How To Clear Up Blurry Images

By | 18/10/2022

Sometimes you’ll check your smartphone photos and run across they’re very blurry. That’s when apps to make pictures articulate come in handy.

Our article shows y’all our favorite apps and their tricks to help you fix blurry images.

xi All-time Apps to Make Pictures Clear

Remember to showtime bank check that your smartphone is compatible with each app.

eleven. Snapseed

Snapseed is an awesome free editing app developed by Google. Its 29 tools and filters are easy to use.

After you open a photo in the app, you lot can select a “wait” (aka filter) to apply to your prototype. Or you lot can edit it using the tools.

The tools include some basic ones such as Crop or Tune Paradigm. It also has more than advanced editing options, such as the Tone Curve or White Balance.

To sharpen photos, y’all demand to select Details in the Tool Menu.

Screenshot of photo editing app Snapseed

Then you can choose either Structure or Sharpness. Do this by borer the adjustments icon at the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot of photo editing app Snapseed

I recommend you start by increasing the sharpness to heighten the image edges. You can do information technology past swiping to the right anywhere in the picture.

Screenshot of photo editing app Snapseed

Then switch to the Structure slider and increase its value in the same way. The structure slider is Snapseed’s version of the clarity tool.

You might demand to play a scrap with these two sliders until yous get the result you similar.

x. Photograph Editor & Collage Maker by BeFunky

This app is i of the funniest and easy to use for editing your photos. It has powerful editing tools, 32 photo effects, a collage maker, fun fonts, and photograph frames. Information technology also has a nice collection of overlays and stickers.

It’southward so entertaining that you can spend hours playing with your photos.

To acuminate your image,s you need to pick the Photograph Editor option and open the image y’all need to prepare.

Screenshot of photo editing app BeFunky

Press Edits and search for the 2 sharpening options—Sharpen and Smart Acuminate.

Screenshot of photo editing app BeFunky

Screenshot of photo editing app BeFunky

The Sharpen Tool increases the contrast along the edges of the image. Motion the slider towards the right for this.

Screenshot of photo editing app BeFunky

Information technology is a pretty stiff upshot, then if y’all desire to go on a natural look, I recommend not to overdo it.

The Smart Acuminate mostly enhances the midtones. Information technology sharpens the expect without over-sharpening.

nine. PIXLR

PIXRL is a great editing app to unblur a picture. Similar other apps, it comes with effects, overlays, filters, and collages. You tin even do double exposure!

Screenshot of photo editing app Pixlr

To unblur your epitome, get-go past selecting the editing tools. You find them nether the suitcase icon.

Screenshot of photo editing app Pixlr

To unblur your epitome, search for the Sharpen tool. When we acuminate an image, we make it look clearer by enhancing the edges of the objects.

Screenshot of photo editing app Pixlr

Too much sharpening creates an unnatural look. Information technology is important to apply the correct corporeality of sharpening. You tin can control this by using PIXLR’south Amount slider, which ranges between 1 and 100.

Screenshot of photo editing app Pixlr

PIXLR has some other slider called “radius” that you won’t find in many apps. With this option, you can control the size of the sharpened area around the edges.

A bigger radius means thicker edges. Only exist careful with this slide because small-scale changes can greatly affect your image.

You tin improve your images by combining the effects of these 2 sliders.

Screenshot of photo editing app Pixlr

Some other slap-up feature is that you tin select the Castor tool and “paint” with your fingers in the areas you lot want to sharpen in your image.

Screenshot of photo editing app Pixlr

If yous make a mistake, you tin can right it using the Eraser tool.

Screenshot of photo editing app Pixlr


Fotor offers editing tools. Simply information technology also has a customs to share photos with, look for inspiration, and check tutorials. To get all the benefits from the customs, y’all need to sign up.

If yous are interested simply in the mistiness removal potential of this app, you can go admission to its edit tools without needing to sign upwards.

Screenshot of photo editing app Fotor

Y’all can improve your blurry images using the Sharpness tool. You’ll notice this in the Adjust department.

Screenshot of photo editing app Fotor

Screenshot of photo editing app Fotor

When you access it, you notice it at zero. Negative values blur your images. Positive ones make it sharper, which is exactly what you demand!

It is a powerful tool, and then you fifty-fifty run across the upshot of small changes. If you go to +100, your photo might look unnatural.

Fotor has another tool that is helpful to remove mistiness from your images. It is called “structure,” and it brings out textures without affecting the edges of the epitome.

Screenshot of photo editing app Fotor

This tool has two options—Detail and Gradation. To unblur your photo, you need to increment the details.

This might darken your paradigm. You lot might as well need to increase the effulgence (located in the Adjust section).

Screenshot of photo editing app Fotor

7. Lightroom Moblie App

Lightroom is a powerful editing app. Although it is like shooting fish in a barrel to use, information technology is not every bit intuitive as others mentioned in this list. To utilize information technology, you must sign in using an Adobe account or your Facebook or Google account.

A great affair about this app that I have not seen in others is that y’all tin can import photos to the app and organize them in albums. So you won’t need to whorl through the gallery looking for your images anymore!

Screenshot of photo editing app Lightroom
Create albums in the Lightroom library past clicking the plus (+) icon.

Most of the app is complimentary, only it has some features yous need to pay for. Luckily, the one you lot need to remove blur from your photos is non one of those!

Once you accept the photograph in Lightroom, look for the Item icon in the strip menu.

Screenshot of photo editing app Lightroom

This tool has several sliders. The three commencement sliders are similar the ones we’ve seen in other apps—Sharpening (Amount), Radius, and Particular.

Screenshot of photo editing app Lightroom

But Lightroom has something unique. That is the Masking slider. This lets you command which areas of the epitome the sharpening event is practical to.

When working with the slider, tap on the paradigm, and y’all volition see a black mask roofing it. Lightroom shows yous the parts affected by the sharpening tool in white when yous move the slider.

Masking is really useful to avoid unnatural looks due to over-sharpening.

Screenshot of photo editing app Lightroom

Screenshot of photo editing app Lightroom
This is how Lightroom shows you the mask. White is where sharpness is practical.

6. Enhance Photograph Quality (Android and iOS)

Enhance Photo Quality is the app for yous if you are searching for a unproblematic and piece of cake-to-use app to fix your blurry photos.

Open the app, and in the dropdown menu, you will encounter the Sharpness icon.

Screenshot of photo editing app Enhance Photo Quality

When you click on information technology, y’all won’t meet the typical slider. This app converted the sliders into dials. Movement the dial towards the plus (+) sign to increment the sharpness.

It fifty-fifty makes a little dissonance and vibration that simulates the sensation of using the analog punch of a real camera.

Screenshot of photo editing app Enhance Photo Quality

The sharpening event is very strong in this app. Move the dial slowly until you find the indicate you lot like, and click “apply.”

You lot can see the photo “before and subsequently” by pressing the A/B icon.

Screenshot of photo editing app Enhance Photo Quality

5. Lumii (Android)

Lumii is a gratuitous app with a paid “Pro” version. It is mainly meant for creating presets past placing overlays of furnishings and edits on top of your epitome.

You can make some artistic, creative furnishings using this app. With Lumii, yous generally brand global changes. To fix a blurry image, yous can raise the “grain” level with the “sharpen” level and raise the contrast. All these edits are plant in the Adapt card.

The app also allows yous to make changes to the curve of the image, which I find useful. The only negative I plant? In that location is no option to work on only office of the prototype.

Screenshot of photo editing app Lumii

4. Photo Director

Photo Director is an elegant prototype editing app. Information technology emphasizes ease of use and offers various tools and furnishings.

Screenshot of photo editing app PhotoDirector

Its sharpening tool is relatively uncomplicated. You can merely accommodate it globally. Combine it with other tools such as Dehaze, HSL, and HDR, and you lot tin can make big improvements to blurry pictures.

Screenshot of photo editing app PhotoDirector

If yous take just a few unimportant spots in your image that are blurry, you can remove them using the remove/clone tool.

Photo Managing director besides offers a broad variety of presets. These include special effects such every bit overlays, color casts, and many more.

Pay attention, though, considering some of the presets and effects crave payment. You can check out their tutorials.

3. Smooth Photo Editor

The Polish photo editor is another gratuitous app with a paid “pro” selection. Information technology has a very elegant wait and many effects. These include adding light flares and torso modifications.

Screenshot of photo editing app Photo Editor Pro

The Polish photograph editor offers a very nice and versatile blurring tool. The app has a sharpening tool for fixing blurry pictures. This works well with mildly blurry images.

Screenshot of photo editing app Photo Editor Pro

You lot can also amend the sharpening tool’southward outcome past adjusting the contrast.

The greatest challenge with the app is that it has so many tools. To keep them organized, they are placed in sub-menus.

About xv minutes of exploring are plenty to become the hang of it and familiarize yourself with the app.

two. Fotogenic

Fotogenic is a free app in its basic version that offers some nice editing tools. The paid version offers an extensive list of tools, just nosotros focus on the gratuitous version.

Screenshot of photo editing app Fotogenic

The app has a very simple and friendly interface. After selecting the photograph you want to edit, you must tap the “P” at the bottom of the screen. Then you can choose the outcome you desire to add together.

Screenshot of photo editing app Fotogenic

To unblur your epitome, select “detail.” All you have to do now is drag your finger over the area you lot want to unblur.

Screenshot of photo editing app Fotogenic

You can zoom in past spreading out ii fingers across the screen. You can suit the brush size, hardness, and opacity in the settings card at the bottom.

Screenshot of photo editing app Fotogenic

The tool is a castor. You tin can work on specific areas. I really like this option. But making a global change is a scrap challenging.

After editing, tap the checkmark, and the photograph is saved.

1. PhotoSuite iv (Costless Version)

PhotoSuite 4 Complimentary offers essential Photoshop editing furnishings. These include Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, and Shadows adjustments and, of course, sharpening.

The app’due south interface is not the virtually intuitive, and information technology takes some time to get used to it. For instance, the Acuminate and Shadows highlights tools are placed in the Effects department. Other tools, such as contrast, are in the Adjustments section.

Screenshot of photo editing app PhotoSuite 4 Free

The quality of the effects is good enough to take the time and learn your way around the app. You tin make pretty notable improvements to your images.

Screenshot of photo editing app PhotoSuite 4 Free

The app is good at making global adjustments, simply you can also gear up layers and masks. This allows you to work around this limitation and create localized effects.

The PhotoSuite 4 Free is free in its bones edition. Information technology does offer more advanced effects and tools for purchase, such every bit Heal and Clone brushes and various presets.


There are a wide variety of apps to make pictures clear. But there is ever a limit. If the photograph is totally blurred, you won’t be able to fix information technology. It’southward of import to do your best while taking the photo.

Attempt to take the sharpest and clearest photos you tin can. If you later discover slight blurriness, you can fix information technology with i of the apps in this article.