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How Much To Charge For A Birthday Party Photography

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Photography Pricing, Lists & Professional Costs, Charges, Find Out How Much

Photography Pricing, Lists & Professional Rates

How Much Exercise Photographers Charge in 2022?

Professional photography prices in 2022 may be more stable than the previous 2 years. Planning your photo budget will be every bit important just for different reasons this twelvemonth, i.east. business concern stability.

If this is you, contact united states to see how we can maximise your ROI on professional photography. If you lot’re an enthusiast photographer thinking about taking your own business organization photos, contact u.s. on the course below. We may be a more cost-effective solution.

Photo Shoot Price Expectations

Many businesses and people will need to stretch their dollars much further.

Photographers, volition you be reducing or increasing your prices?
Take your operating costs gone up?

Buyers, accept you allowed enough in your photography budgets?

are your expectations for 2022?

How do photographers’ prices compare in changing market expectations? How much do photographers accuse?

To help answer these questions, this informative article focuses on listing some actual rates (historical) about how much professional photographers were actually charging. Price data is always from the past.

Some of the data is from us (a professional photography business in Sydney Australia, non outsourced copy writers), and information we regularly research.

Photography pricing 2022

Photography Pricing and Rates

List of Average Photography Prices

  • Beginner Photographers – $ten
  • Amateur Photographer – up to $50
  • Photography Student – upwardly to $120
  • Semi-pro Photographer – up to $150
  • Professional person Corporate Events – $180-$280
  • Nuptials Photographers – $800-$3600
  • Business organisation Portraits – $250-$450
  • Product photographers, per epitome – $35-$170

Photography Pricing List 2022

Photography Pricing and Rates Nautical chart

Pricing Guide Details

This section provides a little fleck of detail in how nosotros estimated the numbers. Some we know because of direct experience. Other values are throughout our network of contacts. And finally, in that location’s plenty detail online to make the other assessments on the going photography rates in Australia.

There are e’er many variations in all such things these days. We suggest that all Effect and Marketing Managers get a quote from a professional photographer that is tailored to their specific needs.

How Much are Lensman Prices Per Hour?

Professional person photography in Australia rates average from $350 to $450 for a unmarried-hr booking. The more consecutive hours booked the less it costs per hour.

Ever get a quote for even just i hour of photography.

Hourly rates for photographers are sometimes asked. Hourly rates are recommended in a few express circumstances. The client and the photographer volition demand to permit for all the processes and systems professional photographers use to evangelize consequent results. If you have shortcuts on the procedure, sub-standard results will lead to dissatisfaction for both. With that in mind, the hourly photographer rate in Australia is adequately high.

What are outcome photography rates?

Event photography rates varies by virtue of at that place being at least one-half a dozen different sub genres of B2B photographers in Sydney. And that’s but in the Corporate events.

The obvious omissions are all the consumer, domestic or personal types of events such as weddings, christenings, and altogether parties. Average rates for an experienced professional photographer are listed on the event rates article for both full day events and per hr shoots.

Enquire for a custom photography parcel

Observe out how affordable our photographers in Sydney are

Read More

Australian Average Professional Photography Toll List 2022 (Interpretation)

How much should a Beginner Photographer accuse?

Beginner photographers typically aren’t paid, or they don’t usually ask for a fee.

Some beginners and hobbyists are pretty good. Others are really merely starting out and have merely bones camera equipment. If they are taking a couple of shots for their mate, hopefully, they will buy them a beer. In major majuscule urban center CBD, that’s virtually $10. Then when thinking about photography prices for beginners, they just might exist happy with the value they are getting from the experience banking company they are edifice.

Exercise Amateur Photographers charge fees?

Apprentice rates are up to $50 per hour. Ane could argue that by clarification, an amateur would not earn money from their effort. Permit’south go with the thought that they sometimes do, and information technology’s only a side involvement.

There are a lot of the upcoming photographers that will get a free ticket to a show and photograph information technology. If you don’t mind late nights and solo work this can exist fun if you like live music. And so a ticket just may be worth $50.

How much to pay photography third student?

Photography Student’south fee is upwardly to near $120 per hr. That’s about right in AU dollars if they are part way through a multiyear structured photography grade.

What are semi-pro photographer freelance rates?

Semi-pro rates upwards to $150 per hour. This description get a few people riled on upwardly photography forums? Like almost of the categories, in that location’s a fair corporeality of variation up until this point in their career evolution.

At semi-pro level you’d exist building your own network, might beginning to pick up semi regular shoots with a customer. Developing or building your contacts list should exist an active part of their procedure.

How much are corporate photography rates?

Professional person Corporate photography prices are from $220 per hour or effectually $400-$600 for a typical 2 hours run and gun type shoot.

Our recommendation is to book a minimum half day shoot for meliorate value.

Business Portraits (Corporate Headshots)

Business Headshots and Portraits rates are $150-350 for a 1/2-hour photo session in a local area. Many of the full-fourth dimension pro photographers nosotros’ve seen have a minimum of $500 per session.

Taking the high corporeality and dividing by two, to requite an boilerplate rate per person. Which makes sense, and hopefully, they encourage the Business to arrange for more than one employee at a time.

Boilerplate Toll for a Hymeneals Photographer

Wedding Professionals* $800-3600.
Sydney Wedding photographer’south
costs are listed here equally a comparison to the
business concern events
focused genres.

Beginner wedding photographer’s prices start evidently on the depression side as they have limited experience, just check out their Portfolio. On the opposite side, some practise meridian consistent work and accuse accordingly. Some wedding specialists near us can easily double the pinnacle rates with average photography packages from around $6000 and up.

Many wedding photographer’s prices are quoted for a standard 8 hour day. They typically accept a selection of wedding photography packages to offer. 12 hour shoot days are pretty standard.

Typical wedding packages include;

  • Photography hours and photo processing simply
  • Photography and impress packages in various configurations
  • Packages including photography, 2nd shooter, prints, and couple shoots
  • Occasionally they may add photograph booths as options

*As Brides and Grooms know, wedding photography tin attract some of the highest costs in photography. And wedding photographers know for the $3600+ fee information technology will crave at least a couple of years full time honing their skills and 20+ hours of a very detailed workflow.

What is a proficient Product Photography Price Guide?

Product Photographers accuse per photo from $35-170 for typical e-commerce web product photos. At the loftier cease, lifestyle product photography can be up around $1000 plus.

Mag/ National Newspaper and print can concenter a considerably higher price and or license usage fees. This will be on pinnacle of the actual photograph session. We’ve left this off the chart as it’s not based on a per hour footing.

Types of Product Photography

  • Standard production photos
  • Hero and banner shots
  • Lifestyle products
  • Mannequin photography
  • With mitt modelling
  • Transparencies
  • Online shopping packages
  • Infographics
  • Product perspectives

Product photos vary such every bit; Hero images for web banner and printed flyers, Lifestyle products, Mannequin photography, product sit-in with hand modelling, Transparencies or deep etched, E-commerce style product photo packages, Info graphics and product perspectives.

Pre and post production volition have an impacted on prices depending on the prototype concluding use. Bulk packages will have a lower price per unit of measurement.

Are Photo License Fees Included?

Usage license fees are typically included in this types of photography which may incorporate some limitations on length of time, number of times and on what product types they can be used.

Get a photography quote from professional  photographers

Exceptional event photography is about capturing the particular and emotion of people and their connection.

Cost to Run a Photography Concern

The costs to start a photography business organisation tin easily corporeality to around $xx,000 in camera and simple lighting equipment. You lot don’t demand to have everything day ane, merely keep the investment required in mind when you lot are working out your margins for turn a profit. This
will buy enough photographic camera kits for well-nigh freelance photography assignments.

Like most professional person services providers, at that place will be a considerable time investment pre and postal service-event. Take into account booking preliminaries (aka preparation). Time is money, you’ll need to calculate the fourth dimension required for doing inquiry, educating yourself, hiring graphic designers for collateral. Market research on understanding your target market place and demographics.

To do this properly it can take a fair amount of time and it gets allowed for in the prices or rates quoted. One business mistake entry-level photographers make is not allowing for the fact you are a freelancer and all the extras that mount upward chop-chop that volition cost you lot big dollars at some signal.

What are the subconscious costs of running a photography business concern?

  • Super contribution of ten%
  • Tax of average thirty%
  • Allowance for 4 weeks paid almanac leave
  • Allowance of 10 days paid Ill leave and Family unit Leave

The minimum superannuation you must pay for each employee is 10% of their ordinary time earnings (OTE). This will progressively increment to 12% past 2025. And if you lot’d like to make co-contributions, allow for that in your calculations of the cost of doing business.

Do photographers listed on aggregate booking services websites take this into account. Maybe or probably not. Should they, yes.

Price fee structure

Professional Photographers average out their full costs of doing business when creating their fee structure. One factor that is often overlooked is the processing of the photos.

All our event photos are candy in house using professional software such as Capture One Pro on Eizo monitors that are hardware calibrated. Back of house costs add together to the rates charged. They also add a meaning corporeality of value in the quality of the delivered photos.

We sympathize the cost of doing concern. If your budget is tight nosotros don’t ever recommend the 60 minutes by hr cost method. Information technology may cost you more as the hourly fees or rates may exist higher. We suggest hiring for either one-half or a total day. When hired on full day rates basis, usually the professional lensman stays on location much longer than just the standard 8 hours. For half twenty-four hour period rate, they may need to become to their adjacent booking, not always but…

Sustainable photography pricing?

With annihilation much under $180 per hr pricing, nosotros doubt you’ll become very useful image content that captures the essence of the occasion and your business.

For instance, if you require a photographer to relate to your executives or be comfortable in the boardroom. Or in front of a very large audience who would you select equally the photographer?

Someone who is starting out that you found on a 3rd political party assemblage website, or with no experience in the business world? Nope, yous’d want someone who has spent a fair amount of time in similar situations. All professional photographers nosotros see take invested in their own branded website and has shown commitment to their craft for a long time.

If they are running a business and spend considerable time in; the prelim preparation phase, on location hours and then post consignment piece of work they certainly won’t exist charging but $100 an hour.

How much does it Price to Offset a Photography Business?

Gaining years of feel has a time price. The time and endeavor of beingness on location and $20 000+ in tools and camera equipment, you’d want an advisable return on investment.

Nearly Studios invest fifty-fifty more than than that as quality specialist Lighting equipment for off camera shooting can hands add up to $10 000 on it’s own.

​Business Showtime Up ​Photographic camera ​Equipment ​Budget

  • Basic lighting from $2000
  • Camera bodies from ​$​5000
  • Lens kit $12 000
  • Accessories ​$​1000
  • ​Photographic camera ​Bag ​$​500

One cost that as well needs some consideration is the time gaining feel and teaching.
Building upward a solid Portfolio of work takes time and planning, and so allow for that cost.

Would y’all just pay yourself less than $xx an hour as a professional person photographer ? And that’s earlier taxation. Wouldn’t cover insurance or transport, not in Sydney at least. Once yous factor in the xx%-thirty% taxation photographers have to pay every bit an independent contractor, that time may take as well have been volunteer piece of work. Nosotros’re not dissing volunteering, we recollect it’s incredibly important and exercise and then ourselves. Bank check out our well-nigh folio.

Happy to hear your point of view on this, send united states an email if you agree or otherwise.

Do I pay Tax on Photography Fees?

While on the field of study of Revenue enhancement. If y’all are in Australia you will need to select Code 69910 for your tax return or BAS quarterly submissions. And don’t forget to pay your GST. The taxation function is
diligent in collecting every dollar owed.

Taxation Code 69910 applies to virtually “Professional person Photographic Services”
Mostly described as “providing still, video or computer photography services, including the video taping of special events such every bit weddings.

Master Activities includes; Portrait photography service, Professional photography service, Street photography service, Studio photography service, Video filming of special events (east.g. birthdays, weddings) and Wedding photography services. This is very similar to insurance certificates for public liability for photographers.

Photography Prices in Australia Compared

Australian Photo Rates

How do Australian photography prices and hourly rates compare with other countries? Big cities are expensive places to live and work and would have a meaning impact on how you prepare your prices. Get in affect and let u.s.a. know if your rates are much higher or lower. A few examples for comparison below.

Hiring a specialist photographer is going to require some investment, that goes for whatsoever specialised field. A professional photographer is also a game changer for your peace of mind and getting corking results.

Prices and Hourly Rates Comparison

Photography Pricing Comparing Tabular array USD to AUD




Hobbyist photographer Per Hour $110 $157
Amateur photographer Per 60 minutes $lxxx $115
Educatee photographer Per Hour $120 $170
Semi-pro lensman Per 60 minutes $170 $240
Professional person photographers Per Hour $270 $385
Wedding photography Per Wedding $1700-3700 $2430-5286
Portrait photography Per Session $150-370 $214-528
Headshot photography Per Session $120-450 $170-600
Product photographers Per Image $35-170 $50-240

Professional person photography in Australia prices compared

The London Outcome Photography Company has these rates listed and covers the nuts. Flat rates for all the unlike genres of upshot photography. Current rates advertised in 2022
Pound Sterling converted to Australian Dollars (Mid May 2022)

  1. 2 hours photography, £350 – AU$644
  2. Three hours photography, £400 – AU$736
  3. Four hours photography, £500 – AU$920
  4. Five hours photography, £600 – AU$i,104
  5. Six hours photography, £700 – AU$1,287
  6. Seven hours photography, £800 – AU$1,471
  7. Full day (eight hours) photography, £900 – AU$1,655

And in Hong Kong by Currency converted to Australian dollars in October 2022

Hong Kong vs Australian Comparison Table Photography Pricing

Type of Shoot



Consequence Photos 2 60 minutes Shoot $4200 $790
Studio Portraits Parcel 2 Hours approx 100 images $4500 $845
Studio Portraits Package three Hours approx 100 images $5500 $i,036
Location & Studio 3+3 hours 300 images $7800 $1,470
Print and Frame Packages Canvas, acrylic, metal $3000 $565
Image Retouching Packages viii images approx $2000 $376
Photo Booth 3 hours Photography $4500 $845
Photograph Booth Packet Instant Printing 3 hours, 500 glossy $9000 $ane,695

How much do photographers in Melbourne Victoria Charge?

Event photographers in Melbourne charge on boilerplate $250-$350 per hour. Melbourne wedding photography is similar to other major Australian cities at $1100 and $4400 per package.

Approximate Melbourne photographer costs past hours for basic photography coverage.

  • 1 hr photoshoot, $350
  • 2 hour photoshoot $440
  • iii hr photoshoot $550
  • four hour photoshoot $770
  • 5 hour photoshoot $880
  • six hour photoshoot $1,100
  • 8 60 minutes photoshoot $ane,330
  • 10 hour photoshoot $1,660

Plus taxes and travel and some may take photo limits and extra charges.

How Much Practise Photographers Go Paid?

Photographers get paid depending on years of experience, branding, network and some luck.

For beginner Australian photographers starting their journey, one question they may face up is. Do I look for a bacon photography job? Or do I commencement marketing myself and become freelance?

According to the research by Pay Scales, beginner photographers can expect to be paid effectually thirty% to a higher place Commonwealth of australia’s minimum wage. Which in October 2022 is $38, 521.60 pre tax. With
photographer salary of AU$54,903.

Below is from data sourced from Pay Scales.

Lensman salaries from 1 to 20 years experience

  • 1 year feel or less AU$l,000
  • i-iv years experience AU$51,816
  • 5-ix years of feel AU$55,604
  • 10-19 years of experience earns AU$60,966
  • 20 years or more AU$62,857

Beyond Australia photography salaries vary;

  • Sydney +5%
  • Melbourne +iii%
  • Perth 0%
  • Adelaide 0%
  • Brisbane -four%
  • Gold Coast -9%
  • Newcastle -34%

Again co-ordinate to the data Of note, the data sample size varies quite a scrap, the lower years of experience, the sample sizes are pretty small. 1 year experience sample size is fourteen. Where as a photographer with between x and 19 years experience, the sample size is 88.

Would these salaries sway yous to work for someone else or yourself? Is the allure to run your own side hustle and charge as a freelancer instead of working on a fixed salary too much of an allure for you? On salary you’d also exist paying tax with less deductions, so check out the ATO taxation calculator for that. And before you dive in as well deep in either bacon or freelancing talk to a professional on the bailiwick.

For newer or beginner photographers looking to beginning charging and growing their paid client base and need information on how to actually price upwardly their photography. This photography pricing calculator might aid

The in a higher place commentary from Pay Scales data expressed below in 2 Charts. One, the Australian photographer salaries From 1 to 20 years feel. And the other a chart on the average Photographer salary in Australia by a few locations.

Chart - Australian Photographer Salaries From 1 to 20 Years Experience

Nautical chart – Australian Photographer Salaries From 1 to 20 Years Experience

Chart - Average Photographer Salary in Australia by Location

Chart – Average Lensman Salary in Australia past Location

What does the above charts and data tell y’all?

Another data survey past Seek says pretty much the same matter as far as income is concerned. The salaries are fairly consistent between Pay Scales and Seek. Seek has a data sample of 83 alive jobs at the fourth dimension of the research.

It tin exist a little daunting when you’re starting out and trying to work out rates that are both competitive and commensurable with your level of skill. So hopefully this section of the commodity helps.

Do yous take a resource that would assistance others and would similar united states of america to link to information technology? driblet the states a note and we just might write nigh and link to it.

What is your brand worth

Entry level or top shelf? perhaps somewhere in the middle?

Typical photography assignments can range quite a bit depending on the photographers brief, how many photographers and assistants and altitude from the city. Requesting a quote is always recommended even for budget planning. Advertisement and some Commercial photography rates tin exist considerably more than. Wedding prices are unlike altogether, we photograph some occasionally. This genre like the others mentioned actually does depend on so many factors we’d need to write up a full web page but for each niche.

Nosotros think your Brand is very important. To illustrate the experience, skill and considerations required to deliver outstanding images, read the Corporate Photography Guide to give you an overview of just a few sub-genres in photography.

If you’re looking for information on the mechanics of how to cost your photography. Andrew Hellmich, the PhotoBizX podcaster master interviewed Bernie Griffiths who provides consultations to photography businesses. Check em out.

Photography pricing influences

Many factors play a part in determining what photography businesses accuse, some of which are:

  • Style and Consistency
    – Equally you look through our work, you lot’ll see consistency in a style of photography and post-production that is unique to united states, you lot can depend on this consistency for your event.
  • Service –
    At any point in time, before, during, and after the event, you’ll have like shooting fish in a barrel access to your head photographer, we pride ourselves with responsive personal service.
  • Post Production –
    we personally post-procedure our raw images, we do not subcontract them off to some overseas mass production house. We use the latest desktop workstations with the latest specialist software to give you undecayed and consistent results.
  • Photography Equipment –
    Nosotros use professional grade equipment, utilize just 18-carat Nikon lenses, no inexpensive substitutes. Our Eizo monitors are hardware calibrated and very accurate, We have bully confidence in our equipment.
  • Backups –
    All images are backed upward immediately upon entering our studio, then they are backed upwards twice, catalogued and logged into our organisation. We have strict QA processes we e’er follow before, during starting the post-production piece of work.
  • Qualified 2d Shooters –
    We’ve screened countless photographers to discover the right people to piece of work with u.s.a.. Their feel, fashion, can exercise attitude with an eagerness to offer a high level of service is a must. We also look at their equipment list and their years of consequent results
  • Years of dedication
    to their craft and their own unique view.
  • Overheads and location
    can play a huge role in costs of doing concern. Big cities and most the CBD adds convenience and overhead.

This list could exist very very long, if you would like more information, contact us.

Working with a professional photographer

When you choose to piece of work with a professional photographer, you’re paying for years of feel, creativity, outcome feel, people skills and that they are business savvy.

They will undoubtedly have a registered and insured business, with an excellent reputation. Information technology’s a given they accept the technical know-how, photographic camera and processing equipment.

A professional will likewise have their own photography website, if their business relies on someone else’southward website, they don’t have total control and their business could vanish. They should at the least make that investment.

One element a professional volition stand out with is their full commitment to the clients success.

Promise you have constitute this mail service informative. Experience costless to achieve out with any questions or comments.

Photographer, Orlando Sydney has over twenty years feel in the commercial and corporate sectors. Over his career he has attended and photographed hundreds of business organisation and corporate events. Service excellence has been demonstrated at events ranging from 100 to over 10 000 people in size.

With professional experience in Marketing, Business organisation Development & Strategy, Sales, Floristry, Construction, FMCG, Commercial interiors, Textiles, Electronics, Manufacturing, Workplace multifariousness and civilisation. Based in Surry Hills Sydney, Australia for over 11 years serving the SME and corporate business organization customs.

Interviews & Site Reviews

We strive to provide accurate, up-to-date content and invest considerable time in researching and writing our manufactures. Content that photographers and buyers of photography services will have an interest in. All the same, our full general inquiry is meant to compliment yours. Please consult your own lawyer, auditor, or other licensed professional person for information specific to your circumstance.

It takes less than 30s & it’southward gratis

Orlando Sydney


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