How Can I Learn Photography On My Own

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Last Updated: February 14th, 2022

Will the self-taught photographers of the world please raise their easily?

There may have been a time, even as recent as 10 or 20 years ago, where photography was an artform for the rich and those studying information technology in school. Before photographic camera phones and cheap DSLR cameras for beginners, it was much more difficult to get into photography.

Today, the earth has changed.

Photography is more than accessible than information technology’south ever been.

While there even so are traditional routes to learn about photography through college classes and the like, more-and-more people are teaching themselves.

Given the number of resource available (both gratuitous and paid ones),
y’all can acquire virtually photography on your ain.

Making photography a hobby tin can be a really rewarding thing. And who knows, perhaps one day you’ll be the next great professional photographer, making photography not but something you enjoy – only something you plow into a career for life.

4 Key Areas of Focus

If you want to teach yourself about photography, information technology is very easy to do.

We have broken it downwards into 4 elementary areas to focus:

  1. Go a Camera
  2. Self-Teaching
  3. Practice
  4. Sharpen Your Skills

In each of these sections, we’ll give you lot some elementary tips for finding the right photography gear as you’re just starting out, show you where to observe useful information to brush upwardly on photography, walk you through how you tin exercise finer, and finally give y’all some tools to continue refining your skills as a photographer.


Go a Camera (Whatsoever Volition Do!)

Every photographer needs a photographic camera. While you, no doubt, will read somewhere online nigh how y’all need a sure photographic camera to take great pictures – the reality is far simpler.

But become a camera!

You’re just starting out. Y’all don’t need to put some crazy pressure on yourself to buy the latest camera model out in that location. You likewise don’t need to break the bank.

You can start photography with your cell telephone camera if you lot desire to. If y’all really want some recommendations, we’d advise checking out our Beginner Photography Gear Guide. On that page, nosotros showcase some great starter cameras that accept not bad photographs and are in an affordable cost range.

No affair what you lot decide to apply – with a camera at your side, you’re gear up to motion on to the side by side step.

Cocky-Education – What are the Best Resources to Exercise This?

While yous are non going through a formal photography education, at that place is still much to learn.

Nosotros are mostly cocky-taught photographers ourselves.

Fortunately, thanks heavily to the internet, there are literally a million resource you lot can observe to help teach you about photography. The number of articles we read and videos we watched (and still do) can show you lot a whole lot.

Because there are so many things out at that place,
we wanted to highlight a few that nosotros find really beneficial.

Gratuitous Photography Resources:

The all-time free photography education resources are those produced by photographers. Today, very many photography sites actually have content created by ghost writers. While we’re non significant to suggest this is all bad, there is more authenticity to be found in places where you
without a shadow of the doubt that what you are reading will be helpful
considering the people producing the content know what they are talking virtually.

With this said, some splendid gratis resources start on this website. We’ve put together a lot of content that gives away information we’ve learned over years of doing photography every bit a hobby and as professionals.

  • 101 Digital Photography Tips – A Guide to Taking Great Photos
    (extremely comprehensive!!)
  • The Ultimate Portrait Photography Guide
  • How to Accept Practiced Landscape Photos
  • Is Photography an Expensive Hobby?
  • When is the Best Time to Shoot Photos Outside?
  • Photography Basics – The Exposure Triangle

These posts will assist you form a solid ground of knowledge.

If there is anything y’all demand more data on, contact u.s.a. or get out a comment on this post and we’ll help you out!!

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Other Bully Photography Resource

In addition to our content, nosotros also desire to share a few things from other websites that we’ve found helpful.

we were starting out at one point too, and then we had to exercise the same exact thing you are: looking for and finding great educational resources to acquire photography.

The showtime two recommendations are for you lot to cheque out two landscape photographers with Youtube channels. They don’t do a whole lot of blogging from what we’ve seen, but there video content is where it’south at. They are:

  • Mads Peter Iverson
  • Chris-Eyre Walker

What we like about learning from these photographers is that they seem very genuine and passionate for photography, aren’t sales people, and produce content that is both educational and entertaining. Some of their videos helped inspire us to travel to Iceland for photography.

Another recommendation is
Sean Tucker
– a professional photographer who does a wide range of photography including portraits, landscapes, travel, etc. He is very inspirational – fifty-fifty to seasoned photographers like ourselves.

Admittedly, having been around the photography community for a long time, it’s piece of cake to get jaded when discussions revolve so heavily around photographic camera equipment. His content does more to emphasize the art behind photography. It borders on philosophical at time, and actually challenges united states to ask
we are wanting to practice photography in the commencement place.

A cracking video of his to get-go out with:

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Paid Photography Resources:

The quality of free resources is really high these days. The truth is, you could manage to teach yourself reasonably well by only referring to these free options.

The value of paid resources from what nosotros have experienced is that they tend to be
more refined
offering content that is more than comprehensive. Instead of having to look at 20 different articles, you instead can cheque out one online course OR ane photography book.
In a lot of means, you pay for convenience, and for some people – that’s well worth the cost.

The best paid options tend to come in the class of either online courses or books.

The Best Online Photography Courses:

Online courses in photography might feel close to going the route of formal education, but we promise you lot – it’s not!

The courses nosotros recommend are designed to be digested in merely a couple hours. They are also cocky-paced, so at that place is no pressure level of waiting on a teacher to set the footstep of things.

  • DFS Landscape & Nature Photography Course
  • DFS Night Photography Course
  • DFS Photo Nuts and Shots Form
  • DFS Photo Nuts and Bolts Grade
Our Favorite Photography Education Books:

Every bit corking as online content can be, sometimes nosotros like to dig into a proficient book. Books take always been a more comprehensive medium for relaying information
in writing.
While there are a crazy number of books on photography, we’ve narrowed it downward to just a few that we can advise if you are just starting out and wanting to larn the nuts.

We’ve compiled all of our recommendations for those of you just starting out in photography on our Resources page.

  • How to Create Stunning Digital Photography
  • Digital Photography Complete Course: Larn Everything You Need to Know in 20 Weeks
  • The Photographer’s Guide to Posing: Techniques to Flatter Anybody
  • Understanding Exposure, Fourth Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Whatever Camera
  • Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs


rainy day on the oregon coastAll right. With a solid amount of cognition tucked abroad in your encephalon, going out and starting to take some pictures will brand a lot more than sense.

The reason why we advise yous educate yourself beforehand is because you would otherwise start taking pictures without having even the slightest sense of what yous are doing. While this is certainly one fashion to learn, we find that people can learn
bad habits
this way.

So…how do I practice photography

That is the big question!

At that place are beginner photographers who just don’t know how to practice the craft. If y’all’re not practicing well, you’ll end up not learning much, burnt out, and even quitting – all in a short period of time.

Speaking for ourselves, we have pretty small attending spans. If we feel discouraged, information technology’s like shooting fish in a barrel to want to give up and go back to doing things we are comfy with.

To brand practicing easier, follow a slightly rigid step-past-stride guide of instructions like this:

1). Cull your photography style

Every photographer has to choose their subject. By no means do you lot have to strictly stick to ane subject field, but when just learning, information technology tin exist helpful to pick 1 to practice to start out.

You might consider starting out learning portrait photography. Spend one day but practicing this.

Another day, maybe yous determine to explore landscape photography.

And so on.

Choosing a way – even if it’southward simply for 1 outing to take pictures – tin can help you narrow your mindset. You know what y’all want to do taking pictures of, at present y’all tin can shape the rest of your practicing around information technology.

2). Choose a good exercise location

The environment you are photographing in volition play a huge role in how much y’all are able to learn.

Not just that, only
it volition besides direct impact the look of your pictures.

A good tip is to observe a identify that has significant for you – or that you notice to be visually highly-seasoned.

Information technology could exist a local park, a close-past hiking location, a special aisle in your city, even in your abode.

When we photograph at places nosotros notice visually interesting, it shows heavily in our pictures.

3). Option a specific aspect of photography to practise

Every time you lot get out to experiment with photography, try to requite yourself something to really focus in on. Y’all could try specifically practicing things like:

  • Photography rules (like the Dominion of Thirds)
  • Special gear/accessories (you lot might desire to effort playing effectually with a cheap crystal prism to make cool effects)
  • Picking a different subject
iv). Experiment with manual mode

Modern cameras come equipped with automatic exposure modes. These are absolutely great if you are simply starting out.


The real journey of photography begins past learning how to manipulate the settings to get the verbal epitome you want.

Our guide to the Exposure Triangle is a good starting point for learning how to utilize ISO, shutter speed, and aperture together.

Every bit far as technical things get, you lot will spend
a lot
of time tweaking your settings to get them but right.

Don’t worry – this is probably the
function about photography. Once you accept this downwardly – things get much easier as you can begin to focus more of your energy on nailing great compositions.

five). E’er make time to merely have fun!

But remember, you are instruction yourself how to exist a photographer.

Growing upward, nosotros always hated classes in school that bored the states to tears. We also loved classes where the teacher was engaging, interesting, and (yous guessed information technology) fun!

Photography tin experience like an unwelcome burden if y’all just stress yourself out over and over. Don’t become usa incorrect – frustration volition come up, merely y’all need to remind yourself to let information technology subside and go back to engaging photography as a fun activity you are participating in.

If yous are having with with your photography, you will be able to go on upward with it even when information technology’s hard!!

Sharpening Your Skills as a Photographer

ecola-state-park-oregon cliff overview
Becoming a better photographer takes a combination of time, dedication, and practise.

These three things are very simple on the surface, merely actually effectively using them to get a lensman with a diverse skill-set and capabilities – that can take some fine tuning.

In order to sharpen your photo skills,
think nigh these things:


One of the few things we do not have control over in our lives is…time…

Every bit we all know, fourth dimension can often feel like it’s moving very fast. This tin feel very detrimental at times (no pun intended!) considering we tin desire to do so much, yet feel so limited.

When picking upward a new hobby similar photography, it is a big fourth dimension investment. There is a lot of joy to become out of it, but there volition likewise be struggles every bit y’all move towards becoming a better and ameliorate photographer.

To really get practiced at photography, you demand to brand time for it.

For some people, it’s easy to find this down time. For others, y’all may accept to do more scheduling to actually make time between all of the other things going on.


To become a skilled lensman, you lot will need to dedicate yourself to the craft. You don’t take to go as far as being totally obsessed, simply it can help 🙂

How dedicated you want to be to photography is entirely upwardly to you – and what yous are getting out of information technology.

For us, our dedication started as a pretty minimal thing. We enjoyed taking photos – information technology was a simple affair. Only in recent years did it really take off and require more devotion from us as photography became our career pursuit.


We already talked well-nigh some ways you tin practice better equally a photographer.

We want to really highlight why practise is so critical to your success in photography.

Having been into photography for a combined xxx+ years now, we have started to feel similar it is much easier than it once was. We can walk around, have in a scene going on in front of our faces, and know in our minds how we would prepare our camera settings in that instant. It’s kind of crazy to retrieve about!

We didn’t get to this phase just by sitting around.

Yes, nosotros absorbed a lot of information from reading and watching videos, but all of this only will take you so far. Going out and taking pictures will make you a better photographer.

Every time we exit to shoot, we continue to practice and refine our arts and crafts. Information technology gets a picayune easier, oft challenges us a little bit, and we work to create results we are happy to have photographed.

If y’all invest yourself into pursuing photography as a passion, we guarantee you’ll succeed at taking some cute pictures in the fourth dimension to come up!


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