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How Much To Charge For Ooh Ads Photography

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Craig Oppenheimer, Wonderful Machine

Shoot Concept:
Images of a single product confronting a white background

Advert use (including Out of Home) of all images captured for 1 yr

A studio in the Northeast

Shoot Days:

Food and product however life specialist

Large, based in the Northeast

Large Food/Potable Company

Here is the guess:

The concept for the shoot was straightforward. The agency/client hoped to photograph their new product against a white background with minor props aslope of it. The agency planned to composite the last image on a different groundwork, and they had plans to employ the images for impress ads in magazines, as well as placement on jitney shelters and other out-of-home applications. While the agency requested for the licensing to include all images captured, we’d be photographing 1 product and the usage would incorporate i final image, then I therefore priced the creative/licensing fee to be more in line with their intended use of one image. Based on previous feel with similar projects and clients, I knew that creative/licensing fees for this blazon of usage and straightforward nature of the project typically fell between $10,000 to $xv,000, and I ended up landing roughly in the middle at $13,000.

The photographer preferred to manage a workstation for client review rather than hiring a digital tech, and nosotros included two assistants to assist manage grip and lighting throughout the twenty-four hour period.

While the concept was straightforward, there would still be a decent corporeality of pre-product work to coordinate crew, styling, scheduling and catering, and the agency specifically asked for a producer to be on site to manage the twenty-four hours and make sure everything stayed on rail.

Food/Prop Styling:
I included i prep twenty-four hours and i shoot day for a nutrient/prop stylist, as well equally one shoot day for their assistant. While I’d typically include an additional day for a stylist to render the unused items, it was not a cost efficient pick given the limited budget needed for the food/props (which included the cost to buy a few versions of the product to be shot, along with a few minor food items). The stylist we wanted to piece of work with charged $1,200/day plus 20% for their agent, and their assistant worked for $300/24-hour interval.

Studio Rental and Equipment:
A studio in this market place could range from $1,500-$three,000 depending on availability, plus equipment charges of an equal amount for lighting, grip, a workstation and a medium format camera rental.  A few specialty studios accuse flat fees and wrap everything upward in one fee, and I felt $4,000 total would cover whatever of these options for studio and equipment depending on infinite availability.

I included $70 per person for a nice breakfast, lunch and craft services throughout the 24-hour interval for up to ten people (half-dozen crew and four agency/client).

Parking, Expendables, Misc.:
I included $100 for general unanticipated expenses throughout the solar day, plus $100 for meals/transportation during our stylist’s shopping day, plus $100 for transportation to/from the shoot for the crew.

Nosotros included $500 to cover a full general liability insurance policy, which the studio would demand proof of, equally would any equipment rental firm we used.

Shoot Processing for Client Review:
This covered the fourth dimension to exercise an initial edit of all the images, dorsum them upward, and provide a gallery for the customer to cull from.

Selects Processed for Reproduction:
While the agency would handle the final compositing, we were warned that the prototype of the product would likely require a substantial amount of work to remove/add certain labels. We therefore included half-dozen hours of retouching (including one round of revisions afterwards the initial processing took place) based on a rate of $150/hr, and and then rounded upwardly to an even $1,000.

The photographer was awarded the project, and the ads are due to roll out in the coming months.

If yous have whatever questions, or if you need help estimating or producing a project, please give us a phone call at (610) 260-0200. We’re available to help with whatever and all pricing and negotiating needs—from pocket-sized stock sales to large ad campaigns.


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