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How Much Is Iphone 6 Plus

By | 11/11/2022

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Features

Picking your next smartphone is not a unproblematic conclusion to be taken lightly. In today’s techno-centric world, your smartphone is an extension of your body. Yous utilise it from the moment you wake until the end of the solar day when your head hits the pillow.

The iPhone 6 Plus follows the rich tradition of iPhone quality. It is distinguished by its large display. Its 5.five-inch LED-backlit widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS engineering science is usually used with a 1920 past 1080 resolution. That results in a pixel density of 401 ppi, allowing for a truly HD experience. The screen is oleophobic-coated, making it fingerprint-resistant.

The 6 Plus at a glance

The six Plus weighs a piddling over 6 ounces and is 6.22 inches tall. Despite the big screen, the telephone is nonetheless quite thin, measuring only 0.28 inches in thickness.

The phone has four storage options: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Users who intend on downloading a great bargain of media will want to pursue the 128GB choice. It is much larger than the other options, assuasive users to proceed all their favorite songs and many videos on their smartphones without the need for external storage cards.

The 6 Plus operates on an A8 chip with 64-scrap architecture and an M8 motion coprocessor.

The energy-saving OLED screen ways an extended bombardment life. With normal use, from 1 charge, you tin can look up to 24 hours of talk fourth dimension and up to 12 hours of net use.

The iPhone vi Plus comes in three different colors: silverish, gold, and space gray.

Features galore

The iPhone 6 Plus was designed to impress and offers a slew of features with that aim in mind. One of the selling points of this phone is the two cameras, allowing for sharp Hard disk drive photos and Hd video.

Both the forepart-facing and the rear-facing cameras have a broad aperture of f/2.two, assuasive for photos with swell depth-of-field, and the front-facing photographic camera has a 1.2-megapixel sensor while the rear-facing camera has an viii-megapixel sensor.

While both cameras offer HD video recording, the rear-facing camera offers 1080p recording while the front-facing camera offers 720p recording.

Want more than?

In typical Apple fashion, the phone comes loaded with a host of useful apps to accomplish a multitude of goals. The phone also comes packed with sensors, including a three-axis gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer, and fifty-fifty a fingerprint scanner.

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About Apple tree iPhone 6 Plus

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Cell Phone

Apple tree iPhone six Plus

Brandish Resolution


Operating Arrangement

iOS 8, upgradeable to 12.1

Camera (Rear/Front)

eight/1.2 MP


six.22 x three.06 x 0.28 inches

Internal Memory

16/64/128 GB


Dual-cadre i.four GHz

Battery Capacity

Upwards to 24 hours 3G talk fourth dimension (2915 mAh)

Price Trends

Apple tree iPhone 6 Plus – Price New and Used

New Price*
from $237 to $377

Used Price*
from $133 to $157

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  • mabelator3000

    July xiii, 2016

    A Big Change, literally and figuratively.

    Then far then good with transitioning from my old iPhone 5 to the 6 Plus. I thought the larger size would be a hindrance, simply honestly, I adapted to it immediately, and I have quite small easily! I love the larger screen size, as my primary employ for the phone is to create and procedure photographic images and video. (Because who talks on the phone anymore anyway?) Considering of this usage (I am a pro photographer and I use this tool a lot in my piece of work, even though I besides apply a pro DSLR camera system, etc) I absolutely had to purchase the 128GB version of the phone and information technology’south great to non take to dump images onto my laptop constantly, as I had to do with my old 16GB five. First affair I noticed was the substantially longer battery life. What a relief! I tin can go all solar day hands on an overnight charge. Granted, I don’t use it to watch movies or much other than short YouTube posts, so I may not exist the boilerplate user, but the charge goes then much further than my old device, I can’t believe I lived similar I did with my erstwhile telephone. I bought a waterproof/dustproof case made past Seidio (got skilful reviews on a site that seems to specialize in cases just…figure that!) and that adds to the bulk and makes hearing calls without ear buds kind of hilarious (as in all sound is pretty muffled and hard to hear if you’re in a normal public place) but pocket-sized tradeoff for not ruining a $500 device with no warranty (I’ve dropped previous iPhones into the toilet, of course, my dog’s water basin, and a sink full of dishwater and destroyed all of them.) Anyway, I’yard still getting used to the specs of the new device…the photographic camera on this rules and I beloved the addition of the slow motion video. I am teaching courses in iPhone photography on this device and and so far I couldn’t exist happier. (Well, mayhap down the road when the vii’southward come out….we’ll run across.) Touch ID is nice feature instead of entering a passcode constantly. I’m not a gear caput, and then this review isn’t overly technical. I’m too non a fanatic Apple devotee and I know there are lots of other devices out there that are worthy and probably a better value, but for what I practice right now, the iPhone six Plus is the best selection, even if it is a fleck pricey (why I opted to buy used on eBay instead of new through my service provider, etc.)

    Verified purchase:


  • by


    Dec 19, 2018

    Neat phone especially for maps and text

    This is my 2nd iphone 6 Plus. I similar the size and the functions. I am non 1 who has to have the latest version and for about $300 these phones do the task. The battery life is quite skillful often lasting a couple of days earlier charging. Still I am not running Youtube and streaming videos all twenty-four hours either. If your bombardment is not lasting a long fourth dimension it is actually very easy to take apart and replace the battery – just look on ebay for the metal screwdriver toolkit with plastic specialty tools in a battery replacement kit. Youtube has some great vids on how to accept information technology apart and do the work. The camera does a very decent job in regular and lower light weather. Al in all the telephone suits me merely fine with the right size for my aging optics and although it’s a beefy thing for the pocket – I don’t carry it in my pocket anyway. For protection, I use a glass screen protector and an Otterbox.

    Verified purchase:


  • by


    May 29, 2018

    Refurbished iPhone that’s like new!

    I was looking into purchasing a new iphone & while researching I heard well-nigh refurbished iphones. I was hesitant due to the fact it was used & for all I knew the exterior could look awful. And then I looked for iPhones that were compatible with my carrier at&t, in that location was a huge option plus it stated if the exterior was in good, great or excellent condition. You could return the phone inside thirty days if unsatisfied also! My phone looks brand new, 1 pocket-sized scratch near the charging port & truly it’s not noticable. The phone works nifty, not one issue since I’ve been using it. Information technology’s as if I purchased a new phone for a third of the cost, information technology only doesn’t come in the box. Big deal. I love my phone & I’m happy with my pick. I would recommend this to anyone looking to save coin & get a reliable phone that will last.

    Verified purchase:


  • by


    January 09, 2018

    About like an iPad

    I got a new drone for Christmas (Mavic Pro) and needed a display to use with the controller. On my previous drone it was setup to use an iPad, simply the Mavic controller is also small. I purchased this iPhone half-dozen Plus for just over $200, and information technology is an ideal form cistron for this purpose. Meaty plenty to attach perfectly to the Mavic controller, but lots of screen to run across the controls and video feed back from the drone. Information technology is actually just well-nigh every bit adept equally using the iPad mini with my old setup. Plus, this now gives me a second, backup phone. And the bigger size has me thinking that I may need to go the Plus sized iPhone next time I upgrade. I already had it added to my phone business relationship then all I accept to do is pop in a sim card and it is connected.

    Verified purchase:


  • My iPhone six Plus

    After finally figuring out how to configure this telephone, (Information technology’s non ease), things have settled down and we are able to use the phone and relish its features. Primarily we similar the big, like shooting fish in a barrel to read screen of the 6 Plus, information technology is fast and works very well. Since this telephone (phones in general) is probable to be dropped many times, nosotros elected to not use the iBattz support bombardment case as we felt information technology did not provide sufficient protection for the telephone. It really was a nice feature and greatly extended the battery life of the phone. Therefore we purchased a different instance and sold the iBattz case on ebay. the phone was completely as advertised, in very good status with just small-scale wear marks. We are quite pleased with our purchase

    Verified purchase:


  • by


    January 16, 2018

    Excellent so far!

    I’ve had the phone for well-nigh a week and all has been going well. No bug at all upgrading from my little one-time 4s. Had to call my carrier and get a SIM card (4s doesn’t have i…my carrier didn’t believe me when I told them that.) I do worry about the battery life existence shorter than my 4s, but that remains to be seen. No this telephone does not take a small form gene! It’s HUGE compared to my 4s. Simply I’m ok with it and I;ll become used to it. Its not designed to have a small form gene and I am an old person and bigger screen is better for reading. I am very happy and so far with this phone. It;s really fast too.

    Verified purchase:


  • by


    Nov 03, 2015

    Skilful but not without some flaws~

    Runs fast, battery lasts a couple of days as long every bit I’g non fully blown running every app all twenty-four hour period. Some of the flaws would be that, sometimes when texting and you spin your phone so you can employ a wider board to type with, it causes information technology to lock upward until you shut information technology off and turn it back on once more. I’ve had the phone for almost close to iii months now and it’s completely locked upwards on me to where the touch screen wouldn’t annals and I had to hard kicking the telephone itself. Outside of those inconveniences the telephone has been fine for everything else.

    Verified buy:


  • past


    Dec 12, 2015

    Iphone vi plus Gold 128 GB storage

    This pone is the existent Bomb ! Its size , Hard disk color contrast, bombardment life and easy to operate Apple IOS make it a super purchase. I bought information technology for my wife and she loves it! Her preveious phone was an iphone 5c and she liked information technology. I,ve bought phones at the ATT store and other places simply this ebay deal actually stands out as a “great value ” purchase. I purchased it as a “New” in box item and it arrived in pristine condition. Highly recommended product and a wonderful Christmas souvenir !

    Verified purchase:


  • by


    May 09, 2016

    6 Plus is a Plus

    Really enjoy the 6 Plus. Like the larger screen equally this tin can supercede having to have both an iPad mini and a smart phone, now but need the half dozen Plus. Actually enjoy Apple tree Pay but very disappointed that more than stores don’t accept it. Siri is great peculiarly when you lot are exterior in the sun and tin’t see the display y’all can use Siri to send text and make calls. Concerning features/items that I’d similar to run into: 1) Replaceable battery 2) Waterproof 3) Lower Cost

    Verified purchase:


  • Bombardment Life

    I love i-phone vi plus the battery life is Amazing keep going and going and going I LOVE IT!!! I used to have a Samsung Milky way Annotation 4 and the departure between both is tremendous… Now I sympathize when people says “You Get what you lot Pay” and definitely the extra money for the i phone 6 plus or the vi south plus definitely is worth it every penny, you will not regret I guarantee information technology, I am VERY happy with Apple

    Verified purchase:


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