How To Change Cursor In Photoshop

By | 14/08/2022

There are oftentimes things that are helpful to workflow, no matter how minor they are. I of my favorite customizations to a new install of Photoshop is the cursor customization. When watching a tutorial and I encounter the instructor clicking through a menu instead of using a shortcut cardinal for something every bit simple as duplicating a layer, I tin can empathize the reason why. When demonstrating to people, it’s valuable to slow things down and make sure they sympathise. Information technology may seem subjective to flat out say that changing the cursors is the best thing to do, however I believe that one time y’all try it you will concur.

Photoshop Cursors and Why I Modify Them

The default cursors drive me admittedly crazy. They do not seem to be geared toward precision. For example, the paint bucket tool is literally a cursor that’south a picture of a paint bucket with a fiddling arrow attached.

I find that to be not the most ideal, peculiarly in one case you are used to the culling. The cursor has two potential “tips” that could be the precise bespeak of where you are clicking: the tip of the arrow and the tip of the bodily pigment coming out of the saucepan. We tin can figure out which tip is the right tip, all the same at that place’s a better choice: precise cursors.

I really prefer the precise cursors, as when working very fast there’s no question on the precise pixel you are clicking as information technology’s in the form of a precision crosshair.

When you lot compare that to the default cursors, I don’t experience the default cursor is the best pattern.

A crosshair seems much more logical to me. As I mentioned before, this could be preference, and many (I would dare to say “most”) people are and then used to the default cursor that it may not bother them. Only I suggest yous try this, I actually practice think you lot will find it to make more sense.

Where to Change the Cursors

We change these settings in the preferences.

The setting for these precision cursors is in the centre, shown here:

While we are in there, the brush preview color is something else that tin be inverse; when resizing a brush you run across the ruddy preview of the castor. Try a colour that’s more pleasing to your eye and isn’t a mutual color in your images then that there’s still enough dissimilarity off the epitome to see the brush preview.

Other Thoughts

I’d like to bespeak out that while I am a huge fan of customizing things in your workflow to enhance and speed up things, I do non recommend changing a lot of the default keyboard shortcuts for many folks. The reason why is that while you lot may like all these spiffy new shortcut keys, when you lot are watching a tutorial again and someone mentions a shortcut central you’ll have to “convert” in your heed on the fly the revised keys you inverse. It can brand things confusing. On the same note, if you lot are teaching someone and you mention a certain shortcut, it’s so different for them. Not necessarily a huge deal for some, but for others information technology could make lilliputian challenges.