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Your child’south teaching is one of the greatest investments you will ever make. Choosing the right school will help your child through their loftier school years, but how practice you lot cull the ‘correct’ school? There are and then many things to consider, and it seems wherever you look you will detect someone claiming to exist the ‘best’. There are multiple lists published every year ranking schools on a wide range of criteria, including academic or sporting performance, college acceptance rates, student satisfaction and teacher/educatee ratio. So which list is right and how practice you decide the best school for your child? Several of these lists have been compared and below you will observe the public high schools which feature consistently beyond them all.

Thomas Jefferson High Schoolhouse for Scientific discipline and Technology

Thomas Jefferson Loftier Schoolhouse for Science and Technology (TJHSST) regularly features strongly in many lists of top schools. In fact, this school was the but one named in all lists compared for this article.

Location: Alexandria, Virginia

Graduation Charge per unit: 99%

Reading Proficiency: 99%

Math Proficiency: 99%

Student Population: < 2,000

Student to Instructor Ratio: 17:1

College Readiness Index: 100%

While Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology was simply founded in 2007, it has rapidly gained a reputation equally a quality schoolhouse, regularly ranking highly across a number of categories.

Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia

Graduation Charge per unit: 95%

Reading Proficiency: 97%

Math Proficiency: 96%

Student Population: < 1,000

Student to Instructor Ratio: 17:one

College Readiness Index: 98.9%

BASIS Oro Valley

Opening in 2010, BASIS Oro Valley has quickly gained an enviable reputation every bit a quality schoolhouse. A various range of extracurricular activities are available in this school which has regularly featured in the top 10 of American High Schools since information technology opened in 2010.

Location: Oro Valley, Arizona

Graduation Charge per unit: 90%

Reading Proficiency: 92%

Math Proficiency: 88%

Student Population: < 600

Pupil to Teacher Ratio: 6:ane

College Readiness Index: 100%

Footing Scottsdale

Ground Scottsdale has been named the number 1 Charter School in America every year since 201Students begin taking Advanced Placement courses in or before the tenth grade and the school’s commitment to excellence is shown in their very impressive results.

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Graduation Rate: 95%

Reading Proficiency: 92%

Math Proficiency: 86%

Educatee Population: < 800

Student to Teacher Ratio: eleven:one

College Readiness Index: 100%

Bergen County Academies

Bergen Canton Academies’ curriculum is based on the International Baccalaureate structure and offers courses in Science and Engineering science, Medical Science Engineering science, Visual and Performing Arts, Business and Finance, Technology and Reckoner Science, Culinary Arts and Hotel Administration, and Engineering and Pattern Technology. Students of BCA are encouraged to pursue a personal involvement rather than a career objective.


Location: Hackensack, New Jersey

Graduation Rate: 99%

Reading Proficiency: 88%

Math Proficiency: 96%

Student Population: < one,100

Student to Teacher Ratio: 11:one

College Readiness Index: 96.3%

Bronx High School of Science

The Bronx High Schoolhouse of Scientific discipline has a big number of students (approximately three,000) and a higher than average student to instructor ratio (22:1), but this is not reflected in the fantabulous results they achieve year after year.

CC0/bxsstudent/Wikimedia Commons

Location: Bronx, New York

Graduation Rate: 99%

Reading Proficiency: 99%

Math Proficiency: 99%

Educatee Population: > iii,000

Pupil to Teacher Ratio: 22:1

College Readiness Alphabetize: 92.2%

International Academy of Macomb

The International Academy of Macomb is the highest ranked high schoolhouse in Michigan and offers an International Baccalaureate curriculum. Lower than average student numbers (less than 500) mean extremely competitive entrance requirements.

Location: Clinton Township, Michigan

Graduation Charge per unit: 99%

Reading Proficiency: 98%

Math Proficiency: 98%

Student Population: < 500

Student to Instructor Ratio: 93:one

College Readiness Index: 100%

Liberal Arts and Scientific discipline Academy

With challenging classes, a wide range of courses to cull from and a variety of extracurricular activities, the Liberal Arts and Science Academy strive to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

Location: Austin, Texas

Graduation Rate: 99%

Reading Proficiency: 99%

Math Proficiency: 99%

Student Population: >1,000

Student to Teacher Ratio: 16:1

College Readiness Index: 100%

Staten Isle Technical Loftier School

Focussing on college training, Staten Island Technical boasts an impressive 100% Advanced Placement participation rate. Every bit the name indicates, there is a focus on engineering science however arts are supported and encouraged for all students.

Location: Staten Island, New York

Graduation Rate: 99%

Reading Proficiency: 99%

Math Proficiency: 99%

Pupil Population: > 1,200

Student to Instructor Ratio: 22:1

College Readiness Alphabetize: 97.1%

Stuyvesant High School

Offering a wide option of academic, athletic and arts opportunities, Stuyvesant High Schoolhouse has remained a symbol of excellence in didactics for over 100 years. The curriculum is designed to instill a sense of purpose for all students, so they may grow into responsible global citizens.

CC0/Jim.Henderson/Wikimedia Commons

Location: Manhattan, New York

Graduation Rate: 99%

Reading Proficiency: 99%

Math Proficiency: 99%

Student Population: > 3,000

Student to Teacher Ratio: 22:1

Higher Readiness Index: 91%

Walter Payton Higher Preparatory

Independent studies show 100% of students feel rubber at Walter Payton College Preparatory. Providing globe-grade education and facilities to students, this school focuses on developing each child as an individual.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Graduation Rate: 95%

Reading Proficiency: 92%

Math Proficiency: 95%

Student Population: < ane,000

Student to Teacher Ratio: sixteen:1

College Readiness Index: 93.4%

High Engineering science High School

High Applied science High Schoolhouse follows an applied science-centric curriculum with many students earning college credits through a range of courses developed with universities and colleges. The school encourages active parental participation, creating a high achieving environment with a customs feel.


Location: Lincroft, New Jersey

Graduation Rate: 95%

Reading Proficiency: 94%

Math Proficiency: 95%

Student Population: < 300

Educatee to Instructor Ratio: xiv:1

Higher Readiness Alphabetize: 100%

The Early Higher at Guilford

With an accelerated curriculum, The Early College at Guilford sees many students graduating with upwards to two years of higher credits. A very small school, competition is loftier and with a focus on academic goals, the school has no sporting teams.

CC0/Pakram412/Wikimedia Commons

Location: Greesnboro, North Carolina

Graduation Rate: 90%

Reading Proficiency: 90%

Math Proficiency: 90%

Student Population: 200

Educatee to Teacher Ratio: 25:1

Higher Readiness Index: 100%

Baccalaureate School for Global Education

Small-scale form sizes help the Baccalaureate Schoolhouse for Global Education develop students’ social and intellectual skills. Teachers and Instructors regularly participate in professional evolution activities, ensuring engaging and up-to-date content at all times.

Location: Long Island City, New York

Graduation Rate: 95%

Reading Proficiency: 98%

Math Proficiency: 99%

Student Population: > 500

Pupil to Teacher Ratio: 16:ane

College Readiness Index: 100%

Carnegie Vanguard High School

Carnegie Vanguard Loftier School is committed to providing a unique and diverse learning experience for every student. 100% of all students accept been identified equally gifted or talented academics, students’ results regularly exceed national and state averages.

CC0/Ravi Tek/Wikimedia Commons

Location: Houston, Texas

Graduation Rate: 95%

Reading Proficiency: 99%

Math Proficiency: 90%

Pupil Population: > 700

Pupil to Instructor Ratio: nineteen:1

College Readiness Index: 100%


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