How Much Does It Cost To Invest In Wet Plate Photography

By | 26/08/2022

A First-Timer’s Foray Into Wet-Plate Photography

And why tintypes are the opposite
of Instagram

Glass-plate image of Kirstin and me. Epitome courtesy of John Brewer

Kirstin with camera. Note the bowler hat over the lens.
Our get-go drinking glass plates. Note that the image does not cover the unabridged plate on the left; I failed to coat the plate fully with collodion. The blackness mark above my head in the right-hand prototype is the upshot of a different kind of mistake: Kirstin coated the plate with collodion properly merely failed to embrace the exposed plate fully with programmer while processing it.

The Google Drinking glass of the 1870s

Tintype of Kirstin. It’s difficult to smile for a ten-second exposure. And photographing someone clearly without their permission is essentially impossible using wet-plate methods.


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