How To Create A Free Watermark For Photography

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Batch watermark thousands of photos quickly. Put text to photo, insert logo, or combination of both. Add custom watermarks. Cull from 926 fonts or employ your own fonts. Watermark photos offline. Salvage watermark templates for later utilise. Free trial version. This batch watermark software runs on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

I will use Visual Watermark – batch watermark software. Here is a quick sit-in.

Watermark Photos Without Internet Connectedness

Visual Watermark works on your reckoner, not on the internet. Fifty-fifty if you accept slow internet connection, or your computer gone offline, you will still be able to protect your pictures.

Watermarking photos locally is besides much faster than using web tools. Mod cameras produce very big images. Sending them even over fast network connections takes a lot of time. Visual Watermark starts watermarking your photos instantly.

Working offline means nobody can admission your originals. When you apply a webservice, their owners go admission to your originals. Nobody knows how they will use them, especially if yous use a free web service.

Design Custom Watermark

Visual Watermark has many watermark elements. Watermark photos using text, make, website address, logo and copyright symbols. You can adjust the watermark the fashion you lot like: get in small or big, opaque or transparent, rotated or direct.

The app comes with more than 200 fonts and 66 effects that you can use to make a truly unique watermark. Y’all tin also utilize your own fonts or fonts yous go with Monotype or Adobe font subscriptions.

The app allows you to relieve watermarks for later on employ or share them across your function. Yous can create as many watermarks you need. Depending on the project, y’all volition be able to rapidly detect advisable template.

Custom watermark appearance

Choose Watermark Position For Every Picture In The Batch

Visual Watermark allows you lot to watermark landscape, portrait and cropped photos at once. Drag all photos into the app and design your watermark. The app will automatically correct its size and position where necessary.

You can customize the position and size chosen by the app. Delight click Preview button on the 3rd app screen. This will open a dialog where y’all can preview how the watermark looks on every motion-picture show in the batch. You tin fix individual watermark positions where necessary.

Automatic Watermark Position and Size

Manual Watermark Position and Size

Protect Confronting Automated Watermark Removal

Some companies develop watermark removal algorithms. They work by analyzing a batch of watermarked images, figuring out what part of the picture is a watermark. Then they’re able to completely remove it. Photo stock websites are peculiarly vulnerable, since they place the aforementioned watermark across all photo previews.

Visual Watermark slightly randomizes watermarks to make them more robust. Every motion-picture show gets a copy of watermark that looks most the same but actually is a little bit different. This makes information technology harder for automatic algorithms to wipe the watermark completely. More about automated watermark removal.

Resize Photos After Watermarking

Watermarks can be removed sometimes. For instance, if a watermark was placed on photograph confronting plain heaven, someone tin can pigment information technology over and thus remove your protection. If a total-resolution image was published online, the villain gets original flick. Keep originals on your reckoner instead. Publish only images of lower resolution. Fifty-fifty if a villain removes watermark, nobody will go admission to the original.

You lot can resize photos using Visual Watermark by choosing “Resize” option on the 3rd app screen.

Why You Should Watermark Photos

In the modern world many people create visual content, uploading tons of pictures on the Internet every mean solar day. If you happen to be one of them – y’all accept a website, a blog or you love to share your photos on social media — then you may accept already wondered what’s the point of a visual watermark and whether yous should add it to your photos.

A watermark is a visible semitransparent stamp: a logo, a name of a brand or a name overlaid on the original image. Ideally, a watermark should not distract the attending from the picture itself.

The first and foremost purpose of watermarks is to protect your copyrights and foreclose image theft. Imagine that yous posted your content on the internet without making a watermark. A couple of days or weeks subsequently of a sudden you lot found out that somebody had stolen your picture and claimed them every bit their own, thereby alluring new customers or followers. Had you watermarked your photo, y’all could’ve avoided this terrible situation, because it clearly states who the author is. Of course, creating a tiny watermark in the corner of a photograph does non guarantee you lot a total protection. If y’all already know how to watermark photos, we recommend checking out this article to know how to improve it: how to improve your watermarks.

Another advantage of watermarking your photos is branding and promoting your brand every bit it is basically a complimentary advertisement. Having seen your photos or photos of your products on the Net, potential clients tin quickly find your website or your profile on social media with the help of your watermark, simply typing in your name or the proper noun of your make in the search bar. It is a lot easier than playing detective and trying to identify the original source of the flick on your own. For instance, clothing brands put a proper noun tag on all of their items, so that people would know who made them. Watermarks are proper name tags for our images.
Plus, people start to acquaintance your make with a certain style and blazon of photos.

In the past not bad artists quite often marked their works, putting their names inside of a motion picture. It was a tool to expand their clientele as well as to protect their copyrights, although at that time not and so many people were able to forge accurately incredible masterpieces. Unfortunately, nowadays your images just a couple of clicks abroad from beingness stolen. If you want to prevent image theft and at the same time promote your make, increase your sales and drive traffic to your website, and then you should watermark your pictures.

In case y’all even so have doubts, you can find more information virtually pros and cons of watermarking your photos hither: watermark photos or not?.

Visual Watermark is a watermark software for Mac and Windows with the batch mode support allowing you to watermark 100s of photos at once. It comes with a diversity of watermark templates and appearance options. With Visual Watermark, watermarking photos is easy like A-B-C and extremely fast. All you lot have to do is to perform three simple steps. And you are done.

Please note that removing somebody else’s watermark isn’t legal in nigh countries. In US fines are as high as $2500. Search for a free image instead of removing somebody else’s watermark. For example, y’all tin search for images in this collection.

How To Make A Watermark – Video Guide

Hither is a step-by-step video guide on how to use the app to watermark your photos:

And you volition observe text transcription beneath. If you need to watermark photos on your phone, tablet or Chromebook, check our online watermarking app.

Step ane – Select Photos For Watermarking

Drag and drop photos or entire folders to Visual Watermark, or click ‘Select Images’ and choose required photos/folders in the ‘Open up File’ dialog. To select all photos contained in a folder, press Ctrl+A on Windows or Cmd+A on Mac.

To clear selected images, click the ‘Articulate’ push button.

Step two – Create Your Make New Watermark

At this footstep, you tin can customize the watermark (layout, position, rotation, opacity and automobile-scale) and make it await personal. You lot can add a logo (Add together Logo), plainly text (Add Text) or a combination of both (Add together Group).

Visual Watermark puts 10 born watermark templates to assistance you quickly create your ain watermark. A watermark template can incorporate a logo and up to iii text lines. You can add together as many watermark templates as required to compose your make new watermark.

Click the ‘Add together Group’ button and select the required template. To provide your own logo, select a watermark template with the ‘Logo’ glyph.

Depending on a template you accept selected at previous pace, you should specify your ain logo and text (title and/or subtitle, phone number, etc.).

Click a watermark element (logo or text) to select information technology. The second click selects the unabridged watermark group (template).

Watermark Position

One time an entire watermark or its chemical element is selected, it becomes possible to change watermark position and customization options appear on the right. Click the watermark and drag it to change watermark position. You tin use arrows on your keyboard to move the watermark too.

Changing Appearance

All available customization options are displayed to the right.

Watermark customization options include:

  • Ability to scale and rotate the watermark at the specified location.
  • Power to specify the watermark’due south opacity from 100 possible levels.
  • Power to specify 2 of 66 visual furnishings.
  • Enable the Tile option to fill image with your watermark.
  • Select one of 926 fonts.
  • Ability to specify the text brightness and colour using the Color Wheel.
  • Ability to specify your own logo and remove the background color from it.

Read our guide to learn how to position a watermark for better protection of your photos: How To Improve Your Watermark Protection.

Re-using Watermark Templates

Visual Watermark automatically saves your watermark template. Next time you open the app, it will load previously used watermark template automatically. If you don’t want to utilise the same watermark template once more, click Remove Watermark button on the right.

If y’all desire to use older watermark template, click Next Pace button in the top-right corner to go to the screen #three.

If your watermark template is empty, Visual Watermark will offer you to use 1 of older watermark templates or create a new one.

Visual Watermark saves up to 10 watermark templates. Just click on the watermark template to load it.

Step iii – Specify Output Settings and Watermark Photos

Visual Watermark provides the following output options:

  • Output Binder. Click ‘Change’ and select the required folder. Annotation you lot cannot export images to the folder which contains original images.
  • Auto-Scale Watermarks. If this option is enabled, Visual Watermark automatically adjusts the size of watermarks for cropped and hi-res images in the same batch.
  • Go along Binder Structure. If this pick is enabled, Visual Watermark preserves epitome folders. This option appears automatically if you lot select photos from several folders.
  • Image Quality. Choose one of the following pinch levels: Medium, Proficient, Superb and Maximum. The higher image quality (resolution), though, the larger the file size.
  • Resize Photos. Select one of the following resize methods: Exercise not resize images, Fit prototype width (to the specified number of pixels), Fit paradigm height (to the specified number of pixels), Fit width and height (to the specified number of pixels). Don’t publish loftier-res photos online to avert them from existence stolen.
  • Rename Photos. You tin leave file names unchanged or provide new names to prettify camera file names.
  • Metadata Copyright. Allows y’all to specify your copyright and contact information. This information is added into the image metadata (EXIF) and isn’t visible. Information technology can exist read using the file dialog (Windows) and Preview app (Mac).

Once all required output settings are specified, click ‘Watermark’ to start watermarking your photos.

Step 4 – Salve Your Watermark

Visual Watermark will automatically save your watermark template when you quit. Adjacent time you open the app, it will load previously used watermark automatically.

Should you want to send the template to a unlike computer, save it to a file. Click the Export Watermark Template push button, select the location and specify the file name. Watermark templates are stored in VWM4 file types. To load the watermark, double click a file with the required watermark. Visual Watermark will start and load your template.


How can I add together a watermark to my photo?

  1. Launch Visual Watermark.
  2. Click “Select Images” or drag your photos into the app.
  3. Select 1 or more than images you lot would like to watermark.
  4. Click “Next Step”.
  5. Choose i of three options “Add text”, “Add logo” or “Add group”, depending what type of a watermark you lot want.
  6. Blazon your text, if y’all want a textual watermark, or choose/upload a logo.
  7. Elevate your watermark to a desired position or use arrows on your keyboard to move it.
  8. Edit your watermark with the help of editing tools on the right side of the screen. You can change font, color, size, opacity and rotation, add one or two effects and enable a tile choice.
  9. Click “Next Step” to go to Output Settings, when y’all are happy with your watermark.
  10. Specify Output Settings and select a binder to save your photos in.
  11. Click “Preview” if you want to see a preview of your watermarked images.
  12. Click “Watermark” to commencement watermarking your images.

What does it hateful to watermark your photos?

To watermark a photograph means to add a text or a logo to your epitome in gild to claim that you lot are the owner of this photo. Your text or logo can be more or less visible in gild to get in easy or hard to see the watermark.

How practice I watermark my photos quickly?

In society to watermark your photos quickly, you can use one of your previously made watermark templates. Visual Watermark saves upward to 10 watermark templates.

If you don’t have a lot of photos to watermark and yous don’t want to install anything, you lot can use the online watermarking app, Watermarkly. It is fast and works right in your browser.

If yous are using Visual Watermark for the beginning time, select images, choose what type of watermark you lot want, edit your watermark using editing tools, specify output settings and click “Watermark” to watermark your images. Visual Watermark supports batch watermarking, so you tin easily and quickly watermark a lot of images at one time.

Should you watermark photos?

Yeah, y’all should for ii reasons – protection and promotion. The master purpose of a watermark is to copyright your photos and foreclose any attempts of theft. Stock photography companies employ repetitive watermarks beyond their images in society to protect them. Watermark can also help with promoting your image. If someone randomly sees your photo with your proper name on it, they volition know who the author is. They can look you up to see more of your works. Information technology is wise to watermark your photos before posting them on social media.

Where do I place a watermark on my photo?

The most mutual position of a watermark is in the lesser right corner. This manner it doesn’t take away the attention from your image. However, if yous position your watermark in any of four corners, it makes it easier for thieves to crop it out. Watermarks are secure only if you lot utilize them properly. The best protection is achieved past placing your watermark in the center of the photograph and make information technology cover at least 30% of your image. Y’all can make the watermark semi-transparent for a better viewing feel.

Read more here

How do I watermark a jpeg?

JPG is the most common image format. The majority pictures that you run into online are JPG. In order to watermark a jpeg, yous have to select your images, cull what kind of watermark you want to add together (text, logo or group), edit your watermark, specify the output settings and click “Watermark” to watermark you lot image.

How do I put watermarks on my photos for free?

You can utilize trial version of Visual Watermark to watermark your photos for free. However, whatever photos you lot protect will have a “Trial Version” text added onto them. Alternatively, you can use the online app for batch watermarking – Watermarkly. It is fast, easy-to-use and you lot don’t have to install anything.

How do I watermark my logo?

  1. Launch Visual Watermark.
  2. Click “Select Images” or drag your photos into the app.
  3. Select one or more images you would like to watermark.
  4. Click “Next Step”.
  5. Cull “Add logo”. You tin can upload a logo template or choose 1 from 60 built-in logos.
  6. Edit logo watermark using editing tools. Yous can change color, size, opacity and rotation, add one or two effects, enable a tile option or remove background of your logo.
  7. Click “Adjacent Step” to become to Output Settings, when you are happy with your watermark.
  8. Specify Output Settings and select a folder to save your photos in.
  9. Click “Preview” if you want to see a preview of your watermarked images.
  10. Click “Watermark” to kickoff watermarking your images.



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