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How To Change Background In Lightroom

By | 22/11/2022

Desire to know how to remove background from a picture in Lightroom?

If yous stick with us until the end of the article, yous will learn how to remove the background from Lightroom images. We’ll show you how to do it footstep-by-pace. Nosotros will also share an alternative method that you can use if you don’t desire to employ Lightroom.

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Role ane. Easier Method than Lightroom to Remove Background –MarkGo

iMyFone MarkGo

iMyFone MarkGo is a beginner-friendly watermark tool that can help in getting rid of watermarks without whatsoever hassle. Other than watermark removal, information technology has different features, including removing unwanted objects from an epitome and removing backgrounds. Information technology is a uncomplicated tool with a convenient user interface. Information technology is not as circuitous as other editing tools.

how to remove image background using markgo

The most important thing nigh MarkGo is that it is an AI-powered editing tool. The AI algorithm can observe the background or watermarks from an image and removes them on its own. The user merely needs ane click, and the background is removed. Information technology saves a lot of time. In add-on, it tin process multiple images at a time. The users can upload multiple images and remove their backgrounds with one click.

Let united states of america see how we can remove the background of an prototype with iMyFone MarkGo.

Step#1: Download and Install the Tool

iMyFone MarkGo also has a trial version, so the user tin download and check the tool earlier making a decision. Go to the website and download iMyFone MarkGo according to your operating system, as it is compatible with both Windows and macOS. Install and open the tool.

imyfone markgo interface

Stride#2: Import the Epitome

Click on “Remove Image background”. It will open a new window. In the middle of the screen, you will see an selection of “Add Photograph”. Click on it to scan the prototype. You can also drag and drop the image here.

Step#3: Remove Now

On the right-hand side, you will meet 2 options. AI Removal and Manual Removal. These both are methods in which you lot can delete the watermark. With AI Removal, you lot only need to click on “Remove Now”, and AI will do the rest. It analyzes the photo and removes the background appropriately. In Manual Removal, the user needs to marking or select the background with the help of a brush. The size of the brush is adjustable. After selecting the background, click on “Remove At present”.

using ai remove signature background markgo

Step#4: Save the Prototype

The groundwork is at present removed. Yous can then save the image by clicking on the option of “Consign” in the lesser correct corner.

using ai remove signature background markgo

Lookout man the video tutorial to remove watermark using MarkGo

Video Images

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Office ii. How to Go Rid of Groundwork–Lightroom Mobile

Similar other professional editing tools, Lightroom also has a mobile version. It is available in both the AppStore and Play Shop. The mobile version of Lightroom makes it easier for the editor to edit pictures and make them perfect from every aspect. It helps photographers capture perfect and stunning images. The properties of photos can be easily controlled and adjusted equally desired. It is more convenient compared to a desktop tool, and you can use it anywhere you lot like.

Lightroom mobile also contains the feature of removing the background. But it requires a premium version because the masking tool is only available for premium users. And so, the users will have to pay money to be able to use the masking characteristic.

Step 1:
Go to AppStore or Play Store to download the Lightroom on your mobile. Scan the image past selecting from the gallery, or yous can also capture a new photo.

Step 2:
 After importing the epitome, click on the “Masking” tool. Now change the exposure of the selected tool to a minimum to mask blackness background or a maximum to mask white background.

using ai remove signature background markgo

Pace 3:
 Take the masking tool, resize the brush and identify it in the photo. Then duplicate the Radial Gradient and identify it. In this way, duplicate and place the Radial Gradient all over the background.

using ai remove signature background markgo

Step 4:
Now, you can save the paradigm on your mobile phone.

using ai remove signature background markgo

Part iii. How to Erase Background with Healing Brush Tools—Lightroom

Photoshop Lightroom is a popular photograph editing tool from Adobe that allows the user to edit any picture show professionally. It is basically a color correction tool and allows the user to play around with colour and add together creativity to the picture. Information technology makes the images pixel and colour perfect from every angle and corner.

In this function of the article, we will look at how we can remove the background with Healing Brush Tools in Lightroom. Continue in heed that the tool is a bit expensive, and yous need to purchase a subscription to utilise it. In addition, beginners might find it a flake difficult to remove the background using Lightroom as it is not the correct tool for the purpose, and it requires expertise and experience.

Let usa become into it.

Footstep 1:
Download and install Lightroom on your computer. Open it. Scan or import the prototype from which yous desire to erase the background.

Step two:
Become to the “Develop” option on the peak menu bar. Click on Adjustment Castor Tool. Scroll down till y’all see ‘size’, ‘plumage’, and ‘flow’. You can adjust the plume according to your requirement. Get to “Exposure” and prepare it to the maximum so that pigment will brush white.

using ai remove signature background markgo

Step 3:
Take the castor and get-go masking the photo. Brush carefully so that the discipline on the picture is non removed. You can undo the castor stroke if you accidentally mask the subject. Yous will see a white background in the picture. Save the flick by choosing a path.

using ai remove signature background markgo

Part 4. FAQS—How to Delete Background from Picture in Lightroom

i) Is information technology possible to remove or change backgrounds in the Lightroom?

No. With Lightroom, it is non possible to remove the background. But with healing brush tools, the color of the groundwork can be changed to black or white by adjusting the exposure. It is because Lightroom is a color correction and pick tool. These types of features are basically in Adobe Photoshop. Thus, you lot can effort Photoshop if you want to remove the background of the images. Simply go along in listen that Photoshop is not for beginners. So, you lot can attempt iMyFone MarkGo.

two) Where can I download Lightroom?

Lightroom is a paid tool. You tin can buy Lightroom from the Adobe website. But these days, information technology is a trend that people download these tools unethically without paying any money. They also fissure the tool to use premium features.

How to remove something from the background in the Lightroom?

The healing tool in Lightroom allows the user to remove anything from the background. Information technology is a very easy procedure. You can alloy in the background with the aid of healing brushes. The image will appear as if there was nothing in the background.


Nosotros have seen how yous can remove the background in Lightroom and the complications in both the computer and mobile versions. The groundwork is non completely removed, but y’all can change information technology to black or white. However, with iMyFone MarkGo, the user can completely remove the background easily with simply a few clicks. It is ideal for beginners, and the AI background removal works like a amuse. You can also employ MarkGo to erase watermark from your image or video.

iMyFone MarkGo

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