How To Charge A Lume Cube

By | 13/10/2022

We idea the original Lume Cube was a bright idea when it launched in 2014, but this highly-portable lighting solution for all the same photography and video has gotten fifty-fifty more than versatile with the new Lume Cube 2.0. While it looks essentially the same as its tiny predecessor, Lume Cube 2.0 offers significantly improved battery life, better quality of light output overall, more control and a collection of accessories that are at present included rather than sold separately.

Lume Cube 2.0 (front view).

Simply 1.6 x one.6 x 1.75 inches in size and weighing in at but 3.five ounces, this cube-shaped (of course) LED light produces the same amount of illumination every bit the previous version (750 lux at 1m) but now offers a truthful daylight balanced 5600K color temperature and a higher CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 95+. The issue is portraits shot using Lume Cube two.0 are more vivid and life-like while video looks more professional. Information technology also features a new built-in lens designed to eliminate hot spots with a wider lxxx-degree axle angle.

Lume Cube two.0 features USB-C charging that’s easier to admission than the first generation model.

Battery life has gotten a major boost: upwards to one.five hours at 100% brightness versus 25 minutes per accuse on the original model. The new Lume Cube adds a USB-C port (previously Micro USB) for charging, and a USB-A to USB-C cablevision is included. A simpler-to-use rubber panel covers that port, where previously it was an bad-mannered screw-in metal cover. On the downside, that makes the Lume Cube ii.0 less waterproof, but you can nonetheless apply information technology up to 30 feet under h2o. Overall, the new light’due south aluminum body is every bit durable every bit its predecessor and includes a 1/4″-xx thread for mounting the light on a tripod, a drone or other thread-compatible devices.

You can mount Lume Cube to your camera’s hot shoe, or to a tripod.
Unproblematic controls at the top of the device brand information technology easy to adjust brightness on the wing.

There are now two clearly marked safe buttons on top of the device to manually increase (+) and decrease (-) brightness. When you hold down both buttons for three seconds, it triggers a new low-light mode that lets y’all manually conform brightness between ane%-10%, which is smashing for nighttime and long exposure photography. A dark-green indicator light on top now lets you know when it’due south fully charged where previously you had to judge. We also similar that the optical sensor has moved to the summit of the new Lume Cube, so information technology’s easier to trigger remotely, or use equally a slave wink to burn down other lighting devices.

Employ the Lume Cube 2 off-camera to put light just where y’all demand it.

While Lume Cube ii.0 is approximately $10 more expensive than the original model, multiple accessories are at present included including the USB-C cable, a magnetic modification frame for adding gels and light modifiers, a softening diffuser, a warming gel and a mount that allows you lot to attach the lite to the camera’southward hot shoe.

The free Lume X app for iOS and Android lets yous wirelessly control multiple Lume Cubes from your smartphone via Bluetooth from up to threescore feet away. Estimated price: $89.

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