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By | 19/08/2022

Before nosotros become into how to add a watermark in Lightroom Archetype, in that location are a iv misconceptions well-nigh photography watermarks that we demand to articulate upward.

Lightroom watermark myths

  1. Photography watermarks expect professional
  2. A watermark volition protect my photos online
  3. Nobody will print my watermarked photos
  4. A watermark is needed for copyright

If you already know the truth about these Lightroom watermark myths and just want to know how to add a watermark in Lightroom, skip down to my step the step instructions.

I’ll explicate why yous need more than only ane watermark and prove you how to do it actually easily.

How to add a watermark in Lightroom

Myth 1: Photography watermarks look professional – not even slightly

Merely slapping a watermark on a photo is non going to make information technology look like the work of a professional. Information technology’southward true that many photographers in business organisation, therefore professional person photographers, watermark their photos.

Still, non every professional person does and fifty-fifty those that practice, don’t always watermark their photos.

In fact, some professional person photographers never watermark their photos.

Example of a watermark

So why would photographers sometimes utilize a watermark and sometimes not? I tin’t speak for all professional photographers of course, but here’s how I use watermarks in Lightroom.

You’ll already have seen that none of the photos on The Lens Lounge are watermarked. Actually, there is one, considering I accidentally used the incorrect version of a photo and I’ve been significant to modify information technology, simply haven’t got around to it yet.

I don’t watermark photos on my photography business website either. Some photographers practice.

Photos meant for social media get a Lightroom watermark, but only for my photography business organization Facebook page, not for The Lens Lounge Facebook page. I don’t watermark photos for Instagram either.

The one time I’ll add together a watermark in Lightroom is when supplying clients with low res images to share on Facebook or Instagram, or wherever.

I do it for advertising, not to protect my photos. It’southward a great style of getting my name out there and I’ve received several bookings as a consequence. When friends, or friends of friends, of my client see a watermarked photo they like that my client posts, they’ll automatically trust me equally a lensman more, because their friend trusted me.

The watermark works like a silent referral reaching a wide circle of people.

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Myth two: A watermark will protect my photos online – you lot’ve got to exist kidding

Nothing will protect your photos online. Distressing to be sharp, but it’s that simple. Some (not very squeamish) people will however steal photos they find online, regardless of whether information technology’south watermarked or not.

The merely guaranteed way to protect your photos is not to post them online.

We all know how clever Photoshop is, so it’s no surprise that watermarks can be removed in Photoshop. However, lazy thieves won’t even bother to remove the watermark.

Actually, information technology’s not off-white to say that everyone who steals photos online is not nice. Many people think that if they observe an image on Google, they can use it. However, photos that appear in a Google image search are absolutely not up for grabs. It’s shocking how many people don’t realise that you lot can’t just go online and download or screenshot photos. For any reason.

The right matter to exercise is to buy images from a photograph library like these large ones (to proper name merely a few):

  • Adobe Stock
  • Shutterstock
  • Deposit Photos

How much you pay depends on the site and how yous want to utilize the photograph (i.e. which license you buy for the photograph).

Or utilize a costless stock library. Some libraries inquire merely that you credit the photographer. Some don’t fifty-fifty ask that. Here are a few:

  • Unsplash
  • Pexels
  • Pixabay

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Myth 3: Nobody will impress my watermarked photos – don’t you believe it

You’d be amazed! Yes, people volition print your low resolution and watermarked photos! Non just pocket-sized prints either.

Some will crop the photo and then that the watermark doesn’t appear in the print, but others won’t worry most it.

One of my family got and then excited about my photos of her kids that I put on Facebook for her that she immediately downloaded them and ordered sheet prints through an online printer.

I didn’t realise until I visited her and saw iv canvases from the shoot on her walls, watermark and all. She’s family, I was giving her the high res photos anyway, so I was very surprised. When I said she should have told me and I would have got the watermark free, high res photos to her straight away, she said that she liked having my watermark on them.

Here’s two scary things about that…

  • The print quality wasn’t that bad, all things considered
  • The print visitor didn’t question the fact that the digital images were watermarked

Watermarks and copyright are two very different things and have nothing to do with each other. Just because a photo is watermarked doesn’t mean that it’due south copyrighted.

It’s every bit copyrighted equally an unwatermarked image.

However, the general public and fifty-fifty many photographers don’t understand how copyright works.

The person who pushes the button to take the photo, owns the copyright.

You can sell the copyright, simply that normally involves a big corporeality of money irresolute easily. Many beginner photographers in business tell their clients that they can buy the copyright to the photos, when what they really mean is that the client can purchase a license to use the digital images.

The copyright stays with the photographer, unless he or she sells it.

If y’all sold the copyright, you lot’d have to delete all your copies of that paradigm as yous would no longer own information technology. In fact, it would be illegal for you to have any copies without written permission of the new copyright holder.

You can use a watermark on photos to remind people that the photo is copyrighted by including this information and/or the copyright symbol in your Lightroom watermark. I’ll evidence you how to exercise this in a moment.

Just be aware that this won’t stop some people from taking it anyway.

In Lightroom, you can add copyright information in the metadata of your images. However, information technology’south actually actually piece of cake to strip this data from a photo and I’m sure thieves know this.

So the real reason for including this information is that if somebody comes across your image, mayhap in an online portfolio, and wishes to purchase a print, or license to use the prototype, or committee yous based on the photo they saw, they can easily trace yous.

How to add a watermark in Lightroom Classic 2020

Adding a watermark in Lightroom Classic is ridiculously like shooting fish in a barrel. Promise. There are two ways to do it:

  • In any module, click
    Lightroom Classic in the menu bar, then select
    Edit Watermarks from the dropdown menu
  • When exporting from Lightroom, check the
    Watermark tick box
    in the export panel and select an pick from the dropdown bill of fare
How to edit watermarks in Lightroom Classic

You tin can create three types of watermarks in Lightroom Classic. They are:

  1. Elementary watermark
  2. Text watermark
  3. Graphic watermark

The default position for the watermark is at the very bottom left of the photo. I’ll prove you how to change the opacity, size and position of the watermark in a moment.

But let’s first start with the easiest watermark and how to make it…

ane. How to add a simple watermark in Lightroom

The simple watermark is the default watermark setting in Lightroom. So, naturally information technology’s the easiest to do. Whatever name you entered when you set upwardly your Adobe account will appear as your default simple watermark, preceded past the copyright symbol.

  • Click
    Lightroom Classic in the menu bar and select
    Edit Watermarks from the dropdown menu
  • Click
  • Proper noun your watermark in the box that appears
  • Click

OR during export…

  • Check the
    Watermark tick box
    in the export panel
  • Select
    Simple Copyright Watermark
    from the dropdown menu
  • Click

That’s it!

And if you’re wondering how to type a copyright symbol, that’s piece of cake too…

  • On a Mac concord down the
    Option and printing
  • In windows, hold down
    and type
Lightroom export dialog box to select watermark

2. How to add a text watermark in Lightroom

Y’all don’t have to stick with the simple watermark, you can use personalised text to say any yous want equally a watermark. Here’southward how…

  • Click
    Lightroom Archetype in the card bar and select
    Edit Watermarks from the dropdown menu
  • The default simple watermark text volition be highlighted
  • In the text box below the paradigm, type any you desire
  • Under
    Text Options, set font, mode, alignment, color and shadow
  • Click
  • Name your watermark in the box that appears
  • Click

OR during export…

  • Check the
    Watermark tick box
    in the export console
  • SelectEdit Watermarksin the watermark dropdown carte du jour
  • Bank check Watermark Style:
  • In the text box below the image, blazon whatsoever you lot want
  • Under
    Text Options, set font, style, alignment, color and shadow
  • Click
  • Name your watermark in the box that appears
  • Click
Lightroom watermark editor settings

3. How to add a graphic watermark in Lightroom Archetype

The first step to creating a graphic watermark in Lightroom is to create your graphic. This can exist:

  • Your logo
  • Your logo and text
  • Anything you like

Over the years I’ve created several watermark graphics using:

  • Canva Pro
  • Photoshop Elements
  • Photoshop

You can also create graphics for watermarks with costless online tools.

The important thing to remember when creating a graphic for your watermark is to blueprint it with a transparent background and then consign every bit a PNG to import into Lightroom. If you lot’re not fussed about having a transparent groundwork, you can save your graphic as a JPEG.

Once you’ve created your graphic…

Resizing a graphic watermark

  • Click
    Lightroom Archetype in the card bar and select
    Edit Watermarks from the dropdown menu
  • Cheque Watermark Style:
  • If y’all don’t already have a graphic uploaded to Lightroom, a window to your files will automatically open
  • Go to where you saved your graphic and select it
  • Click
  • Click
  • Name your watermark
  • Click

OR during export…

  • Check the
    Watermark tick box
    in the consign console
  • Click
    Edit Watermarksin the watermark dropdown card
  • Check Watermark Manner:
  • If you don’t already have a graphic uploaded to Lightroom, a window to your files volition automatically open
  • Go to where y’all saved your graphic and select it
  • Click
  • Name your watermark in the box that appears
  • Click

Information technology’s non really obvious that you’ve done it, but if you expect in the lesser left corner of the photo, yous’ll just about see your graphic. Yous might demand to arrange size before yous come across information technology, which leads me to the next pace before you save your graphic watermark.

How to change opacity, size and position of watermarks in Lightroom

Once you’ve selected the blazon of watermark you lot want to create, you lot then fix the opacity, size and position of the watermark while in the Watermark Editor…

  • Select the
    Watermark Furnishings
    dropdown carte
  • Adjust the
    of your watermark and so that it’s not screaming for attention in the photo (It’s likewise really handy if yous have a black watermark that you want to appear gray)
  • Adjust the
    size of your watermark using the slider
  • You’ll run across that you can make it
    proportional, in which case then you lot tin can conform the size using the slider
  • Or just select

I prefer proportional and then that I tin can control how large the watermark is.

How to add a graphic watermark in Lightroom

  • Adjacent,
    your watermark by checking one of the circles next to
  • My preference is to have it in the bottom left of the image as I don’t like a watermark splattered across the center of a photograph
  • Adjust the
    vertical inset
    and then that the watermark isn’t mashed up against the very edge of the photograph

At present all you have to do is save and name your watermark.

  • Click
  • Name your watermark
  • Click

Once yous’ve created watermarks…

Yous tin simply select the one you want to use from your listing when exporting from Lightroom Classic. In the consign panel:

  • Cheque the
    watermark tick box
  • Select your watermark from the watermark dropdown menu
  • Export
Export dialog box in Lightroom

How to create multiple watermarks in Lightroom

You lot don’t accept to cease at one watermark. In fact, if you’re going to use a watermark, you’ll demand more than simply one.

One  reason is color. A white watermark, for example, on a white background isn’t going to be visible. Then you may also set yourself up for all types of photos in one go, while you’re designing your first Lightroom watermark.

I have three versions of my watermark:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Blackness

Just recall to use self explanatory names when creating a watermark in Lightroom. For example, I utilise “JAP gray”, “JAP white”, “JAP black” and even “JAP grey top left”.

It’southward really piece of cake to create multiple watermarks in Lightroom that are similar. Steps to create a new watermark based on a previous watermark…

  • Select
    Edit watermark, either during export or after clicking on Lightroom Classic to open the dropdown card
  • Select the watermark y’all desire to utilize from the dropdown menu in the top left of the Watermark Editor
  • Conform the settings
  • Click
    and you lot’ll be asked to name the new preset (aka watermark)
  • Enter a name
  • Click

You can’t overwrite previous watermark settings with new settings, you need to create a new watermark and then delete the old watermark.

How to remove a watermark in Lightroom

I’one thousand not talking about importing a watermarked JPEG image and and then removing the watermark, similar you would a blotch. Every bit discussed, removing some other photographer’s watermark is merely obviously incorrect…and illegal.

I’m talking well-nigh either:

  1. Removing the pick to utilize a watermark on export
  2. Or removing an quondam watermark design from the Watermark Editor in Lightroom

ane. Exporting from Lightroom without a watermark

If y’all want to export a photo without a watermark, you can remove the watermark option very hands in Lightroom.

In the export console:

  • Scroll downward to
  • Deselect the
    watermark tick box
  • Export
    every bit normal

two. Removing an sometime watermark in Lightroom

Information technology’southward very easy to end up with a long confusing list of watermarks (been there, done that). So, to cut down on time and confusion in the future, in one case you’ve adapted a watermark and no longer need the old i, delete information technology direct away.

How to delete a watermark in Lightroom

In one case you lot’ve saved your new watermark under a new name, or if yous merely desire to tidy upwardly your list of watermarks and remove watermarks you no longer demand:

  • Select
    Edit Watermarks
    either during consign or using the Lightroom menu bar option
  • Click the dropdown menu in the top left of the Watermark Editor
  • Select
    Delete preset “whatsoever you named it”…
  • A window will pop up asking if yous desire to delete it
  • Click
  • And so
    to become out of the Watermark Editor
Deleting watermark presets

If you accept any questions about Lightroom watermarks, permit u.s. know in the comments.

As well, we dear practiced news, then if our photography watermark tips have helped yous to understand how to add watermarks in Lightroom Classic, share that too.