How To Do A Home Photography Studio Business

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Yous merely got that loan to add a room to the house for your NEW photography studio. Now you want to design it the all-time that it can be. Read on to learn now.


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    Survey the infinite you are going to create your studio in.
    Know what your dimensions are and program accordingly. You volition want the maximum usefulness out of the space you are working with. This may mean more storage overhead or in other areas.[ane]

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    Know what you volition be using information technology for, and have into consideration, future changes to it.
    For case, are yous going to be needing just 1 room and a door…or do you need a studio, an office, a computer area, etc. Some photographic options are still life, macro photography, portraits, etc.[2]


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    Add together that to your ‘sketch’.
    You accept outside walls (about ten inches thick), interior walls (if required), and doors.

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    Have into consideration any access
    (ADA) laws.

    This volition affect any commercial photography operation, more than a private at-home lensman.[iii]

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    Make up one’s mind what will go where within the space then that you take room to shoot your subject field and nevertheless nonetheless space for storage, moving around and comfort..[4]

    • Take into consideration the ambient sunlight that comes in any detail window. This may be of cracking business for natural lite photographers. Windows facing due north are the all-time for this as they volition assemble vast amounts of low-cal but no directly sunday to cast harsh shadows.[five]
    • Plan in very stiff electrical systems as you lot will exist cartoon more power from your electric panel that yous think. Hire a trained electrician for all piece of work to ensure it is washed upwards to local building codes.
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    Design in, and for, any piece of work platforms that you demand.

  7. seven

    Put some thought as to whatever decor that yous will want.
    This may bear on window coverings, hung artwork, refreshment area and seating for your guests. All these areas will have an touch on your client’s emotional state as they take photos with you. Happier clients equal higher sales.


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  • Be sure that you take a fire extinguisher at that place, whether or not it is a ‘business’. Lights and material can get very hot and at that place are a lot of electric connections.

  • Have actress materials on hand for your clients. For newborns, accept diapers, wipes and bottled water for formula. For children photography, juice boxes and some snacks are not bad to give them a little heave of free energy.

  • Additional considerations could include the fact that relatively high ceilings, large spaces, actress storage, controllable light, monochromatic room color, and lots of power are all extremely of import when designing a photography studio of much scale or import (according to Scott Bourne,

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