo Interval on your Camera

HERO10, HERO9, and HERO8 black:

  1. Later on you have entered Night Lapse mode press and hold the icon at the lesser of your screen. Or tap this icon, then tap the [pencil] icon next to Night Lapse.
  2. Tap [Interval]
  3. To cull the photo interval you desire, utilize the slider on the right side.

HERO7 Black:

  1. Tap on the touch screen of the photographic camera until you see the Time Lapse.
  2. Tap the [Fourth dimension Lapse] icon in the lower-left corner of the back LCD screen.
  3. Click the [Night Lapse] photograph style.
  4. Tap the [settings option] at the lesser middle.
  5. Tap [Interval] to select the pick you lot adopt.

HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black

  1. Press the [Mode/Ability] button until the Fourth dimension Lapse appears.
  2. Tap the [Time Lapse] icon in the lower left corner of the back LCD screen.
  3. Click the [Dark
    Lapse] photo style.
  4. The LCD screen now has an Interval selection (INTR), located in the heart of the LCD. Click on the [Interval] option.
  5. Swipe left and right, or tap the Interval setting you desire.

HERO5 Session:

  1. Click the Card button until Night Lapse Photograph mode is enabled.
  2. To highlight the Video icon press the Shutter push button. Then printing the shutter again to display a Time Lapse symbol
  3. To highlight the discussion “TL-PH”, printing the Card button again.
  4. Next, printing the Shutter button. This will change the mode to T-L-NT.
  5. To highlight CONT again, press the Menu push button once more. Side by side, press the Shutter button and choose the Interval you lot want (default will exist Continuous).

HERO4 Black/HERO4 Silver

  1. Press the Mode/Ability button first, until Multi-Shot has been selected.
  2. Click the Settings/Tag push button.
  3. To change the Mode to Nighttime Lapse, printing the Shutter button (Burst will default).
  4. To highlight Interval, printing the Fashion/Power button.
  5. To select the Interval you desire, press the Shutter button (the default is Continuous).

Notation: A “Continuous” interval setting results in the camera instantly capturing another image after it has taken the previous one. The interval will equal the shutter speed selected.

Night Photo/Night Lasse Tips

Night Photo/Night Lasse Tips

Stability is essential for well-baked images and Night Lapse sequences. Extended exposure/shutter speeds permit the photographic camera to capture every bit little light as possible in both Night modes. This also means that move within the scene or of the camera will exist more prominent in night photos than when you use the standard Photo and Time Lapse modes.

Mounting Accessories such every bit the 3-Way’s built-in tripod, Tripod Mounts and an Adhesive Mount tin be used to mountain your vehicle in a stable position.

You lot can adjust the White Balance, Color Profile and ISO Limit using Protune controls.

Night Lapse is similar to standard time-lapse sequences. Night Lapse requires you to take photos for a longer time. Take a few exam shots with the camera in a position if possible. The Quik app, which displays the samples rearwards, allows you to review them. This allows yous to review the samples and brand any adjustments to them earlier you capture a long Night Lapse sequence.

Photo settings

 For Standalone Pictures

The default photo mode for the Hero ten action camera is Photo. It can capture stills using SuperPhoto image editing. To capture 1 Photo, you only need to press the Shutter button once.

 For Outburst Shots

LiveBurst takes a burst 1.5 seconds earlier and ane,5 seconds after when the Shutter button has been pressed. The flare-up tin can be viewed to notice the best shot, or you can share it every bit a video. All LiveBurst shots tin can exist captured at 12MP.

Burst | For Super-Fast Burst Stills

Burst mode takes a number of pictures at lightning-fast rates! This makes it ideal for quick-action shots. This preset activates the Hero 10 and automatically takes 25 photos in a affair of seconds.

Good for Dark Scenes

To let more lite in, the Night preset adjusts your Hero 10’s shutter speed to let for more lite. This preset is perfect for dark or dim scenes. This preset is not recommended to be used with mounted or handheld shots while the camera is in movement.

Suggested GoPro Hero 10 Settings for Dissimilar Activities

Suggested GoPro Hero 10 Settings for Different Activities

These are some settings that you tin use to capture your favorite activities with the GoPro Hero 10Black:

one. Air

GoPro Hero 10 Blackness allows you lot to capture amazing aeriform shots from any blazon of aircraft or drone.

These are the best settings to take amazing aerial shots.

Video Settings

  • 4K60, Wide Lens
  • 1080p120, Wide Lens
  • 15x TimeWarp 2.0 Video

Photo settings

  • Fourth dimension Lapse photo (one-second interval).
  • 1080p120, Wide Lens
  • Flare-up (thirty/iii Rate), Wide Lens

2. Bike

A GoPro Hero 10 camera can be fastened to your wheel to capture beautiful scenes on your cycling trip.

These are the all-time places to get great shots when riding a bicycle:

Video Settings

  • 4K60 4:3, Broad Lens
  • 2.7K60 four:3, Broad Lens
  • TimeWarp Video 15x

Photograph settings

  • Time Lapse Photo (five-2d interval), Wide Lens

3. Indoor

You can have lots of fun with your GoPro Hero x indoor settings and take some astonishing shots.

These are the top indoor settings for GoPro Hero ten:

Video Settings

  • 4K30 4:three, Broad Lens
  • 1080p30, Wide Lens

Photo settings

  • Photo, Broad Lens

4. Motor

Mount the GoPro Hero 10 Black Black on your car. As yous drive, make certain to fix these settings.

Video Settings

  • 4K30 4:three, Wide Lens
  • two.7K60 4:three, Broad Lens
  • TimeWarp Video 15x

Photo settings

  • Fourth dimension Lapse Photo (five-second interval), Broad Lens

five. Selfie Shots

The best selfie shots are a guaranteed way to make lasting memories.

These are the best Hero ten photo and video settings for taking selfies:

Video Settings

  • 4K30 4 :3, Narrow Lens
  • 4K60 four:3, Wide Lens

Photo settings

  • Photo, Narrow Lens
  • SuperPhoto, Foto Timer

6. POV Shots

Do you want some amazing POV shots from your GoPro Hero 10?

These settings are for video and photos:

Video Settings

  • 4K60 iv:3, Broad Lens
  • 4K120 4:3, Wide Lens
  • TimeWarp Video 15x

Photo settings

  • Time Lapse Photograph (2-second interval), Wide Lens
  • Burst (30/3 Charge per unit), Wide Lens

7. H2o

The GoPro Hero 10 Blackness underwater photographic camera is the perfect companion for snorkeling and diving.

Here are the best settings for underwater video and photos

Video Settings

  • 4K60, Broad Lens
  • 1080p240, Wide Lens

Photograph settings

  • Time Lapse Photo (or 5-second interval), Wide Lens
  • Burst (30/6 Charge per unit), Broad Lens

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viii. Snowfall

Astonishing snow shots tin can be captured past the GoPro Hero 10 Blackness. Get ready to capture the beauty of falling snowflakes!

For video, start with the standard Protune setup:

  • Bit Rate High
  • EV Comp: 0
  • White Balance: Machine (or Specific Temperature based on Scene).
  • ISO Minimum 100
  • ISO Max 1600
  • Sharpness Depression
  • Natural color

Video Settings

  • 4K60, Wide Lens
  • 1080p120, Broad Lens
  • TimeWarp Video 15x

Photo settings

  • Fourth dimension Lapse Photograph (one-second interval), Broad Lens
  • Flare-up (30/iii Rate), Broad Lens

nine. Trail

GoPro Hero ten can exist used to capture astonishing images while y’all are out on the trails or hiking.

Make sure you follow these video and photograph settings.

Video Settings

  • 4K30 four:3, Wide Lens
  • 4K60 four:3, Wide Lens
  • TimeWarp Video 15x

Photo settings

  • Photo, Wide Lens


FAQs about Best Gopro settings

one. Is it better to goPro at 1440p or 1080p?

The meridian is the departure. The 1440p way offers more vertical space thank you to its 4:iii attribute ratio. This can be useful if y’all want to stop the subject jumping out of the frame. The standard Hard disk aspect ratio for 1080p is xvi:nine, which we are used to seeing on HD video and modernistic TVs.

2. Which settings are best for GoPro Hero ten

Dull Motion

You have many options when it comes to slow motions. 4K-60, ii.7K-240 and 2.7K-4K-120, respectively, are the best GoPro Hero 10 settings. You would adopt to prioritize the 4K-120 every bit 2.7k is a college quality photographic camera than 4k.

iii. Why is my GoPro footage looking grainy?

GoPro grainy video issue is common when shooting in depression-light conditions such as indoors or at Nighttime. 2. These settings for GoPro video recording could increase the chance of video grain or dissonance: high ISO speed, fast shutter speed and high frame rate


To sum upwardly, the all-time GoPro settings depend on a number of factors, including the type of activity yous’re doing, the lighting conditions, and your personal preferences. Yet, in that location are a few full general tips that can assistance yous get the nigh out of your GoPro. First, make certain to shoot in 1080p or 4K resolution for the best image quality. Second, apply a higher frame rate if you’re shooting action footage, as this will outcome in smoother playback.

Lucidcam hopes this commodity will be helpful for you. Give thanks  you for taking the fourth dimension to read