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By | 27/07/2022

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Would you believe me if I told you lot I’ve congenital all my client websites on the Squarespace Rally template? Okay, peradventure a couple have been different…

But as someone who has built more than 25 Squarespace websites, I admittedly love Rally.

I feel like information technology’s the almost flexible of the Squarespace 7.0 templates, which is why I always recommend it.

Just about any feature my clients take asked for in the pre-design phase tin exist done inside Rally.

Here’s 5 reasons why I love using Rally for Squarespace websites.

1. Rally is part of the Brine family, meaning it has a lot of customization

Before I go any further, I need to explicate how templates inside the Squarespace seven.0 version work. At the time of writing this weblog mail service, Squarespace has upgraded to 7.1, which is a completely new interface.

Still, seven.0 templates are even so available and I continue to use them for my clients considering I beloved how they work.

Squarespace 7.0 has various template families, and each family has its ain aspect of customization. Templates in the same family have like construction, style options, and features.

It’s of import to cull a template based off of what you tin customize instead of the kind of business you run into using a certain template. You shouldn’t curl through the Squarespace template area until y’all find an aesthetic yous’re looking for – this is a very common mistake in the template determination process. Meaning that if you see a website showcasing a yoga studio and you lot have a yoga or fitness studio, y’all shouldn’t presume that’s the best template for your business.

Choosing the wrong template can lead to you having to switch in the future, which is a pain and causes a lot of frustration. Switching from one template to another doesn’t always interpret well, specially if they’re from different families.

Trust me…it happened to me iii times because I didn’t do enough inquiry.

Here are the template families:

  • Adirondack

  • Avenue

  • Aviator

  • Bedford

  • Alkali

  • Farro

  • 5

  • Flatiron

  • Forte

  • Galapagos

  • Ishimoto

  • Momentum

  • Montauk

  • Native

  • Pacific

  • Skye

  • Supply

  • Tremont

  • Wells

  • Wexley

  • York

Rally is part of the Brine family template listed above.

Alkali is known to be the all-time template family unit considering it has a lot of flexibility when it comes to design and customizing your website the way yous want, especially when using the Style Editor options.

I believe that the myth of Squarespace lacking whatsoever customization came from people not choosing templates correctly. You tin can do quite a lot with Squarespace without any code.

Hopefully this post will help intermission downwardly why Rally is an amazing option for your business.

You can see more in Paige Brunton’s template comparing chart here.

ii. Index pages and banner images

Ane of the best features of Rally is the ability to utilise index pages. Index pages give y’all the ability to stack pages on pinnacle of one another.

Y’all may be wondering,
well what’s the purpose of that?

It gives you the ability to have various sections on a page with background images.

If you’ve gone to a Squarespace website and wondered how that person accomplished a certain look with design elements spanning the full width of the page or coming out of the sides of the screen, those are private banner images.

Here is an example.

noventure - squarespace website designer - process.jpg

This is likewise how you can achieve super fun designs. I’ll utilise Taylor’s website beneath every bit an case. I was able to add a background epitome with the graphic elements that appear to be coming out of the side of the screen.

This is the power of banner images inside alphabetize pages – they don’t have to just be a solid block of color or a real paradigm of something. You can go artistic hither.

Below is an instance.

iii. Parallax

If you’re not sure what parallax is, it’south the “melting await” of images as you roll downwards your screen. It looks equally though the images are moving.

Information technology adds extra pizazz to your website if that’due south a feature you like.

Unfortunately Squarespace 7.1 doesn’t permit this feature, and many of my clients love this design feature on their website.

My astonishing client, Lauren of Laurilyn Farms, uses parallax on her website. Yous tin see that hither.

Squarespace website designer - free guide and checklist.jpg

4. Flexible navigation

Principal navigation

When it comes to your navigation, Rally allows y’all to customize it various ways.

Rally has two dissimilar levels of the primary navigation – tiptop and bottom.

The height area stands on its own section. So if you lot desire your navigation bar to be white or colored, you tin position your logo and navigation here. My website is an example of this.

The lesser area positioning is great if you want your logo and navigation to appear on top of the main banner image.

Here is an case…

business coach website - squarespace website designer.jpg

Footer navigation

Just that’due south non all. Rally also allows for a footer navigation at the bottom of your website.

You lot can either use this element or link all of your website pages in the footer. Both options work keen on whatsoever website.

5. You lot can add any cake over a imprint paradigm

This is by far my favorite feature, and non every Brine family template allows this.

Some templates simply permit yous to add together text over a banner image, merely with Rally you can easily add any Squarespace block:

  • Text

  • Markdown

  • Quote

  • Paradigm

  • Gallery blocks

  • Video

  • Spacer

  • Line

  • Button

  • Audio

  • Code / embed

  • Summary block

  • Course

  • Newsletter

  • Map

  • Menu

  • Agenda

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Search bar

  • Product

  • And more!

Squarespace rally template - adding blocks on any banner image

Being able to add whatsoever block to a banner image allows for extra customization. This is honestly what makes Rally stand up out about from other templates.

In that location you take it! That’south why I love the Rally template for Squarespace websites! What do yous think…have I convinced you?

PS. Want to view how the Rally template tin can be styled? Click over to my portfolio to see! All of those websites are built on the Rally template.

Ready to ditch the DIY embarrassment and uplevel your Squarespace website so you can finally await professional, attract more aligned clients and make more sales in your business?


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