How Much Do Art Prints Cost

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Giclee Print Price Figurer

  Paradigm Width
  Image Height
  Additional Margin
  UV Coating

  Print Qty : 1-3 4-10 11-twenty 20+
Price per Print

Order Giclee Prints

For guidance in using the Figurer please see the information below

Paper Recommendations

  • Smoothen Rag Paper

    – Moab Entrada Vivid White (or) Natural White 290g

  • Textured Watercolor Paper

    – Canson Arches Aquarelle Watercolor Paper

  • Matte Paper for Dark or Saturated Images

    – Hahnemühle Photo Rag Satin

  • Economy
    Photopaper/”Proofing” Newspaper

    – Lexjet Semi-Matte 300g

  • Economy Matte/”Proofing” Paper

    – Lexjet Premium Archival Matte

  • Gloss Rag Paper for Art Photos & Shiny Paintings

    – Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta

These are our preferred papers to get you started. We carry a huge range of specialty art giclée substrates, merely in near cases these recommended papers are what our clients choose every bit well. You can read more detailed information about each paper on our

Papers and Canvas Types Page
. If you are in the Seattle expanse you are welcome to cease by our studio and explore our newspaper sample book, and if you aren’t local you can order our

Paper Sample Pack


25 Minimum Order

Delight Annotation:
Nosotros have a

$25 Per Newspaper Type

Minimum Order, and a

$40 Total Order Minimum

for first time Clients. All of our print substrates come in big rolls, and pocket-size private prints create a lot of newspaper waste. Additionally since all of our print orders are very easily-on and involve a neat level of attention to detail, nosotros are unable to adapt orders under our minimum. (Print pricing does not include Scanning fees. Refer to our

Scanning Prices

if you need to accept original artwork scanned.)

Figurer Explanation

Impress and Image Sizing

print ratio chart-layers

When we enquire for your image size & margin, we mean the exact size of your epitome and any additional margin you would similar effectually it. If yous desire a print with your paradigm centered within a specific or irregular margin (case three in the graphic), please setup your file to already include that margin and order the prints “cut to drain/no additional margin” If you’re non sure what size your image tin print, please come across our

Attribute Ratio Computer


Substrate means the Fine Fine art Paper/Photo Paper/Sail/etc of your selection. Some of our papers mimic textured watercolor or drawing papers, and some are smooth or sleeky and better for photography. Explore our

Papers and Canvas Types Folio

to read more than about them.

UV Blanket

The UV Coating choice applies to

Canvas Prints

– all giclee canvases MUST accept either a matte or gloss UV coating. The coating protects the surface of the canvass and enhances the colour. In most cases we recommend the Gloss Blanket, which is closer to a “lustre” and makes the colors very rich. Unless you have a special reason not to glaze canvas, we volition insist on providing some last top blanket, or we cannot guarantee its durability.

UV Coating Fine Art papers:
Giclee papers do not need a UV Coating, both the papers & the inks are archival without them. Coating the paper also changes its texture, so we don’t recommend it. Sometimes artists volition ask to take fine art papers UV coated (peculiarly when reproducing oil/acrylic paintings on paper). We generally castor-on this type of UV Blanket to create a “brushstroke” texture. Otherwise we do not coat our papers. Photo-papers CANNOT be UV Coated.

Sheet Edge Options

Canvas Wrap Options-skinny

For Giclee Canvas prints, you can cull to receive a flat (un-stretched) print, or to have us stretch it for y’all. We offer two weights of Stretcher Bars:

Standard 3/4″

contour bars or

Museum Weight 1 1/2″

thick bars. All of our bars are custom milled poplar wood.

Yous besides have a option of edge color/handling. The edges or your canvas tin can exist

, a

Solid Color

(black/etc), or we can extend your image to create an
Image Wrap


. When creating an image wrap, we don’t crop any of your original image, instead we digitally create new image area to simulate the picture extending effectually the edges. Certain images practice non wrap equally well as others (for example lots of details that become too repetitive when repeated, or figures that are cropped partway through the original image) – if your image would not exist a good candidate for an prototype wrap we will contact you prior to press.

Finishing Options

Clear Bags & Backings

Impress Kit Packaging:

Nosotros can terminate your print order so its set-to-get by including clear cellophane bags and matte-board backings to friction match your prints. The cost of the numberless and backings is in addition to the base print costs.
Bags and Backings

Articulate Bags Size Clear Purse Cost Backing Size Backing Cost Backing & Bag Cost
ten vii
$0.25 5×7 $0.50 $0.75
x 10
$0.36 8×10 $0.58 $0.xc
x 12
$0.56 9×12 $0.97 $1.53
10 xiv
$0.50 11×14 $i.22 $1.75
x 161/8
$0.89 12×16 $1.08 $ii.00
x 17
$0.90 11×17 $ane.10 $2.00
10 161/8
$0.90 12×16 $ane.10 $2.00
10 20
$i.51 16×20 $3.17 $4.68
x 24
$i.40 18×24 $5.04 $half dozen.44
ten 26
$2.30 20×24 $4.xc $seven.20


Yes, nosotros ship! We use UPS, Fedex and USPS, giving us the flexibility to offere the everyman prices and best shipping method to suit your needs. For paper prints, most aircraft is about $15.00 anywhere in the lower 48 states in the USA. Finished canvas prints can get more expensive as they can become quite big and require more packing. We e’er transport equally quickly and cheaply as possible. In near cases you’ll run across your prints inside iii days of usa finishing the order.

COAS & Deckled Edges

Deckled Edges

can add together a overnice finishing bear upon to your artwork. Nosotros apply a special technique to hand tear the edges of your print to imitate the look and character of mould-fabricated rag paper. Adding a deckled edge costs

per print.

Coas and Deckle

Document of Authenticity

tin ensure potential buyers that a express edition print run is indeed limited. Our COAs state the edition number, information about the artist and the original art scan, the impress media used and when/where it was produced. Open edition prints can withal benefit from a COA that states when the work was reproduced and a guarantee of high-quality archival inks, papers and canvass. COAs cost


to setup each prototype file, and


each to print.