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My task for almost 2 years was to help students and colleges make the nearly of LinkedIn.

We built some cool stuff like the Alumni Tool, University Pages, prospective student Determination Boards, Field of Study pages, and Academy Finder. We even tried our hand at college rankings based on bodily career outcomes.

However, many students seemed to struggle with the nuts*.

They’d say stuff similar:
Uhh, LinkedIn? It’due south, like, Facebook for old people, right?


Recall of LinkedIn as your resume that never sleeps. Only a lot more. It’due south your professional make in the globe. Information technology’s the issue you actually
up top when someone Googles you (which they will!).

It’s who you are to employers, grad schools, future colleagues, and people yous’re gonna desire to stay continued to. Including those ‘old people’ who may but hire you someday.

And LinkedIn is
identify to find and be plant. The site has well over a million and a half educatee jobs and internships. And more than ix in 10 companies use LinkedIn to recruit new hires.

If yous’re not on LinkedIn, you simply don’t be in the working world.

To go you started, here are
10 must-dos for students and new-ish grads on LinkedIn
. For the almost part, my acme tips are about getting your profile into tip-summit shape (see what I did in that location?!).

Upload an
advisable photo.

Far too many LinkedIn members don’t have a profile photograph. It’south their loss, because profiles with one get
14x more views.

It just makes the whole experience real – for yous and for other members and employers. I’ve fifty-fifty heard of hiring managers or potential connections using it a first filter – no profile photo? Yous’re out, before you even got the chance to interview or get connected.

Find (or accept!) a high-quality photo of you alone, professionally dressed, facing forward. Zippo inappropriate. No party shots, drawing avatars, or puppy pics! LinkedIn is not Facebook or Instagram, and information technology’s definitely non Snapchat.

And don’t be creepy, like this guy…

Just but as creepy every bit his profile pic? Not having i at all.

Don’t forget to smile!

Write an
informative simply punchy profile headline

This is a brusk, memorable professional ‘slogan.’ It’s the one thing you desire a recruiter, hiring manager, or hereafter co-worker to know about you. Tell them what y’all’re excited well-nigh at present – and if you can say it succinctly – the great stuff y’all want to do in the time to come. For example: “Honors student seeking marketing position” or “Engineer edifice game-irresolute consumer products.”

Need ideas? Cheque out profiles of co-workers you admire or recent alumni. A not bad way to detect successful grads is LinkedIn’s awesome Alumni Tool. Information technology lets y’all narrow down alumni of your school by where they work, live, and more. Most alumni volition gladly respond to a connexion request from a student or new grad who has a shared alma mater.

One other matter:
Avoid lame clichés. Don’t be a “lawmaking ninja” or an “SEO guru.”

Aforementioned goes for buzzwords like “strategic,” “creative,” and “responsible.” They’re on the list of the nigh overused (and meaningless) on LinkedIn profiles.

Don’t cut corners on the
Summary statement.

This department is the main place for you to stand out; it colors in and adds a ‘story’ chemical element to your feel and your aspirations.

Think of the Summary similar the first few paragraphs of your best-written embrace letter: Concise about your experience, qualifications, and goals – and if you tin, with a compelling narrative weaved throughout. Describe what motivates yous, what you lot’ve washed and are skilled at, and what makes you unique. Be clear and confident (even if y’all’re really not – merely you has to know that!).

And you desire to utilise keywords and phrases that recruiters might search for. Get with terms that are well known (e.g., ‘product direction,’ ‘graphic pattern,’ ‘information analysis’) but if you have a very specific skill set, don’t be agape to mention information technology hither.

Be smart almost your

List the jobs you’ve held and a brief description of what you were responsible for and what you accomplished. Yous tin can cull to make information technology either more or less detailed than your resume. What really matters is that you’re non leaving out critical details nearly your piece of work history. If you’ve held more than one job somewhere (including a promotion), list all of them with dates so that people can see you progressed and took on more responsibility. You tin can even add work projects, photos, or videos to specific jobs you list (more on that in #viii below).

And think broadly about your ‘experience.’ Exist sure to include volunteer activities if you have them, under “Volunteer Experience & Causes.” 41% of LinkedIn recruiters say they consider it
on par
with full-time paid piece of work feel. And xx% of hiring managers in the U.S. say they’ve hired someone
of volunteer experience. It’s also a good profile addition because information technology tells people something unique and personal most yous; it reveals your passions and rounds you out as a man existence.


Complete boosted profile sections
tailored to career starters.

Don’t have a lot of work experience? Don’t worry! Your contour can still rock.

I mentioned volunteer experience above; you should also list all (relevant) part-fourth dimension or unpaid piece of work, including contracting or internships, yous want people to know well-nigh. And you can listing organizations yous’ve been involved with or support equally well.

If yous earned a prize or recognition (whether in or out of school), you can list it under “Honors & Awards.” You can besides listing classes, languages, certifications, or team projects that demonstrate the skills you’ve worked hard to acquire.

Personally, I recommend you include your GPA if it’s northward of a iii.iii on a 4.0 scale. Virtually profiles don’t listing exam scores – perceived to be a chip showy, not to mention largely irrelevant to ability to perform in a job – but it’due south there if you’re thin on actual work feel and are especially proud of how you scored on stuff similar the SAT/Human activity, GMAT, LSAT, GRE, etc.

And don’t forget to listing all of your didactics. Include your major(south), small(south), and whatever study abroad or summertime programs.

Don’t be shy
— LinkedIn is an advisable place to evidence off your achievements, experience, courses, and GPA. Let the world know!


Build a strong network
so information technology’southward in that location when you need information technology.

eighty% of chore openings are never advertised.

So how do you increase your odds of finding out near them? Through who you lot know. Actually, based on pure numbers, it probably won’t exist who yous know, but who

Recall the concept of network outcome from Econ grade? That’s the true power of LinkedIn.

You don’t maximize its value unless you’re building out a network that can go to work for y’all – whether it’south looking for a job, getting connected to someone who might be able to assistance yous downward the road, or seeing interesting content that tin make you a better professional person from someone in your field.

Early, quality over quantity is okay – start with classmates, professors, teaching assistants, family unit, friends, and piece of work colleagues past and present. Over time you can broaden your connections to include a larger gear up of family friends, co-workers, people you run into at conferences, etc. Once you get over 50 connections – ideally from different rather than overlapping circles – yous begin to really put that network upshot to work for you.

And when you ship a connection request, if it’s not someone you know well or have worked with, be sure to personalize it. Many people generally reject requests otherwise.

(Interested in this topic? Hither’south some additional reading from
The Economist
on the value of, and strategies for, networking).

Claim your
unique LinkedIn URL.

Search engine optimize…yourself!

For many people, their LinkedIn profile shows up very high (like, in the height five) in a Google search. To heave the professional results that appear when people search for you online, change your LinkedIn profile settings to ‘public’ (you can control which specific parts of your profile you want to make public) and, also in settings, create a unique URL (e.g.,

This is likewise a handy link to use on your resume, bio on other social media like Twitter, and email signature.

Show, don’t just tell:
Share your work.

You tin can now add real examples of your writing, analysis, pattern portfolios, or other work directly on your contour, attached to specific feel or to your Summary. Upload or link to rich media, documents, or presentations.

This helps make your profile more visual and interesting, while demonstrating your value as an upward-and-coming professional. And what meliorate style to sell your skills to possible future employers than to really
proof of how you think and what you tin produce?

You can share projects yous’ve worked on (if they’re public), web log posts, videos about your team or organization, and even papers you wrote in college.

Especially if you’re in fields like design, multimedia product, the visual arts, journalism, or writing/editing, this is a must.

Or if yous take an idea or learned something swell you desire to share, you lot tin can now write your own blog post on LinkedIn (like this one!), which volition be disseminated to your network and possibly across. Information technology’s a groovy way to get discovered and requite people more insight into what you care near and how you lot recollect. These posts will alive on your contour for anyone to see anytime.


Use keywords
in adding
you lot can be endorsed for – and become a few

Your LinkedIn profile isn’t the place to be random or obscure (unless you take a highly specialized skill set in, say, underwater basketweaving). Be sure to include oft searched keywords and phrases in the “Skills & Endorsements” section.

Notice relevant keywords by browsing job listings that appeal to you and profiles of people who have the kinds of roles you lot might want. How do they showcase what they’re good at?

Besides being searchable past employers, you tin can also be endorsed for skills by your connections. This is a betoken of what y’all bring to the tabular array – information technology’s your network collectively saying, “Yeah, he’s good at that.”

While nosotros’re on the topic of endorsements, you tin also get people to write longer recommendations for your contour viewers to see. The all-time profiles have at to the lowest degree i recommendation for each position. Recruiters pay particular attention to recommendations from people who have straight managed you or with whom you’ve worked closely. Oh, and when it comes to recommendations, do the Golden Rule: If someone is kind enough to write y’all 1, offering to do the same for him/her.

Check out the
content on LinkedIn
. Information technology’due south awesome!

Our mission at LinkedIn is to brand you more productive and successful. That’due south partly well-nigh the network you lot have in your corner, and partly nearly putting your best foot forward to get opportunities. But it’s also most great content can assistance you learn, grow, and find your way. Yous can follow hundreds of Influencers, similar Richard Branson or Bill Gates, who dispense advice for success (like what they would do if they were 22 again). Or many dissimilar ‘channels’ to go news and perspectives on industries you’re interested in (like the one on “Careers: Getting Started”). And while you’re in the following mood, search for and follow some companies or nonprofits yous may be interested in – there are millions!

You’ll come across updates from anyone you follow in your news feed on the LinkedIn abode folio.

Y’all tin can (and should!) also join Groups, a groovy fashion to connect to new people, build your brand past engaging in these virtual professional communities, and larn the real lingo of the industry you lot’re in or want to make it. Start with groups for students or alumni of your higher and your desired job function – at that place are sure to be several!


A piddling investment in your future

Practice these 10 (or so) things today and it volition be an investment in your futurity you’ll exist glad you made. Specially you upperclassmen!

Actually want to stand up out from the competition? Accept this brusque online course with tips and tricks for task searching on LinkedIn:

You can thank me after. Practiced luck!

P.Southward. – If you’re searching for a task, I highly recommend you click through this presentation…


*That said, there are tens of millions of students and new grads already on LinkedIn, and they’re the site’due south fastest-growing demographic.


Special thanks to

Lindsey Pollak


Jeremy Schifeling

for helping crystallize these recommendations.

For more than advanced tips, bank check out the LinkedIn

resource center for higher students


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