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How to Prepare iPhone 14 Data Transfer Stuck on Time Remaining About 1 Minute

  • Jerry Cook
  • Updated on 2022-10-eighteen to  iPhone xiv

The recently released iPhone fourteen has been very popular due to its numerous distinctive features. Users must immediately transfer their previous iPhone’s data to their new iPhone 14 subsequently purchasing it. Withal, if the iPhone data transfer is blocked at “Transferring data to new iPhone Stuck on Time Remaining nigh ane Minute,” it might be very aggravating. Many users are already irritated by this problem and are looking for quick fixes to solve it. Because of this, we conducted a thorough investigation and adult several techniques to assist iPhone fourteen customers in troubleshooting. Let’s investigate.

  • Part 1: Why Does Transferring Data to New iPhone 14 Stuck on 1 Minute
  • Function 2: What to Practise if iPhone fourteen Information Transfer Stuck on Time Remaining Virtually 1 Minute?
    • Way 1: Expect for a Moment
    • Style 2: Ensure the Stable Network Condition
    • Way iii: Make Sure that You Have Transferred All Content to the New iPhone 14
    • Way 4: Plow off Low Power Mode
    • Manner five: Endeavor Information technology Over again by Using a Wired Connection
  • Function iii: The Ultimate Selection to Transfer Data to New iPhone 14 if iPhone Transfer Stuck Hot
  • Role iv: Any Other Methods to Fix New iPhone 14 Information Transferring Stuck on one Minute
    • Way 1: Transfer Data to iPhone xiv via iTunes or Finder
    • Way 2: Manufacturing plant Reset New iPhone 14 and Restore form iCloud Fill-in
    • Style 3: Get iPhone xiv Repaired in an Apple Store
  • Role v: What Will Happen if You lot Cancel/Stop the iPhone fourteen Transferring?

time remaining about 1 minute

Part 1: Why Does Transferring Data to New iPhone xiv Stuck on one Minute

Why does Transferring information to new iPhone Stuck on 1 Minute? Since the iPhone transfer blocked issue is relatively new, its precise causes remain unknown. Nevertheless, according to iPhone experts, the post-obit factors could be to blame for “my transfer is stuck on 1 more than minute”

  • Poor internet connectedness
  • Minor errors
  • Software organization problems
  • Y’all’re sending too much data.

transferring data

Office 2: What to Do if iPhone 14 Data Transfer Stuck on Time Remaining Near 1 Infinitesimal?

The good news is that this problem can be resolved by employing the techniques listed beneath, regardless of the crusade. You lot must apply each one in turn and see if the iPhone data transfer stalled error still occurs.

Way 1: Expect for a Moment

The information from your previous iPhone is wirelessly transmitted to the new one. The wireless transmission tin exist impacted by some factors, which can reduce the transfer speed. As a issue, transferring the files may exist necessary more than once.

Therefore, if the iPhone Stuck on Transferring data 1 Minute, specially when transferring large files, think about waiting a picayune longer.

Mode 2: Ensure the Stable Network Condition

Equally we previously stated, i of the primary causes of the stuck effect may be a bad internet connection. The WiFi may repeatedly disconnect and switch to cellular data, especially if your WiFi assist is enabled. It can result in a stuck problem.

stable network condition

Fashion 3: Make Certain that You Have Transferred All Content to the New iPhone 14

Numerous people take also noted that the iPhone Transfer to new iPhone Stuck on ane Minute even after all the data has been transferred. To verify that all of the data has already been recovered, examine any gallery, music, or WhatsApp information, among other things. If it has been transmitted, cease the operation or force a restart of your device, and so use it.

Manner four: Plow off Low Power Mode

Why is iPhone data transfer taking so long? The iPhone’due south Depression Power Way is a fantastic characteristic. Limiting parts of your iPhone’due south functionality and apps may conserve power. However, information technology might also touch on how well the gadget works. For instance, information technology tin halt the information transfer, resulting in a stopped data transfer. Hither’south how to deactivate information technology:

  • Go to Battery under Settings first.
  • Please turn off the Low Ability Mode by locating it.
  • turn off low power mode

Way 5: Try It Again by Using a Wired Connection

How long should transferring data to iPhone take? As was already indicated, a poor or hacked internet connexion could cause this problem. In this situation, yous can transmit the information using the shift to wired arroyo. For that:

  • You must buy a Lightning to USB 3 Photographic camera adapter and a Lightning to USB Cable beforehand.
  • The Photographic camera Adapter’s Lightning port should and so be used to connect it to a power source that is 12 Watts or greater.
  • Attach your current iPhone 14 to the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter at this bespeak.
  • Next, connect your new iPhone 14 to the Lightning USB Cable on i end and the adaptor on the other.
  • Turn on your new iPhone and put it side by side to your current telephone once the assembly is ready.
  • On your previous or current iPhone, you will see a Quick Start screen that allows yous to utilize Apple ID to ready the new iPhone. Cull the ID, and then click Continue.
  • Wait until you see the bulletin “Finish on New iPhone 14” before animation appears on the new iPhone fourteen.
  • And then prepare Bear on ID or Face ID on a new iPhone past following the onscreen instructions.
  • To brainstorm moving data from the sometime iPhone to the new iPhone 14, select Transfer from Device.

Role three: The Ultimate Pick to Transfer Data to New iPhone fourteen if iPhone Transfer Stuck

It is also conceivable that none of those to a higher place fixes succeed, and your iPhone 14 remains stuck on the screen that says “transferring information.” You tin can also avert this problem by using a reputable third-party program to transfer data across iPhones. UltFone iOS Data Director is unrivaled in that regard. With the assistance of this potent program, iPhone users may quickly upload and restore backups.

UltFone iOS Information Manager provides a quick and clear process to restore old backups to a new iPhone 14/13, unlike utilizing iCloud, iTunes, or other platforms. Additionally, the free version enables users to dorsum upwards their iPhones.

  • Backup/restore/manage/transfer iOS data without iTunes sync
  • Transfer media files between iDevice and iTunes without limitation
  • One-click to export photos from iOS device to computer
  • Convert HEIC to JPG at one time max 1,000 photos on Windows
  • Compatible with new iPhone 14 series and iOS/iPadOS 16

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  • Stride iAfter installing this software on your estimator, launch it and connect your iOS device to computer, and click “To view or restore previous backup files” on the left lesser.

    backup now

  • Step 2The program will brandish backup files you created both with iTunes and with UltFone iOS Data Manager. Choose a previous backup you desire to restore and click “View”.


  • Footstep 3This software will extract all files from the selected backup. Y’all can choose the data you want to restore and click “Restore to Device” or “Export to Computer”. Wait! And your backup files volition soon be restored to your device successfully!

    choose the data you want restore

Function 4: Any Other Methods to Fix New iPhone 14 Data Transferring Stuck on 1 Minute

Are there Any Other Methods to set New iPhone 14 Data Transferring Stuck on 1 Minute? Of Class Yes, and please continue your reading till you get it fixed.

Way 1: Transfer Data to iPhone 14 via iTunes or Finder

It is a quick and undecayed fashion to transferring information to new iPhone stuck on remaining time. For that:

  • When the Apps & Data screen appears, turn on your new iPhone fourteen and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Click Restore from Mac or PC hither, then join the device to a estimator where yous take a backup of your final phone.
  • Launch iTunes from the Finder, select the Restore Backup choice, and select the nigh recent Fill-in from the list that appears.
  • Await till the procedure is finished.

Way 2: Mill Reset New iPhone 14 and Restore form iCloud Fill-in

Why does Transferring data to new iphone Stuck on ane Minute? If your phone is still frozen, you can attempt a factory reset and then restore from an iCloud backup while configuring information technology as a new device if necessary. For that:

  • Erase all content and settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All and then selecting Continue in the pop-up window.
  • You volition practise a mill reset on your iPhone. Exist patient and await for the process to finish.
  • To get to the Apps and Data screen, follow the screen instructions at this betoken. Click Restore from iCloud Backup here and input your Apple ID countersign.
  • Choose the most recent Backup from the list of backups available by clicking the “Choose backup” choice.
  • In a few minutes, your iPhone 14 will restore the Backup.
  • restore from icloud backup

Way 3: Get iPhone fourteen Repaired in an Apple Shop

When none of the technical methods work, the all-time possible way to ready this issue is by repairing your iPhone 14 in an Apple Store. Hopefully, they will better understand the consequence and solve it.

Role five: What Volition Happen if You Cancel/Finish the iPhone xiv Transferring?

What happens if I cancel data transfer on iPhone? Nil happens if you cancel or stop the process, even if you lot want to restart the process you lot can as well attempt by following below steps:

  • Swipe the “Move to iOS” app on the Android device to close it. Delete the app.
  • The iPhone will inform you lot that the transfer was halted. To restart the iPhone, select the option to reset it while holding the power push.
  • Launch “Motion to iOS” once more on the Android device.
  • You can proceed through the setup wizard from scratch subsequently resetting the iPhone.

Concluding Thoughts

This tutorial should assist you in learning diverse tested solutions to the “iPhone Transfer to new iPhone Stuck on one Minute” problem. These techniques take a high success rate in resolving this fault. But to prevent finding yourself in this predicament in the first place, UltFone iOS Information Manager is advised. Users of this multi-featured utility are given access to a gratuitous backup selection and tin can chop-chop recover any backup.