Horses For Photo Shoots Near Me

By | 11/08/2022


What You Demand to Know About Choosing the Ideal Location for Your Equine Photography Session

Every day for the final 14 years, you get upwardly at the crack of dawn and head over to the barn
to train your horses.
As you slip on your favorite jeans and lucky shirt, you hear the gurgle of the java pot in the kitchen.
Thank God for java.

Today is the twenty-four hour period.
Your 3-year-old Arabian is going to larn basis driving. Ground driving isn’t your favorite. Yous much adopt beingness in the saddle. Simply, Banjo needs work on collecting up and building his topline. Your trainer gear up aside actress fourth dimension this morning to get you and Banjo started.
Patience — that’s your give-and-take.

Banjo is the outset of your herd you’ve started on your ain. What a gnaw. He did everything you asked of him.

THIS is the perfect time and location to shoot photographs. To document the bond y’all have with your young horse.

Thankfully, you take an equine lifestyle photography session booked ii months out. And,
now you know the exact location you want.
The round pen at your befouled. Basis driving your equus caballus confronting the backdrop of pink crape myrtle trees.
Banjo is non your typical horse and you want to capture treasured memories with him.


Whether yous’re shooting equestrian portraits, true to life photography, or an equine branding session — location is everything.

Which equine photography services are you looking for?

is whatsoever image with horse and rider. Posed photos of the family with their iv-leggeds for wall art. Or elaborate horse and rider photography at the beach during the dusk. Equestrians love the opportunity to share milestone moments in their lives with their horses. Such as professional equus caballus pictures of a graduating senior, a maternity session, or appointment session for unique images y’all volition cherish for a lifetime.


is catching images of you lot doing life with your horses. Showing. Training. Working effectually the barn. Riding on the trails. Ground driving. Roping cattle. Fox hunting. Carriage Driving. Ranching. Reining. Fifty-fifty delivering a foal.


is specifically crafted photography to represent your make. Used to draw in electric current and future customers. To institute authority and stand out in the herd.


No matter the type of horse photos you are looking for,
the story behind the photo sets the stage.

What look and feel do you want your photos to have? Your location tells your story and establishes the feeling you are trying to create.

What represents your manner? Your dwelling house befouled? In nature? Do you have a meaningful location? Are you searching for a vintage feel similar a rustic barn? Or a theme planned for your equestrian photography.

Maybe you already have in listen the exact place. Or you are looking for ideas.
Your equine photographer can help you determine on the perfect location.

5 tips when choosing the location for your horse photography session

  • Picking a location doesn’t mean you must leave the befouled

“But, what if my stable m isn’t pretty and there aren’t whatever shoot worthy places at my barn?”
Don’t worry.
Your professional equine photographer is a crafted storyteller. She sees opportunity in every location. In your pre-session consultation, she will walk the property with you lot and show you what she sees and how
your property will in fact work.

“My horses don’t travel well and struggle off belongings”. That’s ok!
Your equestrian photographer has the power to find beauty in nigh locations. She will create exquisite photography to document your human relationship with your equus caballus
right where you are.

Rest assured,
your photographer has plenty of equus caballus photography tips and tricks to capture the subtle nuances between you and your horse. Creating exactly what you are looking for in your images regardless of the location.

  • Successfully taking your equus caballus off the holding

Your horse’s comfort level makes a big divergence in how your equine photography session volition become. Information technology affects how you will feel about your photos likewise.

Appraise your equus caballus’s comfort level existence off property before your equestrian photo shoot. Practise they have experience trailering? Do they trailer well? Take they been to horse shows, other barns, the beach, or riding trails in your area?

If they don’t have any experience, plan a trip to trailer them abroad from the befouled before your session and see how they do.
Can you calm your horse down? Practise they spook at every little matter, or are they relatively calm?
You volition be able to figure out rather quickly if they will suit.

Practise you have extra handlers available to help with holding the horses at your equine photograph session?. Even if y’all programme to tie upwardly to a trailer or use a portable circular pen,
ALWAYS have 1 handler per equus caballus. 1 person holding several horses is not prophylactic for anyone.

Do y’all have your own trailer to pull your horse? Or do you need to make arrangements for transportation?
Perhaps you have a barn mate or friend who tin can aid. A
horse transport
company is also a possibility.

  • Your horse’southward behavior

In your pre-session consultation, your photographer will talk about your horse’s temperament. Discussing what y’all demand to practise to ensure your horse volition be on their all-time beliefs.

Naughty horses come with the territory, only there are many ways to assist your horse relax.
Your equine photographer wants to make sure yous don’t get anxious during your session. Or worry about your horse’due south manners.
Know that your photographer’s goal is to set you at ease. The last thing she wants is for you to feel embarrassed or judged about your horse’south behavior.

If yous work with a trainer, talk with her well-nigh your upcoming horse photo session.  Gather tips, advice, and encouragement to help work with your horse.

A buddy horse might be helpful to proceed your horse at ease.
Does your horse have a friend who keeps him calm and better behaved? Maybe y’all can bring them along? Just call back, each horse should have their own handler.

“What if my equus caballus gets antsy?” Not to worry. Your equus caballus might demand exercise on a lunge line, or a brusk ride, before their session to let some excitement out… Later on a little bit of work, they should be fine moving forwards. You know your horse better than anyone. You know his quirks and character. If in that location is something that won’t fly in the session, be sure to communicate with your photographer.

Some horses merely won’t stand up notwithstanding for a photo shoot.
That’south not a trouble for the best equine photographers. They have simple tricks to walk folks into poses to let the horse to keep their anxiety moving. Looking at the images, no i will exist the wiser.


Arrive early on to your equine photo shoot so you lot can give your horse time to settle in.
Get used to the sounds and smells of the environs. Lead your horse around and allow him to go comfortable in the environs. Be sure to provide hay and h2o for a little snack before your shoot or even while you take a break from your session. Just similar humans, eating provides comfort.

It is important to trust the experience and expertise or your professional equine lensman. She’s worked with many horses over the years and knows patience is a must. Her heart’s want is to aid you through your sessions . Creating many cute images, y’all will admire.

  • Permits, Permission, and Payment

Practice you take a riding permit for your equine photograph session?
To ride on the beaches in St. Johns County a
is necessary. Merely,
it’s free. Yay!
St. Johns County Horse Council
has more information about riding in the expanse.

Does your equestrian photographer have a permit to piece of work at the location of your photo session?
Unlike locations require different permits. Acquire them well in accelerate so you’re assault your twenty-four hours.

Do you have the proper medical documents to travel with your horse?
The state of Florida requires a negative Coggins report in gild to travel. If you plan on crossing state lines a health certificate is required. Taking care of medical records in advance guarantees your ability to travel on the day of your equestrian photo session. With no surprises.

Are you lot using a venue that requires permission from the belongings or befouled manager?
Brand sure to check well in advance. Locations and venues may also require boosted medical information to verify proof of vaccines.

State parks and other venues take fees to admission their location. Be certain to check ahead of time what those fees are and how and when yous demand to pay them.


  • Practice makes perfect

Are you planning to accept an equestrian photo shoot at the beach?
Has your horse been to the beach earlier?
Programme an outing with some friends and take your horse to the beach to practice. Many horses enjoy splashing in the h2o and galloping along the shore. Do, plus a beautiful 24-hour interval with friends is a win, win. Non to mention
you volition feel more comfortable during your shoot.

Trailer to the state park you are planning your session at. Aid your horse become used to the equestrian facilities and environs. Venture out on the trails and make a twenty-four hours of it.
Do and celebrate life with horses.

What well-nigh the weather?

Weather is a huge factor to consider when photographing outdoors. Rest assured, your equine photographer can shoot in all kinds of weather. Producing scenic art on the gloomiest of days. Your photographer leaves extra time in her schedule to allow for weather condition related rescheduled photo sessions. If a change is needed, her goal is to brand that change
all the prep work for your session.

Location Ideas

In that location are many cute locations throughout St. Johns County and throughout Florida. Your equestrian photographer can recommend the location with the perfect wait and feel merely for you. Do some exploring to see what tickles your fancy.

Princess Identify Preserve
is a “1500-acres preserve in the northern part of Flagler County.” With equestrian trails, y’all are sure to enjoy.

Welaka Country Forest
is “located forth the east banking company of the picturesque, celebrated St. Johns River. The eastern half of Welaka State Forest boasts 18 miles of multi-use trails that are primarily used by equestrian riders. Welaka State Wood likewise offers three 24-stall equus caballus stables…and…training arenas”

St. Johns Canton Horse Council Equestrian Center
is located at 8200 Smith Rd. in Hastings and offers many civilities and trails. Be sure to check out the membership requirements for this non-profit organization.

Whether you’re looking for
equine portraiture, equestrian lifestyle photography, or equine branding photography, Fast Equus caballus Photography will create horse images to capture your memories and tell your story. Helping y’all celebrate life with horses.
your session today.