How Do You Use A Art Graphics Drawing Tablet For Photography In Photoshop

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As an artist looking to interruption into the digital infinite, you accept probably heard the terms “graphics tablet” and “cartoon tablet” thrown around. If you’re confused about what they mean, and what the distinction betwixt them is, so you’ll exist glad to know y’all’re not alone.

Many beginners often take no idea what options are available to them in terms of digital cartoon devices. As a result, they don’t know which ones volition exist almost beneficial to their journeys equally artists.

We certainly faced the aforementioned puzzler when we were starting out, and had to do plenty of research before figuring out which tablet to go.

Here we’re going to salvage you lot the time and frustration, and potentially hundreds of dollars of misspent coin by diving in-depth into the topic. In particular, we’ll be looking at graphics tablets and drawing tablets, including broad descriptions of both, their key features, advantages, disadvantages, and a discussion of which one is best for you, depending on your needs.

What is a graphics tablet?

A graphics tablet is a type of hardware input device. It is a style for artists to exist able to do their work in digital form. Nigh graphics tablets take a pressure sensitive surface on which artist exercise their drawing work. The graphics tablet itself has to be connected to a computer or laptop in order to exist fully utilized.

That’s the only style you’ll be able to encounter whatever you’re drawing.

Because of the way they work, graphics tablets accept a fleck of a learning curve. Once you connect the device to a computer, you have to larn to look at the computer and not the tablet as you depict.

Most people find this very counterintuitive since nosotros’re used to looking down at the page as nosotros draw. Having to look at some other surface and intuiting where our easily should go every bit we trace out lines and shapes is somewhat foreign when we try information technology for the first time.

Some other attribute of a graphics tablet that you might desire to get used to is orientation. While you can rotate your hand around on a piece of paper to draw elements that are not upright, you desire to always exist upright when y’all are drawing on a graphics tablet.

This makes it easier to orient what yous are drawing properly in relation to what you see on the reckoner screen. When cartoon elements that are not upright, you lot have to rotate the graphics tablet itself, rather than your mitt.

That said, later on a while yous get used to information technology and it becomes most like 2nd nature.

Graphics tablets are used in combination with many different kinds of software, including graphics, animation, and sketching software. As long equally it is compatible with the graphics tablet, you lot tin can use the two together.

Because of their versatility, graphics tablets are used by many dissimilar professionals, for example:

Designers –
Designers who utilise blueprint software, such as Photoshop or Illustrator have a lot to benefit from graphics tablets. Whether they are primarily sketch artists or more mostly graphics designers, graphics tablets requite them a lot of power to bring the objects of their imagination to the screen.

Engineers and architects –
While these professions are highly technical in nature, they exercise take a visual aspect to them that stands to benefit immensely from graphics tablets. Engineers and architects tin can experience a massive improvement in their workflow if they use graphics tablets to make quick sketches.

So what, exactly, makes up a graphics tablet? While designs modify from 1 manufacturer to some other, and even between models from the same manufacturer, there are some elements which you will always find in a graphics tablet in one form or some other. These include the below:

A drawing surface

Graphics tablets take a cartoon surface, which accounts for the majority of the area of the top of the tablet. This surface is force per unit area sensitive , recording every line and bend that the designer draws upon it. It is oftentimes very large in society to accommodate drawing work without the artist feeling like they are lacking in space.

A stylus

Graphics tablets come up with styluses, which are specialized cartoon pens that trigger the sensitive drawing surface. The stylus will be your single most important tool, and so you should only purchase one that feels comfortable in your hand. If information technology feels fifty-fifty a fiddling impuissant, avert it; it will only hinder your efficiency. A good stylus should be calorie-free and wireless so you can move it effectually freely.

Hot keys

Graphics tablets oft come with hot keys which perform different functions. You volition find hotkeys in every graphics tablet you purchase. What may differ from one to the side by side is the office of the hotkeys. What matters most is that the functions that thing nigh to you when drawing are mapped onto the hotkeys.


A good graphics tablet should be light and small enough to be carried effectually without being too modest to practice whatsoever meaningful drawing work on.

What is a pen brandish?

You’ll be surprised to know that nosotros have covered nigh of the common ground between graphics tablets and cartoon tablets, also known as pen displays, in the preceding section. The differences are few. Nevertheless, they are important enough that you lot should know them so your purchasing decisions are improve informed.

A cartoon tablet, besides known as a pen display, is besides a form of input hardware. The drawing surface, however, is a complete screen where you can see your artwork as y’all draw information technology.

Cartoon tablets come with unlike designs. Some of them have a regular affect screen on which you depict while others take a special touchscreen that’s pressure level sensitive and feels well-nigh the same as paper. The idea is to emulate, as closely as possible, the natural drawing experience.

Because of the fact that you lot can see your piece of work while you do it, drawing tablets are far more portable than graphics tablets. While you need to connect a graphics tablet to a computer in order to use it, yous tin can use a cartoon tablet on the fly and save the piece of work to it. It’s about like a regular tablet. In fact, regular tablets, like an iPad, can sometimes laissez passer for cartoon tablets when coupled with the right software.

In terms of parts, drawing tablets take the same ones as graphics tablets. The just extra bit is the touch screen replacing the pressure sensitive drawing surface. The hotkeys are as well typically on the touchscreen instead of being actual physical buttons.

Cartoon tablets are too used by the same exact professionals equally graphics tablets. They are often touted as the meliorate pick due to the added quality of visibility.

Drawing tablets came on the scene a little more recently than graphics tablets. Because of that, their adoption has been a footling slower than that of graphics tablets, though they are picking up with time. They are likewise more expensive than graphics tablets for obvious reasons.

What is the difference between a graphics tablet and a drawing tablet?


First, let us talk about the similarities, of which there are quite a few.

The greatest similarity betwixt graphics tablets and pen displays is that they both employ some kind of touch engineering. Graphics tablets use the stylus to implement bear on technology while drawing tablets have more flexibility. This isn’t a hard and fast dominion, however, equally there are newer graphics tablets on the market place that are capable of recognizing your manus.

Drawing monitors are a fiddling more equally split. The more specialized models require a stylus to annals affect while others recognize your manus. In item, if y’all’re using a regular tablet PC, such equally an iPad, yous are guaranteed that information technology will recognize your manus. Drawing tablets are besides more likely to recognize foreign styluses (ones they weren’t shipped with) than graphics tablets.

Both graphics tablets and drawing tablets apply pressure sensitivity technology. That way, the more than pressure level you put in the heavier your strokes. You should also exist able to calibrate the tablet and so it is more than or less sensitive to pressure level, depending on your needs and preferences.

Another similarity between many graphics tablets and pen displays is tilt sensitivity. This is an fine art-specific feature. What it allows you lot to exercise is to mimic more than just a cartoon pen. You tin mimic airbrushes, paintbrushes, and so on, emulating their strokes perfectly. This is more common among graphics tablets and specialized pen displays than it is on tablet PCs like iPads, though it is not unheard of.

And lastly, most graphics tablets and some pen displays are designed to mimic the natural experience of real newspaper. This is to give an experience that is as close every bit possible to that of actually cartoon on paper.


The greatest divergence between these two is that one has a screen on which y’all tin can run into your work while you exercise it and the other one does not. Graphics tablets need to be connected upward to a computer to be used. Drawing tablets can exist used on their ain as the screen shows you what you’re cartoon every bit yous draw information technology.

Other differences include toll. Drawing tablets cost more than than graphics tablets because of the superior technology. This is often a major cistron in purchasing decisions for outset and amateur artists who would rather have a drawing tablet but take a budget that merely allows for a graphics tablet.

Of class there are as well tablet PCs which can be used as drawing tablets. These are more like fully fledged computers which you simply and then happen to use for drawing. They are not built entirely for the purpose of drawing, and frequently require actress software to exist used for that. Because they are full general purpose computers, they are frequently besides more expensive than both graphics tablets and drawing tablets.

Graphics Tablets Vs Drawing Tablets (Pen Displays).jpg

Are drawing tablets with screens ameliorate?

Graphics tablet


  • They are more accessible as they are more than affordable. They can also be used by anyone and interface well with the majority of design software.
  • Graphics tablets are likewise super accurate. Considering they respond well to the force per unit area and motion of your hand, they can emulate your lines and shapes exactly as they would appear if you accept been cartoon on newspaper instead. Also that, graphics tablets too give you lot features that you wouldn’t get with just pen and newspaper. You can draw perfect circles, straight lines, and all manner of exacting shapes past tweaking the settings a fleck. This allows you to do more than simply sketch with a graphics tablet. This is part of the reason why these devices are good even for highly technical professions similar architecture.
  • Graphics tablets feel very much similar regular pen and paper. Most professionals attach their paper or canvas to a hardboard and do their artwork like this. This is nigh exactly how a graphics tablet feels. Most artists say that working on a graphics tablet feels almost exactly like working with pen and paper.
  • Graphics tablets are virtually limitless. When you lot are working with pen and paper, you lot have to be conscientious almost the type of paper equally well as the type of ink or other medium you are using to work on the paper. No such limitations apply on a graphics tablet. It is the universal pen and the universal newspaper.
  • Graphics tablets are besides eco-friendly. If y’all’re concerned about the corporeality of paper we waste and the trees that have to be cut downwards to produce it, non to mention the environmental pollution contributed by paper manufacturing plants, and so a graphics tablet should be on summit of your listing of priorities.
  • Graphics tablets are highly durable. Role of this is the fact that they don’t have many fragile parts and, if high quality, will have parts that resist dust and h2o. The other office is the fact that graphics tablets are more resilient to obsolescence than other tech devices (including pen displays). A graphics tablet volition easily remain relevant and useful for up to 10 years.


  • Graphics tablets do non let you lot see what you lot’re drawing directly on the drawing surface. Every bit a result, in that location is a bit of a learning curve to get through before you become adept. Depending on the learner, information technology tin accept a long or brusk while to go used to a graphics tablet.
  • Some other consequence of the fact that a graphics tablet doesn’t offer visibility is that y’all can’t use it on its own. This limits its portability somewhat. Sure, a adept graphics tablet is small and calorie-free enough that y’all tin take information technology with y’all wherever you go, but you’ll still need to hook it up to a calculator to use it. Otherwise, it’s useless.

Pen display


  • Drawing tablets offering visibility, which is a huge reward over graphics tablets. With a drawing tablet, you tin can see exactly what yous draw, merely like you would when drawing with actual pen and paper. This makes them feel much more natural to work on than graphics tablets from a visual coordination perspective.
  • Also, considering of the visibility offered, cartoon tablets are much easier to larn to use than graphics tablets. Call up, on a graphics tablet you take to focus on the graphics tablet and the figurer screen at the aforementioned time. With a drawing tablet, you lot’re simply focusing on the tablet’s screen. This makes it much easier to draw on, especially for those who are beginners to digital fine art.
  • Drawing tablets are faster to work with than graphics tablets. The visibility attribute speeds upward workflow, just also the fact that everything is in one workspace and your attending isn’t split helps you to achieve results faster.
  • Cartoon tablets are truly portable. You can take information technology with you wherever you go and use it on its own without needing to hook it upwards to a figurer.
  • Cartoon tablets are overly more versatile than graphics tablets. While a graphics tablet is something that was built merely for drawing, information technology’s’ possible to have a tablet PC and utilize information technology equally a drawing tablet. This means you could potentially take a fully fledged estimator in your hands that y’all can exercise other things with, not just draw.


  • Drawing monitors sometimes accept colour sparkles that form on the screen due to too much pressure being applied or the degradation of the screen over fourth dimension (or both!). This can be an unpleasant experience while drawing.
  • Cartoon tablets tend to overheat afterwards being used for a few hours. Sometimes the estrus is so bad it makes cartoon uncomfortable as you tin sharply feel information technology in your mitt.
  • Cartoon tablets are more expensive than graphics tablets due to the superior applied science. Because of this, they are often out of attain of almost budgets.
  • Drawing tablets tend to be less durable than graphics tablets as touchscreens are more fragile than force per unit area sensitive drawing surfaces. However, even though they are less durable, they are withal pretty durable in their own correct. Provided you lot treat it well, a drawing tablet tin can serve you for quite a few years (upwardly to 5).

Determination – Should I get a drawing tablet or a graphics tablet?

And so how exercise you decide which ane is best for you?

A beginner in the realm of digital art would exercise well with a cartoon tablet. These are the digital canvases of the future. They feel more natural and they naturally speed upwardly your workflow without having a difficult learning curve.

On the other paw, cartoon tablets are very expensive. Virtually beginners opt for graphics tablets for their lower prices, some of which can be less than $100.

But that’s non to say that graphics tablets are bad. Provided yous master how to use them and don’t mind the fact that they always need to be connected to a reckoner, you volition observe that they benefit your artwork immensely; far more than than what you would have been able to do with mere pen and paper.

If you lot want to venture into digital art, and have a pocket-sized budget, we would advise you to get a graphics tablet. This is a good investment in your education and improvement as a digital creative person, and something is ameliorate than aught. You will get really skillful at it. In one case y’all take saved upwards enough, you tin can move on to a cartoon tablet.

Even so, if your upkeep is not a hindrance, we would advise you to get a good drawing tablet straightaway. Remember, this is an investment in your craft. A drawing tablet will benefit your work greatly and allow y’all to do things you didn’t imagine possible.

Ultimately, whichever you choose, our communication is to just start. Pick 1, whichever your pocket will permit, and start doing some digital artwork with it. Over time you will get the hang of it and develop your own unique style.

The point is to become a great artist, and there are many routes to that destination!


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