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Here is what 8K footage and 50MP stills from the Sony Alpha 1 look like: Digital Photography Review

By | 24/12/2022

Hither is what 8K footage and 50MP stills from the Sony Blastoff 1 expect like

Sony has released its new Alpha 1 camera with in-camera 8K recording at up to 30 frames per 2nd (fps), in-photographic camera 4K recording at up to 120 fps and 50MP still image capture at up to 30 fps. Its specs lonely are enough to get an idea of what it has to offer, only Sony has as well shared sample video and photos captured with its new flagship camera and GM lenses so you can have a look for yourself.

Above is a compilation of sample 8K footage captured with the Alpha 1 and various Sony GM lenses. While 8K monitors and televisions are far from commonplace, the footage can still be viewed on a 4K screen — just make sure you’ve manually selected the 8K resolution from the video’south settings menu.

8K30p video capture on the Alpha one is shot in 10-scrap 4:2:0 in the XAVC HS format. The 8K footage from the camera is downsampled from 8.6K resolution recorded using the full width of the sensor. Sony claims you should be able to record up to 30 minutes of 8K footage cheers to a heat dissipation design like to that found in the a7S Three. 8K video tin be recorded onto either CFexpress or SD cards.

If you don’t mind dropping the resolution downwards to 4K, yous tin tape at upward to 120 fps (5x irksome-motion) in 10-bit 4:2:2 with either Long GOP inter-frame pinch or Intra (All-I) intra-frame compression. To show off the 4K capabilities, Sony has also shared the above video, Hunters of Light, which is a Sony Alpha Film captured on the new Alpha 1 camera system with Sony GM lenses.

Keep in mind for both the 8K and 4K footage that YouTube’southward compression has been applied, so any you’re seeing in your browser likely isn’t showing off the full capabilities of the camera.

Sony has likewise shared a collection of all the same images captured with its new Alpha i camera system. Sony has additional images on its website, just below is a gallery of all the images they offer at full-resolution:

You can detect out more than about the Sony Alpha 1 camera system in our announcement article.

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