How To Do Silhouette Photography

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If you’re looking for new and creative photography techniques to try with your iPhone, it might be time to endeavor shooting silhouettes. A silhouette is captured by shooting the outline of an object so information technology appears as a blackness or dark shape without much particular confronting a bright background. This dramatic contrast between light and dark is neat for capturing unique contour pics.

Whether you lot’re just starting out with silhouette photography or want to refine your arts and crafts, here are some tips for taking beautiful silhouette photos with your iPhone.

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What is the purpose of a silhouette?

As an fine art course, profile silhouettes became popular in the mid-18th century to capture profile images cheaply by just including the outline of the portrait. Silhouettes were originally cut from black paper and placed on a white groundwork as an culling to more expensive portrait paintings.

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Today, silhouette photos are taken to convey mystery, drama, and emotion. They tin can be used to tell a story and are beautiful in their simplicity. Considering silhouettes take such strong dissimilarity betwixt calorie-free and dark, they leave much to the viewer’s imagination and are perfect for creative renditions of people, animals, and recognizable objects.

How to have silhouette photos on your iPhone

Don’t be intimidated past silhouette photography. Y’all don’t need perfect light, dandy timing, or a fancy camera. In fact, your iPhone is the perfect tool for capturing beautiful silhouettes. Here are our elevation tips for getting a not bad silhouette shot.

i. Shoot into the low-cal

Someday you have a strong contrast in brightness between the foreground and background, it’s a nifty opportunity for cute silhouette photography. The secret is to betoken your camera into the light to capture the dark outline of your subject. Once you have a composition in mind and have framed your shot, hold your finger on the screen over the lightest part of your image. This volition lock the auto exposure and focus on the lightest office of your prototype and so that your bailiwick is darker and more dramatic.

2. Choose a subject with interesting lines and shapes

Not all subjects are suitable for silhouette photography. The key is to discover something with an interesting outline that will stand out as a silhouette. At that place are many things that tin can make interesting silhouettes — sailboats, trees, bicycles, people, and dogs. Subjects with more intricate details might non show up well as silhouettes, so save them for a future photograph shoot.

3. Utilise Burst mode to find the correct limerick

If you are photographing a moving subject for your silhouette, you volition probable take dozens of photos in order to notice the perfect limerick. Brand information technology easy on yourself and shoot in Burst manner while asking your subject to move effectually. Yes, you lot volition probable take lots of photos that you’ll simply end upward deleting later, but y’all will as well capture some fun silhouette photos that show the perfect combination of shadow and light. The more yous experiment with silhouette photography, the amend your compositions will go.

4. Take photos from a low bending

Novice photographers have a trend to shoot at eye level, and while in that location’southward naught wrong with taking silhouette photos from a standing position, we recommend getting downward low and shooting upward toward your discipline. Shooting from this angle makes information technology easier to capture your subject and the sky or background, without other distracting elements.

5. Hide the sun backside your subject

Sunset is one of the near popular times to take silhouette photos, only sometimes, the sun volition be too bright or distracting and volition actually have abroad from your overall composition. The secret in this state of affairs is to position the sun behind your subject and then you can’t see it. The sun will be subconscious, just information technology will give your subject a overnice pronounced glow around the silhouette, besides known every bit backlight in photography.

How do you lot take silhouette pictures within?

Almost silhouette images are taken outside, shooting into the sun against the sky, but y’all tin also try capturing silhouettes indoors. The technique is the aforementioned — shooting a dark bailiwick against a brilliant background or a light source. Here are some ideas for shooting indoor silhouettes with your iPhone:

  • Capture your subject confronting a bright window.
  • Shoot from inside a dark room with your subject standing in a lighted doorway. (Make sure the doorway is well-lit though, or you’ll end up with a noisy photo.)
  • Shoot a partial silhouette by having your subject pose near a window and reflect the lite back onto their face up.

How to edit your silhouette images

Using your iPhone to capture beautiful silhouettes is only the get-go. You can make huge improvements to your silhouettes past doing a bit of editing with your favorite photo editing app. Hither are some tips for editing your silhouette images.

1. Increase the contrast for a more graphic look

As mentioned earlier, silhouettes were historically just cutting blackness paper confronting white backgrounds. If you want to recreate that simple, graphic look, utilise the Contrast slider to increase the difference between light and dark. While you may lose some of the details of your subject, the crisp outline will be emphasized.

2. Increase the shadows

Sometimes all you need to emphasize your silhouette is more dissimilarity in your photo, but if you still see distracting details, you may want to use the Shadow slider to darken your silhouette.

iii. Add together warmth for a soft glow

Sunset and sunrise are great times to practice silhouette photography. The colors volition naturally be warmer during the golden hr, just yous can also highlight those colors in post-processing. Employ the Warmth slider to make your silhouette photos popular with a soft glow. This is particularly dramatic confronting a cloudy sky, every bit you volition see a variety of colors that add together interest to your composition.

4. Experiment with black-and-white or monochrome filters

Sometimes a colorful background volition distract the viewer from the bailiwick, making your photo feel too decorated. A blackness-and-white filter simplifies the image, highlighting the bailiwick and the groundwork while taking away distracting colors. About photograph editing apps have several dissimilar black-and-white or monochrome filters, so you can experiment with different looks until you settle on one that works well for your image.

How to turn a photograph into a silhouette in Photoshop

Yous tin can besides use the editing tips above to turn a photo into a silhouette using Photoshop Limited or another editing app. While not all photos will work as silhouettes, most photos taken confronting a brilliant groundwork will work with a little mail-processing. Simply add a black-and-white filter, then increase the contrast until the details disappear.

Once you have the basic concept downwardly, you’ll find that silhouette photos are easy to create and fun to edit. Follow these tips to add a whole new dimension to your photography.