How Do You Take Moving Pictures

By | 14/10/2022

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Starting time With

Are you tired of the aforementioned one-time, plain pictures? Utilize the EMUI eight and above camera to take moving pictures and call up wonderful moments forever. With this office, you can capture images i second before and after the shutter button is pressed and merge them into one dynamic picture.

Follow these steps

Footstep ane

Enabling moving pictures: open the
Camera App
of your phone and
betoken it towards the moving object
you want to shoot (you can’t capture dynamic effects if the objects are static).

tap on the small circle icon   on the
top of the screen. It will become
and a message will allow you know that
moving pictures are enabled.

: If you desire to take
moving pictures using the front camera, switch to information technology and select the
Photo fashion.

tap on the small circumvolve icon   on the
peak of the screen. It will become
and a message volition allow you know that
moving pictures are enabled.

Step 2

Taking moving pictures:
hold the phone equally steady
equally possible for a
couple of seconds
tap on the shutter icon   to take a moving picture.

*TIPS: For capturing a moving motion-picture show you can
tap on the shutter push button only one time.

don’t have to tap it
at the
and the
end of the recording, equally if shooting a video.

Pace three

Viewing moving pictures: the moving pictures will exist saved in
JPG format. Get to
tap Albums
tap Camera.

Select the image
tap the pocket-sized circle icon   on the top to
view the dynamic effect. The moving film
automatically stops afterward a complete playback, but you can likewise
touch the screen
at any time to
stop the playback.

*TIPS: Y’all can likewise
press and hold on the flick to rewatch its dynamic effect.

Step 4

Sharing moving pictures: you tin also
send the moving pictures to your friends.

Select the paradigm
you want to share in
and so
tap on the share button   . And then
choose a sharing method
and follow the
on-screen instructions
to complete the procedure.

In guild to
play the dynamic effect, the
receiving device must be a Huawei device that supports moving pictures, otherwise the moving pictures will be displayed as
static images.

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