How Much Is Lightroom A Month

By | 13/11/2022

Is Lightroom Free? – Well, Kind Of…

If you lot want to become into photo editing, Lightroom is an amazing tool to use; but is information technology free? Although heaps of photographers online seem to talk about Lightroom, nobody actually discusses the price of information technology all. Unfortunately, non all versions of Lightroom are available for free, just in that location is a Lightroom Mobile app that is! In this postal service, you lot’ll learn how you can get Lightroom for gratuitous and the all-time plan options to choose from if you decide to upgrade to the full version.

Adobe Lightroom is only available for gratuitous as a mobile app. Lightroom Mobile has a lot of the bones tools and settings institute in the desktop version, minus the ability to import, edit, and export hundreds or thousands of photos at one time. To get the full version of Lightroom on desktop, y’all need to subscribe to one of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plans, which costs a monthly fee.

Now, although all of Lightroom isn’t fully free, that doesn’t hateful you should walk abroad in defeat. Let’s talk over ways you can get the almost value out of the complimentary versions of Lightroom and salvage coin when upgrading plans in the hereafter.

The Free Version Of Lightroom

The only truly “free” version of Lightroom is Lightroom Mobile. This is a mobile photo editing app that is a meaning upgrade from the built-in editing apps that comes with your device. Although at that place is a free trial of Lightroom desktop, it will eventually crave you to upgrade.

For now, allow’s focus on what kind of things you lot tin can leave of the Lightroom Mobile app. Because it costs you nil, there’s no reason not to effort it out!

Lightroom mobile is a photo editing app available on both Android and Apple tree devices. Unlike the basic adjustment tools that are built into your phone’s photo gallery, Lightroom Mobile adds a professional person upgrade.

With the ability to make more than advanced adjustments to exposure, contrast, and color, it’s much easier to stylize your photos and make them pop.

Even without a artistic cloud subscription, Lightroom Mobile is nonetheless extremely capable. By accessing photos directly from your photographic camera roll, you can begin editing and sorting photos within the app. Once you’re done, yous tin can salve them to your phone or share them directly to social media!

– How Lightroom Mobile Changes When You lot Upgrade Plans

At that place are a few added features that yous miss out on when using the free version of Lightroom Mobile. In one case you upgrade to one of the Artistic Cloud Photography Plans, you lot unlock a lot more than options inside the app.

You become additional features such as:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Syncing Photos & Presets Between Mobile And Desktop
  • Healing Brush To Remove Unwanted Objects
  • Selective Adjustments For More Refined Edits
  • Geometry Tools To Correct Photos
  • RAW File Editing Capabilities On Mobile
  • Batch Editing
  • People Photograph Sorting With Face Recognition
  • Shareable Web Galleries
  • Sensei Search

These added features turn Lightroom Mobile from a good app to an incredible ane, giving you lot a lot of the same tools equally found on Desktop. If you desire to try out some of these extra features for yourself, check out the
Complimentary Trial Of Adobe Lightroom.
Past getting the free trial, you’ll unlock these added features in Lightroom Mobile as well.

So if you lot want a forever free version of Lightroom, so Lightroom Mobile is your only option. However, if yous’re serious almost photo editing, upgrading to a paid plan will unlock a ton of valuable tools you lot’ll love.

Do Y’all Take To Pay For Lightroom On Desktop?

Dissimilar Lightroom Mobile, there is no free version of Lightroom for desktop. The only fashion to go Lightroom for gratis on your computer is to sign up for the free trial. Currently, Adobe offers a gratis xxx-day trial of the unabridged Creative Cloud Suite that includes Lightroom, Photoshop, and a diverseness of other creative apps.

All of the desktop apps from Adobe are only bachelor as paid programs. In that location are not whatsoever options to have a costless version of the apps with lesser functionality like what’southward possible with Lightroom Mobile.

How Much Does Lightroom Toll?

Since the Creative Deject Suite is a subscription-based service, there are a variety of programme options to choose from with Lightroom. If you lot’re primarily looking for photo editing programs, then the Photography Plans are the ones yous want to look at.

There are three different Photography Plans that Lightroom is bachelor in, only the cheapest cost point is
$9.99/calendar month with 1TB (1000GB) of cloud storage included.

If y’all’re going to start using Lightroom equally your get-to editing program, then it’s safe to say that you’ll be using it for at least a full year. In that case, you can choose to pay annually rather than monthly.

Annually, Lightroom costs
$119.88/year, which doesn’t equate to any savings in the long run. In fact, it’south the exact same toll whether yous determine to pay monthly or in one lump sum. Considering about programs offer some type of small discount when paying annually, this is a bit annoying on Adobe’s part.

Fifty-fifty though you don’t get any savings, paying for Lightroom all at once tin can be nice to avoid a looming monthly fee for the whole year.

Comparison The Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plans

If Lightroom is the main app that you want to employ, and so yous accept a few unlike options to cull from. Lightroom is included in two different photography based plans, also as the entire artistic cloud suite subscription.

Here are your different options to choose from when buying Lightroom:

Creative Cloud Photography Programme


  • Includes Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Lightroom Classic in i package. Monthly or annual payments.
  • – 20GB of Deject Storage Included
  • – Optional Upgrade to 1TB of Cloud Storage for an extra $x/month

Lightroom Plan


  • Includes Adobe Lightroom Only. Monthly or almanac payments.
  • – 1TB of Cloud Storage Included
  • – Access To Adobe Portfolio To Build Your Own Website

Entire Creative Cloud Suite


  • Get Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, and all other apps in the Creative Cloud Suite. Monthly or annual payments.
  • – Includes apps such as Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Adobe XD, Acrobat Pro, and 15+ more.

Looking at these iii pricing options for getting Lightroom, plainly, the Lightroom Plan and the Photography Program cost the same amount of money. So which one is a ameliorate value?

Well, let’s break it downwardly.

– The Photography Programme (All-time Value)

The Photography Plan offers the most value if you desire to get the most out of your photograph editing. By getting access to both Lightroom and Photoshop in a packet deal, y’all are armed with two of the best editing programs on the market.

At first, you may be wondering why yous would need two photograph editing software, just Photoshop and Lightroom are ii completely different programs.

Lightroom is meant every bit an all in one editing software for photos. From organizing, editing, exporting and working in bulk, there’south goose egg Lightroom tin can’t become done for yous. Information technology has all the basic adjustments you demand, plus some more than advanced ones to add some more style to your edits.

Photoshop, on the other manus, is meant for more avant-garde and specialized epitome adjustments. Things such as cutting out backgrounds, creating graphics, removing objects, or merging photos together. This program isn’t keen for working with a lot of images at once only is a powerful tool to make more advanced adjustments to a few photos at a time.

Since both programs have such unique features, they brand upward for the flaws in each other. Individually, the programs are powerful, but together yous have a top of the line, professional photo editing suite.

Added Value With Lightroom Classic

Now to add to the sweetness of this plan, you likewise get access to
Lightroom Archetype
. Lightroom Classic is a flake unlike than Lightroom in the sense that it’s more of a desktop-focused software. Rather than syncing everything with cloud storage between desktop and mobile, Lightroom Classic keeps things in one place.

The advantage to Classic is that it has a slightly better design for working with photos directly from your figurer or hard drive. This is the version of Lightroom I favor when editing on desktop since it has a slightly more comprehensive design on a computer.

The beauty of the photography plan is that yous don’t have to choose between what photo editing programs you’re using. Instead, yous get access to all the all-time photography tools from Adobe without needing to compromise.

The just downside is that you get less deject storage. Rather than 1TB, you only become 20GB of cloud storage to work with.

Ultimately, the photography program is the best value for your money as a lensman. With some of the virtually powerful photo editing apps on the market, it’s worth the monthly subscription.

To try it out for yourself,
start your free trial of the Photography Programme.

– The Lightroom Programme

The Lightroom Plan keeps things uncomplicated and merely offers a single version of Lightroom, with a heck of a lot of cloud storage. If you want a capable editing software that works beyond multiple devices while having heaps of actress storage, this plan is for you lot.

Since you don’t go access to Lightroom Archetype with this plan, you’ll be using a lot of deject-based backup options and syncing features. This is super useful when y’all’re working betwixt multiple devices similar at home and work or switching between desktop and mobile.

If you don’t see yourself using the extra features that are constitute in Photoshop, then this may be a more fitting selection. Lightroom, past itself, is an extremely capable app that allows you to create beautiful edits very quickly.

The only difference is that it’s not capable of making more avant-garde adjustments, like cutting out a background or creating graphic designs. Luckily yous can employ other blueprint tools such every bit Canva if you ever need to create something forth those lines.

Whether yous’re a casual hobbyist or are looking for a professional editing solution, the Lightroom programme will work for y’all. With so much added cloud storage, you can edit while on the become rather than being tied to your desk-bound and hard bulldoze at home.

Become A 7-Day Gratis Trial Of The Lightroom Plan

– The Creative Cloud Suite

If you’re running a artistic business and work with photo, video, and graphics, then you’ll need a few extra tools. With the entire creative deject suite, you go admission to all 20+ apps Adobe offers around design, photography, and video editing.

By including Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, and a heap of other apps, all your creative needs will be fulfilled with this plan.

For my ain concern, I am constantly working with video, animated graphics, photos, and other forms of media. Since I demand the extra capabilities and design tools, this is the option I personally apply. Yet, as an individual or a hobbyist who isn’t however making money from your creative work, this can exist a lot to shell out.

Although the toll of the entire suite sounds pretty steep, information technology’due south a relatively fair cost because how many apps you go access to. Since each app costs around $10-$20 per calendar month on its ain, $50 isn’t then bad for over twenty apps.

All the same, I will admit that the subscription model of these adobe products is a pain no affair what way yous try to expect at it.

Try The Entire Artistic Cloud Suite Free For 30 Days

Is It Worth It To Pay For Lightroom?

Lightroom Workspace

Even with the ascension of other powerful editing programs that are onetime payments, I notwithstanding sit in the campsite of people who believe Lightroom is worth paying for.

Over the years, I take tried a lot of different editing software, simply Lightroom has long been my go-to option. Information technology’s simple design, capable tools, and workflow capabilities make my life easier equally a lensman.

Whether you’re having to edit thousands of photos from a wedding or simply edit a scattering of images from a hike yous went on, Lightroom is there for you. It’s easy to choose and sort all your images and makes working in batches extremely easy. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work in front of me, I’ve always found that Lightroom makes it more manageable.

Although Lightroom is a photo editing program, it works exceptionally well for organizing photos. I use Lightroom on a regular basis merely to keep my pictures sorted and easy to access every bit well.

Then once I’one thousand prepare, I can quickly detect whatever photo and offset editing it without hassle.

The big
advantage to a monthly subscription
is that you stay up to appointment with the latest and greatest versions. Every time a new update drops, you’ll become instant access to information technology to offset using the new features. Here’s what is frequently found in Lightroom updates:

1. Stay Updated With Tools And Performance Features

Adobe regularly makes big updates to their software with improved tools and performance features.

Things such every bit improved tone bend, color grading tools, automatic culling features, improved watermarking features, improve navigation, sharing options, and more are just a few recent updates Adobe has made.

These small-scale changes terminate upwards making a huge departure in your editing workflow. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars to buy a program outright like in the past, a subscription model offers a more price-effective fashion to take advantage of the latest software.

ii. Capable Of Supporting More than Cameras

As new cameras are released to the world, some of their recording formats aren’t supported in editing software. Luckily, as new cameras become available, Adobe is diligent with maintaining back up for the most current models.

If you’re a tech nut or a professional person lensman who’southward constantly upgrading gear, this is super important to y’all.

3. Yous Become Admission To Amend Mobile Editing Apps

Like you learned at the first of this post, Lightroom Mobile has a lot of features that tin can only be unlocked one time you’re subscribed to a creative cloud membership.

Non simply that, but y’all also get access to Photoshop CC, so you can use Photoshop on your tablet every bit well.

By paying for one of the photography plans, you lot become access to the desktop programs but also far more than advanced mobile editing tools as well.

Birthday, you’re backed with an extremely robust set of tools to edit your images with.

Tin can You Buy Adobe Lightroom Outright?

In recent years Adobe has moved away from the ability to purchase their programs as stand-alone software. Instead, all the most updated versions of their programs are a role of the Creative Cloud.

Previously, Lightroom 6 was the last version of Lightroom that yous could buy outright. At present that production has been discontinued and is not available for purchase. The merely option you have to download Lightroom is at present through the Creative Deject Suite.

Since the subscription model is a huge pain signal for many creatives, this move was met with a lot of ache amongst some photographers. With that said, even when Lightroom half dozen was all the same bachelor, it was no longer receiving updates or attention from Adobe.

With that said, if you’re really confronting the thought of paying a monthly fee to edit photos, there are still other powerful one-time purchase editing software bachelor. One alternative that I highly recommend is Skylum Luminar. With exceptional AI-engineering, editing photos is effortless with this program, plus super affordable.

How To Go A Disbelieve On Lightroom

During certain times of the year, Adobe volition put on dissimilar promotions for their editing programs, but there’s not a consequent design to it all.

With that said, yous can ever go on an heart on their latest offers and sales by visiting this page.

Although there may not be a regular discount put on for anybody out there, there is an amazing bargain available
for students and teachers.

If you’re eligible for this discount, you tin can salvage 60% on all of Adobe’s products, making it ane of the best deals around.

Then whether you’re in loftier schoolhouse, university, or have a career in educational activity, you’d be crazy not to accept advantage of this discount. At present y’all can laugh with all your extra cash while commoners like myself pay total price for the subscription.

To see who exactly is eligible for this student and instructor disbelieve, click hither.

The Adobe Lightroom Free Trial

If you’re ready to start using Lightroom in all it’s glory, so brand sure to accept advantage of the gratuitous trial bachelor with all creative cloud products.

The free trial is the only truly “free” mode to get Lightroom and lasts for 7-days. Yous tin claim your free trial of Lightroom, Photoshop, or other Adobe programs by
clicking here.

The downside to Adobe’s gratuitous trials is that they aren’t very long. So before signing up, make sure you have some time allotted to sit downwardly and actually tinker with the programs!

In one case your trial expires, you’ll be prompted to sign up for 1 of the paid plans they offer. If yous determine it isn’t for you, then you tin opt-out of standing simply volition lose access to the programs you lot were using.

The free trial is available on both Mac and PC and volition let you to unlock the added features in the mobile apps as well. Even though it merely lasts 7-days, you’ll quickly accept an idea of whether it’s something y’all’ll want to keep with or non. And then effort it out and see what you think!

Sign Upward For A Free Trial Of Adobe Lightroom

Frequently Asked Questions

How Practice Yous Become Photoshop And Lightroom Together?

You can get access to both Photoshop and Lightroom with the Photography Program. This plan gives you lot Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Lightroom Classic with 20GB of cloud storage for $9.99/month.

Is Lightroom Only Available Through Subscription?

Yes, Lightroom is now just available through one of the monthly plans offered in the Adobe Artistic Cloud. The final version of Lightroom that was bachelor without subscription was Lightroom six, merely that has since been discontinued.

What Is Lightroom Used For?

Adobe Lightroom is an image processing tool capable of both organizing and editing photos. Information technology is meant for enhancing images through photo editing or dealing with a large number of photos at in one case. You lot tin can run across Lightroom in activeness in this post.

Is Lightroom Or Photoshop Amend?

Although both are prototype editing software, Lightroom is meant for managing images and applying basic corrections, while Photoshop provides a means of creating more avant-garde adjustments. Things such as cutting out images, merging photos, or creating graphics are all only possible with Photoshop, and not something Lightroom is used for.

Yous can larn more about the differences between these programs in this post.

How Expensive Is Lightroom?

Lightroom starts at $9.99/month through the Photography and Lightroom Program in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Information technology is also available in the unabridged Artistic Cloud Suite for $52.99/month.

Happy Editing!

– Brendan 🙂