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How To Add Color In Photoshop

By | 04/11/2022

Adobe Photoshop is an incredibly versatile program. Whether it’due south textures, gradients, or paintbrushes, in that location is no limit to the ways that yous tin can adapt this plan to suit your needs.

If you don’t like Adobe Photoshop’s default color swatches, what can y’all exercise? In this explainer, we’re going to talk nearly how to make color palettes in Photoshop for your projects.

Step one: Find Your Inspiration

The first thing yous’ll want to do is open up an image to grab each color from. After you open up your file, you’ll meet a screen setup similar to the one that I have upwards now.

Color palettes in Photoshop are completely customizable

Your paradigm will exist in the heart of your workspace, and your default color palette volition be along the correct side.

Step 2: Access the Colour Swatches Panel

Colour Swatches
panel is where we’ll exist turning our attention to side by side. It’s located in the top correct-hand corner of your workspace. This is what your default colour palette on Photoshop will look like—a grouping of squares laid out in a grid.

We're going to discuss how to save a color in Photoshop using the Swatches panel

Along the top row, you’ll see a series of colors. These are the colors that I’ve sampled recently with my Eyedropper tool, resulting in this seemingly random color palette. Adobe Photoshop puts them at that place so I can quickly pull them up again if I need to. Beneath these samples, nosotros’ll find a rectangular filigree, the default colour palette in Photoshop.

This grid is fine by itself, but we don’t demand it right now. Let’s get rid of these swatches.

Pace 3: Delete Unwanted Color Swatches

To delete these color swatches, click on the
hamburger menu
in the peak right-hand corner of your Swatches panel.

To create a color palette in Photoshop, we first need to make a little bit of room

Adjacent, a giant menu volition announced. This bill of fare will give you a list of all of the actions that you can choose. It will besides give you a list of default colors available to you in Photoshop. Ignore those for now. Instead, click on
Preset Manager.

Want to learn how to make color swatches in Photoshop? You'll find plenty of options, alongside the originals

One time you do, a new dialog box will appear. In this box, you lot can control the color swatches currently active in your Swatches panel.

To create a color palette in Photoshop, open up the Swatch Palette editor

You can besides:

  • Load more colors to make the color palette larger.
  • Delete colors.
  • Rearrange the color filigree.
  • Rename the colors that you already have.
  • Create a make new Photoshop color palette.

To delete these default colors,
on the starting time color.


on the final color to highlight the entire palette. Yous’ll know that it’s highlighted by the blueish outlines around the squares.

Next, click
Delete, and so hit
Done. This will not permanently change your default Photoshop colour palette. Photoshop already has the template saved; you tin always call it upwards if yous demand to.

At present that you’ve gotten rid of your default colors, yous’re fix to fill up the infinite in with new ones.

To select individual colors for your custom color palette, activate your

The Eyedropper tool will help us create a color palette in Photoshop

Next, in the top left-mitt corner, you lot’ll come across a dropdown carte that says
Sample. Click into it and choose
All Layers.

Selecting All Layers lets us sample color on every layer

All Layers
pick means that you’re sampling all layers in the file at one time. This will brand the procedure of picking your colors much quicker.

Step five: Create a New Color Swatch

After you lot have your
tool and
All Layers
selected, click the area where you desire to sample your new color.

You’ll meet a color wheel pop up. At the top of the wheel, you’ll see the color that y’all’re currently sampling—in my example, brilliant pink.

We can use the Photoshop Color Wheel to select colors precisely

Along the bottom will be the color that you previously selected with your Eyedropper tool. For me, that color was red.

Once yous have your color, move your Eyedropper tool over the empty Swatches panel. Yous’ll observe that the cursor switches from an
icon to a
Paint Saucepan

Once the icon changes,
on the empty Swatches panel. Photoshop volition immediately deposit your colour as a new swatch.

My recently-chosen color palette in Photoshop is about to have some company

After you lot drop the swatch, a window chosen Color Swatch Name volition emerge. This is where you volition name your new swatch. You’ll also have the option to save it to your library. Once y’all name information technology, click

If yous clicked the pick to salvage this color to your library, you may see the
panel open up up and extend over the Swatches panel, especially if this is the first time that yous’ve completed this pace.

Ignore the Libraries panel for now

We’re non going to explore Libraries in this tutorial. To get rid of it, only click on the button that says
Libraries. It volition plummet the panel and you lot can proceed working on your Swatches.

Footstep vi: Cease Creating Your Color Swatches

Echo the previous step again until you have all the colors you need in your custom color palette. Photoshop is able to store as many colors as yous desire in the Swatches console.

We can continue until our color palette in Photoshop is complete

Once yous have all of the colors that you want, click on the
dropdown menu, and choose
Preset Manager
again. Every bit we did when we offset opened the Preset Manager, you lot’ll meet options to
Salvage Set,
Rename, and
Delete. Instead of deleting colors, however, nosotros’re going to rearrange them based on hue.

To rearrange your swatches, click on a color so it’s highlighted. Then, click and drag the colour to where y’all want it to prove up; you’ll know where you’ve dragged this colour by the bluish line that shows upwards equally you pull information technology beyond the swatches. Arranging the colors like this lets you see if y’all’ve sampled the aforementioned colour twice.

Our color palette in Photoshop, organized by hue

In this instance, I did sample the same colour twice. To delete that actress colour swatch, click on information technology so that it’s highlighted. Then, hit

We can evaluate our Photoshop color palette for duplicates

After your Photoshop colour palette is arranged to your liking, click

Footstep 7: Save the Color Palette

Once you’re done with the Preset Managing director, you lot tin check out your colors in the Swatches panel. If you’re happy with what you take, it’southward fourth dimension to save them for future utilise.

Our color palette in Photoshop

To save these swatches equally a custom Photoshop color palette, click into the
dropdown menu and cull
Relieve Swatches.

Saving our color palette in Photoshop

The Relieve Every bit dialogue box will popular upwardly for your custom color palette, and yous can proper noun it from there. Give information technology a meaningful name that is easy to think.

Pace 8: Reset Photoshop Swatches Dorsum to the Defaults

Permit’s say you don’t want to apply this custom colour palette in Photoshop. What if y’all need the original Photoshop color palettes?

To admission them once again, click on your
dropdown menu, and select
Reset Swatches.

Resetting the color palettes in Photoshop

When Photoshop asks you if information technology’s okay to replace your current colors, click

It’s important that you do non click
hither. If yous practice, Photoshop will simply add the default colors to your custom color palette instead of replacing them.

This option allows you to reset the color palettes in Photoshop

Step 9: Reload Custom Color Swatches

At present that you lot have your default colour palette active, where can yous detect your custom swatches once more? How practice you switch back?

Once more, the procedure is uncomplicated. But go to the Swatches console, click on the
dropdown menu, and select
Replace Swatches.

If you can't pull it back up, you may as well just not create a color palette in Photoshop at all

Inside your
Color Swatches
folder, you’ll find the file for the Photoshop color palette that you lot want to use. Select the file that you want, click
Open, and load it in.

All of your color palettes in Photoshop will be saved here

Get the Correct Colors for Your Project

At present that you’ve learned how to create a custom color palette in Photoshop, you can put this skill to expert use when designing your adjacent project. Inspiration for a color palette on Photoshop can be anything from a beautiful sunset to your favorite celeb’southward latest fashion statement.

A well-balanced and appealing Photoshop color palette can take a graphic blueprint project or any other creative endeavour from tiresome to stunning in no time. If yous want your design to soar, choosing the perfect custom color palette in Photoshop should be one of the outset things that you lot figure out.

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