How Much Fabric Do I Need For A Video Or Photography Backdrop?

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Getting the best backdrop for a photo can brand or pause the last image. You lot take to consider a lot of things, like lighting, color, and texture. And luckily, different fabrics tin assistance you lot achieve the perfect backdrop for your next photo shoot.

The best fabrics for photo backdrops include sheet and muslin. Sail is good for adding texture and muslin is lighter. A cotton-polyester blend or a fleece-like matte textile can too work well. Cotton fiber-polyester combinations are very flexible, and fleece-like matte fabrics make skilful green screens.

Whether you’re a photography beginner or want to expand your knowledge, you should use fabrics for your photo backdrops. That way, you can control the look of your photos without having to find the perfect location. Keep reading to acquire more well-nigh what fabrics to utilize.


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Canvas is an first-class textile for photograph backdrops. You tin can apply it for many unlike photo shoots, so you don’t have to buy tons of information technology. It’s besides relatively easy to set and takedown, making it great for photoshoots in dissimilar locations.

Yous can find canvas backdrops in various colors and sizes and then that you lot can become the perfect canvas background for you. Information technology’s easy to fold up when you aren’t using it, and you can unfold it and attach information technology to a stand to prop it upwards.

If you like getting crafty, you lot tin fifty-fifty make your canvas backdrop. Then, you can take consummate control over the color and size.

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Muslin backdrops use cotton, so they’re lighter than sail ones. That makes muslin fantastic material if y’all travel a lot for your photography. You don’t have to worry virtually carrying a heavy purse or box for your muslin backgrounds.

And since the fabric is light, yous can have a couple of unlike sizes or colors. However, yous don’t have to take muslin on the become. If y’all desire to set up up a studio and employ information technology for every shoot, muslin works well for that.

Either way, muslin is a pop option for photography backdrops. It’southward easy to move and use, and yous can notice it in a agglomeration of colors.

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Cotton wool-Polyester Blend

Next, consider a cotton-polyester alloy photograph properties. The blend is super lightweight and flexible, then you can maneuver information technology how you like. Y’all can use it in your principal photography studio or at diverse photoshoot locations.

Whether you want a solid color or a fun blueprint, cotton-polyester blends are nifty for your photos. They’re like shooting fish in a barrel to fold upwardly for storage or transportation, and they tin can work with various settings.

You tin can fifty-fifty await for a washable backdrop since cotton and polyester are easy to make clean. That way, you can put the backdrop in the washing automobile so that it comes out looking similar new.

Fleece-Like Matte

If you lot want to go creative with your photography, consider getting a fleece-like matte properties. The material is popular among green screens, then you can edit the background to be whatever you want.

A dark-green screen is super useful if you’re on a budget and can only beget one backdrop. As an apprentice lensman, you don’t take to utilise the same color or material for every visual groundwork. If you’re a professional, yous can use a green screen to give your clients more choices for their photos.

Of class, matte backdrops come in the colour green. Simply y’all tin observe them in other colors to accommodate your needs. Then, you lot can still go a solid color background even if you lot don’t edit it for the final paradigm.


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Here are some tips on using sheets every bit a backdrop.

What Else to Consider

No thing what material y’all choose for your photograph backdrops, you should consider a few other elements. A lot more goes into getting the perfect shot than the background textile. In some cases, the fabric can stand out and make a huge difference.

But other times, it hardly affects the photo. Instead, things like the lighting and color have more of an bear on. In any case, yous should consider how your photograph backdrop will fit in future shoots before you buy information technology. Hither are a few factors to think about before getting a backdrop.


First, you should consider if you will primarily piece of work out of a studio, or in other indoor locations, or exterior. When you use a studio, yous don’t have to worry as much almost portability or size. You can get your backdrop, set information technology up, and never recollect nigh information technology.

If you shoot at different within locations, you lot will need to consider moving and setting upward your backdrop. You should look for something easy to fix upward and takedown. That way, you don’t have to spend a lot of time before and after the shoot on your backdrop.

And if y’all do a lot of outdoor shoots, yous should look for a cloth that’s like shooting fish in a barrel to clean. You don’t always know if you’ll need to fix on a rough surface, and people may get dirt on the fabric. So make sure you can wipe that off or throw the fabric in the wash.


In photography, lighting is essential. Any backdrop you utilize has to look good with your camera lighting and then that it doesn’t wash out your photograph bailiwick. You lot may need to consider how the lighting can affect other elements of your photo as well.

For example, if you want to photograph apples, you should avoid a red groundwork. It may look okay, just if the lighting isn’t quite right, the apples could disappear.

Make sure that the backdrop you use contrasts whatever is in front of it. It doesn’t matter if you photograph people or objects; there should be a clear departure between the elements of your photo.

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When shooting in different locations, you lot need your backdrop to be easy to ready up, take downwardly, and motility. Fifty-fifty if yous shoot at your main studio a lot, you never know when you may need to put your backdrop in storage.

Consider how thick you need the material to be, and try non to get also much thicker. That mode, you can become a groundwork that’s large plenty without being as well heavy or bulky. When you need to send your backdrop, it will be a lot easier to move.

Many fabrics are somewhat light, and then this isn’t a huge issue. But information technology tin get a bigger bargain if y’all need a larger background that reaches from the flooring to the ceiling.

Shot Size

Recall about the type of photos you take or desire to take. If they’re mostly head and shoulder portraits, you don’t demand a huge photo properties. You can get a pocket-sized piece of cloth that only barely extends by the edge of the photo frame.

But if y’all want to photograph total-body poses or larger groups, yous need more material for your backdrop. Some materials can be harder or easier to find in sure sizes, and then you may need to compromise on the material to cover the full shot.

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Y’all should also consider what color or colors to get. If y’all just want i backdrop, you tin’t go wrong with white or blackness. The one exception will be if your subjects article of clothing i of those colors since they can alloy in.

A green screen is a good pick since you can edit the background in an editing program. Merely if yous don’t want to deal with that, then consider if you can afford a couple of backdrops. That way, yous have something that can work with near any photoshoot.

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Final Thoughts

The best fabric for a photo properties tin make the photo pop, making it easy to edit the photograph. Consider everything from where yous picture to what you film then that y’all tin choose the right fabric for your side by side properties.

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