How To Come Up With A Photography Business Name

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The largest barrier I’ve found for people getting their photography business organisation started is choosing a name. Photography business organization names are hard, but i
due north this guide, I’ll give you a step past footstep method for choosing your photography business name.  I’ll also give you an awesome photography business name generator (which you can download for costless beneath).

This article was last updated January 2, 2022.

Only before you swoop into this procedure, if y’all haven’t started your photography business organisation yet, I want to give you permission.

You’ve Been Knighted

I want to give you permission to just use your personal name as your business name. Just employ:

First Name + Concluding Name + Photography

Consider yourself knighted, an official jedi, a wizard at Hogwarts, whatever the heck you feel yous demand to accept permission to do that.

So if that was all that’south property you lot back, skip this commodity and go get-go your photography concern.

But if you have already been doing that for a while and want something else, permit’s go started.

It’s almost similar there’due south this giant amorphous cloud that surrounds the states like a fog when we try to figure this stuff out.

I have a ton of friends with photography businesses that accept spend weeks choosing a new name. And with a new name comes new brands, new websites, new photography portfolios, social profiles, wedding wire, thumbtack, ohmygodimfreakingout….


This happens to everybody.  We make a list of a bunch of ideas and feel similar if we choose the wrong i, our business organisation might fail, or we’ll miss out on clients, or whatever.

Remember, your business name matters less than if y’all’re nonetheless going to be at this in v years.

Just nevertheless we thrash about trying to consider various photography concern names.


Photography Business Names: Quick Starting time Guide

According to

Igor International
, ane of the premiere naming agencies in the world, we demand to consider 10 things when deciding between potential photography business names. Here they are in no item order:

    1. Your proper name needs to do something for you. Make up one’s mind what that is
    1. Divide yourself from your competitions
    1. Show the world you lot’re different
    1. Position your photography business to practise the work you lot want to exercise
    1. Engage with your ideal clients in a positive and lasting way
    1. Be unforgettable
    1. Propel the brand forrad
    1. Lend itself to imagery for marketing and advertising
    1. Be bigger than merely photography
  1. Dominate your category

And while that’due south the about simple checklist I can give you, I think we demand to go deeper if you lot want to really understand how to pick a photography business concern name.

Truth be told, I went through the verbal process below when I was choosing a proper noun for

Photo MBA

Photography Business Names: Advanced Guide

When y’all’re serious nearly choosing a proper name, and you are since you’re reading this, it’southward imperative that you lot know it’s going to have a infinitesimal.  And there’s a good gamble that you notwithstanding won’t love it even later on you lot’ve called.

But over fourth dimension, the name comes to mean more and more. It will achieve escape velocity and really get-go to take off.

The guys at


propose started out by picking the least-worst pick.  Simply cull the option that is the least terrible on your list.  This is how Steve Jobs chose ‘Apple’ (this might actually be true).

Side by side, be willing to grow into your proper noun a bit.  Apple, Facebook, Uber, and AirBNB sound like the dumbest freaking names e’er.  They’re actually really stupid as names.  But because of the work that went on behind them, they’re amazing.  They’re icons.

The process beneath will help you option your to the lowest degree-worst choice and go some wear out of it.

Just Don’t Enquire Your Mom for Help

Unless your mom works for

Igor International
, the world’due south premiere naming bureau.  Then past all means, enquire away.

Y’all need to ask people who matter.  I made that fault when I started PhotoMBA and I should have known better.  I *am* writing the guide on this stuff, correct?

I got responses like:

“Looks similar photobomb”

“Won’t that intimidate people?”

“Sounds like.. Kinda.. You know.”

“Kinda weird.”

Thanks a lot guys. Super helpful feedback.

Minus my own sarcasm, these people had no categories on which to judge the name I chose for my site, or yours for your photography business.

Luckily, Igor International has an astonishing guide on this names and, in our case, photography business organisation names.  I’ve taken their categories and added one that’due south supremely important for those of us doing business organisation online (which, since it’s 2022, is all of united states of america, correct?).

The avant-garde guide for photography business concern names uses 10 categories:

Appearance –

What does your photography business name look like when information technology’southward written out? How would it wait on a billboard or a photography business bill of fare? Information technology might be easy to say, but when somebody reads it, is it focusing? Likewise long? Is there a absurd design in the messages?  My site name looks cracking as PhotoMBA, merely as photomba, it’due south confusing and that had to be taken into consideration.

Distinctive –

Two really big considerations when making your name distinctive is that it must be distinct in that it represents the service your provide (photography), but also that it sets itself apart from your competition.

Using words similar ‘photography’ and ‘studio’ in the name help in the beginning expanse.  Don’t effort to be so witty that people have no idea what you practise.  I have MBA in my make proper noun because I provide concern didactics and so referencing an advanced business degree makes sense.

Using something else to set yourself autonomously in the second surface area volition matter besides. My friends Shane and Abby Cleminson employ both of their names in their brand considering they’re a team, which sets them autonomously.  They also don’t hire out, which is another differentiator that is noted in the name.  They were formerly Grow With Me Photography (primarily kids shoots) and Apple Tree Studios (weddings, portraits, etc.)

Depth –

Depth is one of those cool things, that’s hard to tell at offset, but becomes credible over time. Names like Nike have depth. Did you know that Nike was the winged goddess of victory?  I would speculate that her wings are the inspiration for the famous ‘swoosh’ logo.  Your a sports logo and you’re named after the winged goddess of victory and strength?   Now that’s depth yous can grow into.

Energy –

What’s the ‘experience’ of the proper noun?  Can you run a Facebook Advertizement entrada on just the name?  When people say the name, does information technology prompt them to want to know more than? If y’all made a t-shirt with just the name on information technology, would that be something you’d want to wear?

Humanity –

Think of this as if your make name were the nickname of i of your kids, or your all-time friend.  Would it make a smashing nickname?  “Apple” and “Uber” have a very absurd humanity to them while more functional names like “America Online” practise not.

Positioning –

How does your make name assistance to position yourself as a premium photography service (and exist able to package your photograph services and get paid like 1)?  How many of the important messages you want your clients to know well-nigh you does your name map to?

Sound –

People volition talk about your company.  If you do any advertizing or marketing with podcasts, TV, radio, or fifty-fifty get introduced at your local Bedchamber of Commerce your photography business name needs to exist able to be said.  This is for two reasons: not merely how information technology sounds, simply also tin it exist hands shared by others when they’re talking to somebody they want to see your piece of work.  Discussion of oral cavity is HUGE as a photographer and if people have to repeat themselves ten times when sharing your business name, they’ll stop sharing it.

The Test: If I phone call my grandpa on his 1991 house phone with the retractable antenna and tell him the name of my business, volition he exist able to understand what I’g saying?

“33” (Magic!) –

Magic is that shock and awe of a brand.  How evocative the name is.  Names like “Yahoo!” and “Virgin’ are strong in magic.

For quite a while, I toyed with the idea of calling this brand something other than “PhotoMBA.” My other acme proper name that I had in the running was to call it “Fotisto,” the Esperanto word for photographer.  I felt like the the ‘magic’ of Fotisto is incredible and people would hear information technology and want to know more, to share it, and lean it when somebody said it to them.  But, as y’all’ll see at the stop of the article, PhotoMBA won for stronger positioning and free energy.

Trademark –

This is the most un-sexy category in this listing.  Merely check to make sure nobody else already trademarked the name and you’re all set.  Here’southward

a free search tool

to see if your photography business organization name is trademarked.  I’one thousand not a trademark attorney, but if it’southward trademarked in an area that has nothing to exercise with photography, you’re fine.

Domain –

Can y’all get a domain that y’all similar?  If you tin’t become a .com, or .net, go with .co.  The .co maps in client’s brains as a “Co.” or company website.  But be sure that if they type .com on accident that it isn’t your direct competition or something they might confuse with yous.  Also, for domains, feel free to do something slightly creative with information technology and add a verb or other work in there equally well (E.g. Facebook used for a while at commencement and I’m happy to employ because the .com wasn’t available).

Evidently, your name matters far less than whether or not you’ll nevertheless be hustling your face off taking photos and running an awesome photography business concern in 5 years.  Yous can call yourself Firstname Lastname Photography and just get started today.

Even so, when you lot’ve got a big of experience, some amazing testimonials, and y’all’re ready for something bigger, this guide makes a huge different. Brainstorm a bunch of ideas and dig into the worksheet below.

The Photography Business Name Generator Worksheet

Time to take some activeness!

For the worksheet, you’ll employ the nautical chart as a fashion to evaluate a list of photography business names you’re deciding betwixt.  Feel free to add your direct competition to the list and see how their names stack up against yours.  Assign up to ten points in each category for a full of 100 maximum points.

Here’s an example of my score for PhotoMBA, when I first ran through this exercise:

photography business name generator photo mba

Alright! Let’s download the worksheet and get started! The download link is below. Here’south how to use it:

    1. Write all your business name ideas in the left column.
    1. Score the names in each category; 0 for extremely poor, 10 for splendid. You’ll accept to utilise your gut on these scores.
    1. Add upwards the scores at the end of each row to encounter which name performs best.
    1. Optional: give the worksheet to a few friends to have them fill it out equally well. Compare your scores with theirs for more objectivity.
    1. Proper noun your photography business and make a meg dollars with your new great proper noun!
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