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[I]f this blog championship defenseless your middle and you idea, ‘Hell yep, I’ve got a great collection of commercially viable images just lying around on my hard bulldoze doing nothing, when they could be making me some money’, then this quick start guide to creating a commercial photography website could exist the push you lot demand.

But don’t allow me talk you into information technology if you lot’re not set up for information technology or don’t demand 1. Setting up a defended or divide commercial photography website can be quick and easy, but it notwithstanding takes organisation and the right portfolio.


You are a niche photographer and it shows.

For example, you more often than not shoot only one matter – weddings, newborn, boudoir, for case – and your main website is conspicuously defended to doing that one thing well. You tin can’t be all things to all people and a picture editor or epitome agency won’t be interested in hunting downwards the tiny tucked-abroad section of your website which mentions your commercial photography. They want someone who conspicuously values their ain commercial photography instead of trying to hide it.

Your commercial manner is completely unlike from other types of photography you do.

The contrast in styles cuts both means. Your prospective bride is unlikely to be comfy with seeing your notwithstanding life nature photography and fashion nudes mixed in with your nuptials epitome galleries. If you lot are concerned about discouraging your usual clients, then a separate site is for you.

Y’all specialise in simply one sort of commercial photography

If then, you lot’re definitely in the market place for a dedicated site. Rocking a niche is crawly – so shout about it. Marketing to a niche with a strong portfolio in one genre, puts you lot straight into the adept category. People LOVE experts.

Well-known wedding photographer,
Lisa Devlin, as well has a secret double life as a successful food photographer. She used our
Artisan pattern
to put together the frankly delicious-looking
Cake For Dinner, to showcase her portfolio. Lisa says “I’ve noticed a jump in the kind of food photography bookings that accommodate my mode, because potential clients can conspicuously encounter what they’re going to become.”


Y’all haven’t done whatever dedicated commercial shoots.

Yes, we’ve all got some dainty images we’ve taken of flowers, of our kids, of some killer details shots from weddings, but be honest and ask yourself if it’s plenty to pull together a commercial portfolio.

Y’all’re not actively seeking commercial piece of work.

If you’re non actively seeking commercial piece of work because you’re shooting weddings every weekend of the bound and summer, but you know you’ve got a few saleable images in your back catalogue, you don’t need a split website. However, yous might want to consider registering with some stock image sites.

They’re non all cheesy. One of the most innovative paradigm sites I’ve seen is
Prototype Brief, which posts briefs on behalf of clients, agencies and media buyers. Photographers tin submit specific images to the briefs they retrieve they can fill. Fifty-fifty if you don’t have any suitable images on file, information technology will give you lot a skilful idea of the kind of commercial photography that’due south in need. You might even use some of the briefs to inspire you to create images that could go into a commercial portfolio.

It’south also common for
users to be approached by owners,
Getty Images, for inclusion in their listings. That’southward truly the ‘practice-nothing’ arroyo to commercial photography and at the very to the lowest degree, y’all’ll have a gallery of commercial images in 1 place, that you can hands link to.


So what do y’all need to differently when creating a commercial photography website, as opposed to say, a wedding photography website?

1. Continue IT Unproblematic

I know you’ve probably spent hours, days, weeks fifty-fifty, agonising over your logo and honing your brand elements. Only I’m afraid that where hymeneals or lifestyle websites tin can be all about memorable branding, when it comes to commercial photography, the objective is to permit potentional clients to imagine

their make

working with your images. Yous don’t demand to tell a story, or accept them on a journey. Y’all need to give your images room to breathe and permit them practise all the work.

Brand sure they can go to all of your image galleries with just one click from either the menu or the home page. In the course of choosing a commercial photographer, they volition render to your site once again and once again, to reference your work with colleagues and potential clients. Don’t make them work to difficult to find information technology.

In the course of researching this article, I spoke to a couple of picture editors who all preferred to see commercial sites with white backgrounds and footling or no colour. Yous can’t become wrong with black and white or grey and white. Keep fonts to an absolute minimum and choose readable classics.

Our new design,
Analog for ProPhoto5, ticks all of the above boxes. Clean and minimalist with enough of white space, simple type treatments and an like shooting fish in a barrel-to-navigate home folio. The portfolio is front and centre and the featured web log posts keep the dwelling page fresh. (By the fashion, if you already have a copy of
ProPhoto, you can apply your license on a second site for gratuitous.)

Analog Home

2. KEEP Information technology Brief

Do you call up when we talked well-nigh
creating a killer Most Me
page? We talked about NOT being the person who is a tedious CV lister. In this scenario, I’m going to requite y’all my total blessing to list your awesome commercial achievements. Been published somewhere relevant? Won some awards for your commercial photography? Become for it! But continue it brief. Lists are fine – there is no room for whimsical emotion. Relieve that for your hymeneals and lifestyle website.

It might even be benign, *whispers it*, to mention some specialist equipment that you apply, if it’south advisable. For example, some editors like to know you can shoot tethered in studio situations.


Non that this shouldn’t be a given for any website, just in this case, you demand to make sure that your galleries work perfectly on every device. Whilst a potential lifestyle customer might be happy to sit back and watch a slideshow of newborn babies at a leisurely pace, a commercial customer will be scrutinizing your images for both technique and tone. The film editors I spoke as well all wanted to be able to control the speed of a slideshow and wanted thumbnails, lightbox fashion galleries and the option to view images at full screen. Make sure your images are optimized to load every bit fast as possible. Even after exporting my images for web usage, I like to run them through
JPEG Mini, which reduces file size past up to 3 times, without compromising on quality. Whilst y’all can use the gratuitous online version, the $19.99 app is a steal as yous can batch re-size images correct in their folders, without uploading, moving or re-downloading them.

Are you inspired? We’d love to see some of your commercial sites and / or sites that you beloved. Link to them in the comments.

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