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How Google Beat Apple In Camera Photography Mobile

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Get started with photos on your Pixel phone

You tin take a photo on the camera on your phone in different ways. Use this article to get started taking photos and to find resources about avant-garde photograph options.

Have advanced photos

Choose how to accept a photograph

With your hand

  1. Open up your Google Camera appGoogle Camera. Learn how.
  2. Point your photographic camera and wait for it to focus and take in light.
  3. Tap Capture.


Compression open or closed on your screen, double-tap the screen, or apply the slider at the bottom.
Tip: When you lot have a picture from far away, to capture the near details, zoom into your subject kickoff.


  1. To focus on the subject of your photograph, point your camera at the subject, then tap on the subject field. A white circle appears and moves on the screen with the subject.
  2. To lock the focus and exposure on a field of study that moves, tap Lock

Tip: If you have accessibility features turned on, to focus on and expose the subject of your photo, double-tap your screen.

Swap between your back and front cameras

Tap Switch
 or twist your telephone twice. Learn about gestures on your phone.

Accept a straight photo

While using your photographic camera, your phone volition be direct when the 2 lines meet, and the bending is 0.

  1. Open your camera and hold your phone steady. A yellowish line and a white line announced in the middle of the screen.
  2. To make the lines encounter, rotate your phone left to right and tilt it forward and backward.
  3. If you lot betoken your phone upward or down at your subject, the Up/Down indicator appears. To align the Up/Downwardly indicator and have a straight photo, rotate your phone left to correct and tilt it forward and back.

Tip: You tin can plow off horizon leveling and the Up/Downward indicator. From your Camera app, tap the Down arrow Then, tap Settings, and plough off
Framing hints.

Employ 4x Zoom

This feature is only available on Pixel 6 Pro.

  1. Open your Photographic camera app
    Google Camera. Learn how.
  2. In default photographic camera, video, Move or Night Sight modes, tap 4x. Or, on your screen, pinch open up and shut.

Utilise Ultrawide Zoom (Pixel 4a (5G) & after)

Ultrawide can capture more of the people and scenes around you.

  1. Open your Camera app
    Google Camera. Learn how.
  2. In default camera, video, or Night Sight modes, tap
    .6x. Or, on your screen, pinch open and close.

With your voice

  1. Say “OK Google, take a picture,” or “OK Google, accept a selfie.”
    Optional: Before you accept the photograph, you can tell the camera to expect between iii—thirty seconds. For case, “OK Google, take a picture in 12 seconds.”
  2. Your Camera app volition open and take a photograph.

With Wearable OS

  1. Set up your watch with your telephone. Acquire how to set upwards your lookout.
  2. Open up your Google Photographic camera appGoogle Camera. Acquire how.
  3. On your watch, swipe upwardly from the bottom of your screen until you encounter the Remote carte du jour.
  4. To take a photo, tap the shutter push on your watch.
    • Your sentinel volition vibrate and flash.
    • Yous’ll go a thumbnail of the photo on your lookout.

Tip: You can get more than details or take action on your photos. Find out how to utilise Google Lens.

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