How To Catch A Dragonfly

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Dragonflies are cute creatures that are fun to expect at. They’re as well not too hard to catch! These swift insects like to hover, dart, and change directions quickly, then it may accept a few tries to catch one. Y’all tin improve your chances of communicable a dragonfly by choosing the correct equipment and following the proper technique.

  1. one

    Use a long-handled aeriform cyberspace with a wide opening.
    Select an aeriform net that is 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter or larger. Look for i with a prissy long handle. If possible, choose a dark-colored net over a light i.[1]

    • Darker nets are more than difficult for dragonflies to encounter, making the net more hard to avoid.
    • Aerial nets (likewise called butterfly nets) tin can exist purchased at virtually sporting goods stores or online.
  2. 2

    Practice swinging with 1 or both hands.
    Before you head out into the field, attempt to get a feel for your net. Attempt holding the net with both easily (like a baseball bat) and swinging it. Try holding the cyberspace in merely your dominant mitt. See which way feels more comfortable for you.[ii]

    • A ii-handed swing tin can give yous more power, which may brand information technology easier to catch dragonflies.


  3. 3

    Visit a lake, pond, or river.
    Dragonflies tin can be found on every continent except Antarctica. These insects savor existence near h2o. Some varieties of dragonflies prefer moving water, while others are fatigued to standing water. Visit a place where there is h2o, preferably where you lot have seen dragonflies in the past.[3]

  4. 4

    Position yourself in a curtained location.
    Locate your torso so that yous are obscured past tall grasses, copse, or other natural features. Remain still and keep your internet equally inconspicuous equally possible. Effort holding it backside your back or adjacent to your leg, and then that any dragonflies do non notice information technology.[4]

    • Try to find a comfortable position. This tin help yous to stay notwithstanding.
  5. five

    Observe the dragonflies.
    Dragonflies will often fly in repeating patterns and fifty-fifty state on the aforementioned natural features over and over. Spend some time watching them fly and try to get a sense of their flying patterns.[5]

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  1. ane

    Move slowly and deliberately.
    Modify your position so that you tin can swing your net into the cycle of a dragonfly’south flight design. Move smoothly and carefully to avoid disturbing the dragonflies. Continue to keep your net curtained for equally long as possible. (They can get spooked if they see a net.)[half-dozen]

  2. 2

    Swing from behind.
    If a dragonfly sees a net approaching, they are probable to change direction. To avert this, swing at dragonflies from the rear. This means you will be moving your cyberspace in the same direction they are flying.[7]

    • It will likely take several tries to capture a dragonfly. Just try to accept fun with the process!
  3. iii

    Transfer your dragonfly into a drinking glass jar.
    Apply your hand to get together the net above where the dragonfly was nerveless. Place the gathered department in a higher place a broad-mouthed glass jar. Turn the cyberspace inside out to deposit the dragonfly in the jar, and supercede the lid.[8]

    • Be sure to poke a few small-scale holes in the lid alee of time.
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  • Question

    What if the dragonfly flake my little sister’s finger?



    Community Respond

    Dragonflies bite when they feel threatened, but they rarely break the skin, so she should be fine.

  • Question

    Does the jar demand to be glass?

    Community Answer

    No. Yous only desire it to be large enough for the Dragonfly to be comfortable until yous let information technology go.

  • Question

    How many colors do dragonflies come in?

    Community Answer

    Yellowish, orange, pinkish, brown, dark-green and purple are the basic colors for dragonflies. In that location may be variations in betwixt these colors too. Check out some images of dragonflies online.

  • Question

    What if I don’t have a net?

    Community Answer

    You wouldn’t want to catch a dragonfly without a internet or mesh material, because it could hurt the dragonfly.

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