How To Bracket For Real Estate Photography

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15 April 2022


Importance of HDR bracketing in photos.

Bracketing can sound like a complicated procedure just in order to take your real manor photos to the next level, it is something yous may desire to consider.

So what is bracketing? It is v stills of the same images shot in
different exposures. Your first still will be the darkest and the last still volition exist the lightest. These are called your bracketed images and later in this tutorial you will meet how they are combined to produce a loftier-quality professional person photograph.

In order to accomplish this, y’all are going to need a expert DSLR camera where you can manually alter the level of exposure. The brackets we have taken below are in the following exposures:

  • -2 Exposures
  • -one Exposures
  •  0 Exposures
  • +1 Exposures
  • +two Exposures

And so earlier we expect at what these exposures expect like in an image, permit’s look at a single bracket image case showtime then you tin can understand the divergence.

Unmarried Shot Image Example

Equally you can see from the initial prototype supplied, the outside particular is lacking quite significantly. This missing information in the
unmarried bracket really affects the stop product
which could exist a serious factor for selling this holding when the view plays a large factor in attracting potential buyers.

Now that yous have seen an example of a single bracketed prototype, lets accept a wait at an indoor and outdoor example of HDR bracketing.

Indoor Image Instance


  • 1st Bracket: From this first bracketed image taken, you can still make out some of the details.
  • 2d Bracket: You can run across how there is more detail around the heart of the image.
  • 3rd Bracket: The tertiary image is our in-between bracket. Yous tin start to see how we are getting more details on the interior whilst the exterior and the glass is blown out.
  • fourth Bracket: This bracket y’all could about skip as it is like to the previous, however, information technology is providing some better detail of the structure and beams which volition be useful for filling in any shadows later on.
  • 5th Bracket: This is clearly the subclass that is more blown out particular wise. But it is important to include to get a good range of the room in every low-cal and as well fill those shadows.

We recommend five brackets to submit for the one photo to give the best range of brackets to create 1 flawless photo. With these 5 well exposed shots, nosotros tin can create a magazine finish every time.

Outdoor Image Example


  • 1st Bracket: The darkest bracket provides practiced detail of the solar panel and tree foliage. It is a fleck dark simply is still manageable.
  • 2d Subclass: Next is a slightly lighter shot only you lot can really make out everything in the paradigm.
  • 3rd Bracket: This bracket is a really swell shot for getting all the item in the lawn.
  • 4th Bracket: Very similar to the previous bracket but you lot tin can obtain more item of the tree leafage.
  • 5th Subclass: The lightest shot of all will fill any shadows we have when combining all five images.

With these brackets we layer them similar a collage, rub off the parts of the images we don’t demand and add in the parts we do.


This is the exact same procedure whatever existent estate photographer would follow to shoot their images and exactly how you should do it besides. Peculiarly if you desire that outside window particular that is very clearly lacking in the single bracket example that we first showed you.

Now you have the secret tips and tricks on how to shoot HDR bracketed real manor photos, you can attain that high end professional terminate for every single one of your listings.

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