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How To Avoid Grain In Photography

By | 15/11/2022

Why are my photos grainy (and how do I fix it?)

Ever wondered: Why are my photos grainy?! Then you are definitely not alone!

Ane of the biggest problems I hear from new photographers is that they are struggling to sympathize why their photos are so grainy – and what they can practice about it 😉

I totally go how frustrating it is, believe me!

Back when I was using my Canon Rebel, a lot of the time my photos would expect grainy, and simply wouldn’t have that same sharpness that I could come across from other photographers, which to put it mildly, is freaking annoying.

So that’s the problem we’re going to accost today – why your photos are grainy, and most importantly, what y’all can do to avoid or fix the problem!

AND I’ve even got a free camera settings crook sheet to assistance you lot 🙂

You tin watch the video (highly recommended) but if yous’re brusk of time, feel gratis to scroll down for the quick read version. Either way, enjoy…

What is grain?

Let’south start riiiiight at the beginning with what grain is. Grain is also called racket – it’due south that grainy, speckly stuff you lot see over your photos, usually worse when it’due south low lite photograph. Hither’due south an example of a photograph with grain, zoomed in to a section so you can encounter the grain more than clearly.

What causes grainy photos?

The culprit is your ISO setting.

A quick epitomize on ISO for those of you lot who might not be familiar with information technology: ISO is simply our camera’s sensitivity to light. So, you permit calorie-free into your camera via your aperture and shutter speed, and this is picked upward by your sensor. The higher the ISO number, the more than sensitive the sensor is to light.

When we’re shooting in low calorie-free, nosotros generally accept to compensate for the lack of light by bumping upward our ISO setting.

This is fantastic as it allows us to shoot without resorting to the dreaded pop upwardly flash, just the problem is that these high ISO’southward numbers can introduce dissonance to your images!

So….how can I make sure my photo isn’t grainy?

The most obvious answer is to use equally low an ISO number as possible. Attempt letting more light in via your discontinuity or your shutter speed to allow you lot to motion the ISO setting downwards.

Getting your settings right here can have a HUGE difference on the corporeality of noise y’all go, so information technology’s worth understanding which settings to utilize. To help you with this, you tin can download my free Manual Settings Cheat Sheet or accept a look at this blog mail, How to Choose Your Settings in Manual Mode to learn more than.

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The other matter you can practice that will help is to physically get more calorie-free onto your subject – go your subject area in forepart of the window and open up the blinds or defunction, for example. Again, this should help you proceed that ISO number down every bit low as possible.

In the epitome below, the subject is pretty much next to the window, allowing me to use a lower ISO that if they had been further back into the shadows.

(A adept tip here is to make sure your subject has prissy bright catchlights, if they do, they’re probably in the right place! Click here to acquire how to do that!)

I use quite low ISO numbers only withal become grainy photos! What gives?

If you are using a relatively low ISO number, only all the same seeing grain in your photos, it’s highly probable that you aren’t getting your exposure correct in photographic camera.

Under-exposing in photographic camera is the BIGGEST reason for having excessive noise in your photos, even at relatively depression ISO numbers.

Noise lurks in the shadows, so when you heighten the exposure in processing, you really make the racket more visible throughout your image.

That ways a photo taken with a lower ISO and underexposed will have MORE grain than an image taken with a higher ISO, but correctly (or even over) exposed.

Let me prove you an instance. These images were taken with the same aperture and shutter speed, just where I’ve changed the ISO to get different exposures. In the get-go one I’ve underexposed in camera, but brought information technology up to the correct exposure in Lightroom. The second was exposed correctly in photographic camera and the third was slightly over-exposed, again, this was fixed in Lightroom.

I appreciate information technology’s difficult to see when sized for the web, merely hopefully you lot tin can brand out that the underexposed paradigm has the almost amount of racket later we’ve brought up the exposure in processing. The one with the to the lowest degree amount of grain is the one that was overexposed a piffling!

The moral of the story is: don’t be scared of ramping up the ISO to get the exposure right. It’southward MUCH better to accept a higher ISO number and correctly expose, than utilize a lower ISO number and underexpose.

I little side notation here – it tin be difficult to get exposure right when shooting in any of the semi automatic modes because the camera is constantly adjusting exposure, so the accented All-time thing you can practice is learn how to shoot in manual style. And you can make a first today past downloading that cheat sheet I mentioned! Take hold of it hither..

I’ll await.

How can I gear up my grainy photos?

Despite your all-time efforts, you volition evidently notwithstanding get some grain in your photos from time to time, but panic non, as you tin prepare this in Lightroom.

Go to the Develop Module, and choose the Details tab from the console on the right. Go down to the Noise Reduction section, catch the luminance slider, and move it to the right. (Be sure to zoom in so yous tin see how this is affecting your photo) Yous can also utilize the detail and contrast sliders to help fine-tune the racket reduction (moving the colour slider is useful for getting rid of color racket too!)

Why are my photos grainy 6.png

Only a word of warning – get too far and your image will look too smoothed out and fake, so it can be improve to leave a little racket in than become to far and accept your subject looking like a plastic doll.

And in that location you lot take it! What grain is, what causes it, and how to fix it. Bully for one little blog post! Be sure to roll back up the postal service and await at the linked weblog posts to become even more than info.

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