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By | 07/01/2023

Museum wants to use my photo. How much to accuse?

I was recently contacted past a rather large Museum (in Canada) and they would like to use i of my photos in their exhibit.

Term: permanent exhibit (20+ years).

Finished epitome impress size: 180 10 90 mm (approx 7 ten iii.5″)

I’one thousand an amateur, I have never licensed a photo to anyone. I’ve been contacted a few times in the by and always only let people use my photos for free, with a credit to my website (not a photography website, for outdoor adventures). If I were to accuse a licensing fee to use this photo, what would be a reasonable fee? I’yard just looking for a ballpark. I did a ton of google searching and could not find much.

Re: Museum wants to use my photo. How much to charge?

You will not get much, I doubtable they will exist thinking under a hundred dollars.


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Re: Museum wants to use my photograph. How much to charge?


You want to accuse a museum a fee to use your picture?

Report dorsum when they say “Oh, never mind”.


Re: Museum wants to use my photo. How much to charge?


For me it would depend if it was for a good cause.  A local pocket-sized-boondocks museum, I’d give it for free and even donate the printing and framing.

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