How To Create Collections In Lightroom

By | 12/08/2022

Lightroom Collections

Lightroom Collections

(Everything You Demand to Know)

Lightroom has a very powerful photo organization tool called

Some of yous may know about Lightroom Collections and some of you lot may even use them. Just many photographer’s I know don’t Actually know how to take advantage of this them.

In this Adobe Lightroom Collections tutorial, I wanted to show you what the various Lightroom Collections are and how you lot can utilize them to salvage yourself A LOT time in Lightroom.

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What are Lightroom Collections?

A Lightroom Collection is a grouping of photos. The photos tin be from the same folder or from different folders all over your hard drive. When you put photos in a collection you lot are Not making duplicates of the files you are putting there. You are but telling Lightroom that you want those photos linked and viewable together in your drove.

There are iii different types of collections in Lightroom:

  • Collections –used to group photos together and admission them beyond all Lightroom panels.
  • Smart Collections –used to gather images together automatically using criteria you set.
  • Collection Sets –used for organizing collections and smart collections.

Why Y’all Should Be Using Lightroom Collections

Nigh photographers I know use a folder system to go on their photos organized. This is smart.

But all of your organization folders aren’t accessible when yous are in the Develop Module. This means that if you need to switch to a new folder yous will have to go dorsum to the Library module and choose a new folder to work on. Evidently going back and forth takes valuable time and wasting fourth dimension is something none of us desire to do!

Lightroom Add Photo to Collection

The great thing about Lightroom Collections is that they ARE available in the Develop module.

Having your photos in a Lightroom Collection will keep yous from going dorsum and forth between modules so much. This is a HUGE TIME SAVER when working on lots of photos.

Using Lightroom Collection Sets

Lightroom Drove Sets will help you organize your regular collections. For case, I might have a Lightroom Collection Set called “Clients” that holds collections for each of my clients.  All of my favorites from each customer shoot would be in a Collection titled with the client’southward name.

I might also accept a Collection Set of my personal family favorites. Within that Collection Set y’all accept smart collections of each years’ favorite photos.

Adobe Lightroom Collections Tutorial

How to Create a Collection and a Collection Ready

Creating a Lightroom Collection and Collection Prepare are SUPER easy. Highlight some images yous would like grouped together in a collection. Move to the Collection Panel on the left side of Lightroom and click on the “+” sign at the tiptop of the Collection Panel.

How to Use Collections in Lightroom

You will see a popular-up with the dissimilar types of collections you can create. You will have 3 choices: Collection, Smart Collection, and Collection Set.

Lightroom Quick Collection

In one case you choose the blazon of collection you lot want, you will ready up your collection using the pop-up box that displays for each collection.

In the future, if you want to add together more photos to this drove, just select the image and drag and drop them into the collection you accept created.

How to Utilize Lightroom Smart Collections

Lightroom Smart Collections are very dissimilar than the regular Collections.

You can’t drag and driblet photos or delete photos from a Smart Drove. Instead, Smart Collections can be used to find and include (or exclude) photos based on criteria (or filters) that you set within that detail Smart Drove.

Of class, yous can add, delete, or modify those parameters to obtain your desired results.

For example, I created a Smart Collection (using several parameters) for all my favorite family unit photos and snapshots from 2019. I fix my parameters to find any photos taken between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018 that I gave a three star or college rating to and were besides located in the folder I normally use to shop all of my family unit images.

Lightroom Smart Collection

Some boosted criteria yous can use to sort photos into a Lightroom Smart Collection include:

  • Specific file blazon(s).
  • Specific Lightroom star rating or star rating range.
  • Specific colour label(s).
  • Specific aspect ratio(s).
  • Lightroom “picked” or “rejected” photos

Recall, yous can use as many or as few of these criteria to build the exact Smart Collection you want.


Lightroom collections are incredibly powerful! They have the ability to save you time, and keep your photos organized and available in all the Lightroom Modules which will make finding your images fast no matter where you are in Lightroom!

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