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How To Duplicate Photo In Lightroom

By | 25/10/2022

Three Ways to Duplicate Images in Lightroom Archetype

In that location are many reasons you might want to duplicate an epitome when y’all’re working in Lightroom.

The question is – is it like shooting fish in a barrel to do? Information technology is relatively piece of cake, so let us walk you through the steps. Creating copies of your work is a central pace that anyone using Lightroom should know how to accomplish.

Nigh Lightroom

Lightroom is our editing software of option and the go-to software for most serious photographers. If yous’re asking how to duplicate an image, so information technology’s because you’re pretty new at using the programme. Understanding how the plan functions and handles images will exist beneficial and is a critical start stride.

In nearly editing programs, Adobe’s Photoshop included, yous only click on the “save equally” command when yous want to re-create or indistinguishable an image. For example, if you did this in Photoshop with a 25MB RAW file, you would terminate upward with iii to v editing versions, each over 1GB past the end of the procedure.

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Then forth came Adobe’s Lightroom, which proved a game-changer for editing RAW photos. It improved Photoshop’s editing workflow and made majority editing so much easier!

Nondestructive Editing

Yes, you read that correctly: nondestructive editing. Lightroom editing workflow is based on nondestructive RAW editing. But what does that mean? Permit’southward talk over RAW file formats showtime.

The RAW file format contains a large volume of data collected from pixels of the digital sensor. It’s the all-time format to work with if yous know yous’ll exist making edits in your mail-processing workflow. However, to run into the representation of that data, you need to utilize a RAW converter. That’s why using Lightroom can exist and then handy.

If you shoot JPEG instead of RAW, the photographic camera’s image processor volition interpret the data from the sensor and convert it into a JPEG epitome. In that location’s no converting needed from RAW. Simply your power to edit without losing quality is compromised.

Lightroom will catechumen RAW data nerveless. It takes that raw data and interprets it using a set of parameters known every bit a profile. It then produces a visual representation of the image with the edits in the course of a JPEG preview.

Any edits you make to an image will cause Lightroom to create a JPEG preview that contains those edits. However, Lightroom does not touch on or modify the original RAW file. It leaves the original intact.

Only that JPEG preview it generated includes the changes you fabricated. This is called Nondestructive Raw Editing. Nondestructive raw editing allows you to work with some unique functionalities.

How to Indistinguishable A Photo in Lightroom

Cheers to nondestructive editing, hither are 3 ways to duplicate a photo in Lightroom.

one. Virtual Copies

Virtual copies let y’all to edit and salve equally many as yous desire without impacting the original. Instead, Lightroom creates a new version of the XMP sidecar file where it keeps editing instructions.

The virtual copy is simply a new fix of editing instructions for the original epitome. Even if you lot get betwixt virtual copies making edits, the original image stays untouched. Lightroom just loads appropriate XMP sidecar instructions. Creating a Virtual Re-create is the virtually common way of creating a duplicate in Lightroom.

Here’due south how to create a virtual copy:

  • Select the image to indistinguishable in the
    Library or Develop module and right-click.

  • Choose the Create Virtual Re-create option.

  • Lightroom will create a new set of editing instructions called Virtual Re-create without duplicating the original RAW image.

Lightroom allows you lot to create as many virtual copies of an paradigm as y’all want. The original RAW image won’t change or be contradistinct thanks to nondestructive editing. The simply changes are the editing instructions saved in the text file (.XMP).

ii. Duplicate A Photo Using Snapshots Panel

This is another way of duplicating an paradigm. Using the Snapshot office, you can create multiple versions. It besides allows you to create intermediate steps while y’all’re editing. You lot tin can go back to it at any time. The snapshots are like milestones in your History Panel.

There are various means to use this function. You lot can either make all your edits and save them as a Snapshot, then reset and start again to make different edits, which yous can save every bit a new Snapshot.

Some other way to employ this is to work with its intermediate steps, begin edits, and and then create new ones for a different look and get back and along between them.

Hither’s how to create a Snapshot:

  • The Snapshot Console is on the Develop Module’south left side.

  • You can salvage your editing steps at whatever point during your editing procedure equally a Snapshot and return to it whenever you desire.

3. Duplicating On Consign

The 3rd style of duplicating an image in Lightroom – if yous desire to reproduce the original image – is to practise it using the Export control.

  • Select the Original pick from the File Settings expanse in the Export Module.

  • Click on the Export Push to duplicate the original.


And there you lot have it! Three ways to duplicate an epitome in Lightroom. The Virtual Copy and Snapshot methods use Lightroom’s unique functionality of nondestructive editing.

They allow the original epitome file to remain untouched while creating new versions that include your edits. The third method of duplicating an paradigm duplicates the original file on export.

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