How To Calibrate My Canon Printer

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Features of Color Scale Using the Printer Sensor

Colour calibration improves color consistency by compensating for slight differences in how colour appears when printing due to individual variations or aging amid the printers.

Executing colour scale with the printer sensor will impress a examination blueprint (congenital into the printer) that is then read automatically by the printer sensor.

By this operation, calibration adjustment values reflecting the print effect of the test design are set automatically.


  • In order to increase the color stability precision when executing color scale, maintain a constant temperature and humidity environment each fourth dimension inside the range of temperatures of 15 to thirty deg C and within the range of humidities of 40 to 60%.

Executing color scale under various temperature and humidity conditions may preclude the printer from making the correct adjustments.

  • Before color scale, ensure the printer is not exposed to direct sunlight or other stiff sources of light.

If the printer is exposed to strong sources of light, right aligning may non be possible.

Recommend Timing for Color Calibration

Nosotros recommend color calibration in the post-obit situations.

  • Later initial printer installation
  • Later on Printhead replacement
  • If colors seem different from before, despite using the same press environment, under the aforementioned conditions
  • To ensure uniform colors when printing on multiple printers (however, exist certain to use the same version of firmware and printer commuter, nether the aforementioned settings)
  • When the Execution Guide is displayed

Executing Color Calibration from the Control Panel on the Printer

Execute color scale from the Control Panel on the printer as follows.

Refer to the information on Colour Calibration Management Console operations when executing color calibration from the calculator.

  • Preparing the Printer

1.You can confirm whether the paper to be loaded tin can be used in colour scale.

ii.Load the newspaper.

  • Executing Color Calibration from the Control Panel on the Printer

ane.On the Tab Selection screen of the Command Console, press


to select

(Settings/Adj. tab).


  • If the Tab Choice screen is not displayed, press the Menu button.

2.Press the OK push button.

Fix./Adj. Bill of fare is displayed.



to select Adjust Printer, and then press the OK button.



to select Scale, and then press the OK button.



to select Auto Adjust, and and so printing the OK button.

Subsequently the surroundings measurements and paper are confirmed, and color calibration is executed, the scale aligning value is set automatically.

Applying Scale Adjustment Values During Printing

The application of the calibration aligning values when printing can exist fix in the printer commuter or on the menu of the Command Panel.

Notwithstanding, when the setting value of the printer commuter and the setting value of the Control Console differ, the setting of the printer driver is prioritized.

How to Apply How to Operate
Configure on the printer driver menu. (Windows) Configure Calibration Value.
Configure on the printer driver menu. (Mac Bone 10) Configure Scale Value.
Configure on the menu of the Control Console. From Set./Adj. Carte du jour, select Adjust Printer > Calibration > Use Adj. Value.


  • Subsequently color calibration, you lot tin use the printer commuter to brand further color adjustments as necessary.

Checking Color Calibration Execution Logs

Yous tin confirm information of color calibration such as the execution date and executed paper type by the following method.

How to Check How to Operate
Confirm it on the Command Panel of the printer. From Set./Adj. Carte du jour, select Accommodate Printer > Calibration > Calibration Log.
Impress information about the printer. From Set./Adj. Menu, select Exam Print > Status Print.
Confirm with imagePROGRAF Status Monitor. (Windows) On the Information sheet of imagePROGRAF Status Monitor, click the View Scale Log push button.
Confirm this in the Printer Information dialog box of the printer driver. (Mac Bone X) In the Printer Information dialog box, click the Data tab, and click the View Calibration Log push.
Check in the Color Calibration Management Console. Check in the Calibration sail.

Specifying Execution Guide

The Execution Guide function displays a guide on the Control Console, imagePROGRAF Status Monitor (Windows), imagePROGRAF Printmonitor (Mac OS X), RemoteUI, and/or the Color Calibration Direction Console.

If y’all enable this office, an Execution Guide is displayed in the following cases.

  • When a new Printhead has been installed
  • When a sure corporeality of printing has been executed after color scale is executed
  • When the data of color calibration has been initialized

To enable the function, prepare Gear up Exec. Guide to On on the menu of the Control Panel.

Using the Color Scale Management Console Management Functions

The Color Scale Management Panel provides the post-obit management functions.

  • Detailed execution data
  • Execution instructions from the figurer
  • Multiple printer management