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By | 14/10/2022

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Do you want to create a duplicate photo in Adobe Lightroom? Virtual copies allow you to clone and edit images in Lightroom without creating divide files that take up space on your estimator. If yous’re using the mobile app or really need a duplicates of the same photograph, you can export a re-create from Lightroom and so import the copy dorsum into the app. This wikiHow article will teach you 3 piece of cake ways to add duplicate images in the Lightroom using the mobile app and on your PC or Mac.

  1. one

    Open Lightroom on your Android, iPhone, or iPad.
    Lightroom has a blue icon that says “Lr” in the center. Tap the Lightroom icon on your Home screen or Apps menu to open Lightroom.

  2. 2

    Import a photo that you want to duplicate.
    Lightroom for mobile devices does not permit you lot to import photos that are already in your library, but yous can import a photo and save a copy of it. Apply the post-obit steps to import a photo into Lightroom:

    • Tap the icon that resembles a photograph with a plus sign (+) in the lower-correct corner.
    • Select the location of your photo.
    • Tap the photo you desire to duplicate.
    • Tap
      in the lower-right corner.


  3. iii

    Select a photo yous want to indistinguishable.
    Use the following steps select an imported photograph in Lightroom:

    • Tap the icon that resembles iii books side-by-side in the lower-left or upper-left corner to open your library.
    • Select an anthology or tap
      All Photos.
    • Tap a photograph you lot want to duplicate.
  4. iv

    Make adjustments to the photograph (optional).
    If you lot want to make whatsoever edits to the photograph earlier exporting a indistinguishable, use the options at the bottom of the screen.

  5. five

    Export the photograph.
    Use the following steps to consign a re-create or indistinguishable of the photo:

    • Tap the
      icon in the upper-right corner. On Android information technology resembles three connected dots. On iPhone, it resembles a box with an arrow pointing up.
    • Tap
      Relieve to Device
      (on Android) or
      Export to Files
      (on iPhone and iPad).
    • Select a binder to salve the paradigm to (iPhone and iPad only. On Android, photos are automatically saved to the Lightroom album in your Gallery).
    • Tap
      in the upper-right corner (iPhone and iPad only).
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  1. one

  2. 2

    Right-click the image you want to duplicate.
    It should be in the filmstrip panel at the lesser of the screen. Right-click the image you want to duplicate to display a pop-up carte.

    • If you don’t encounter the filmstrip console at the bottom of the screen, click
      in the carte du jour bar at the superlative. And then click
      followed by
  3. 3


    Create Virtual Copy


    This creates a new virtual re-create of the image. Virtual copies have an icon that resembles a turning folio icon in the lower-left corner of the thumbnail prototype. You tin can make independent edits to a virtual copy equally if it was an actual copy of the prototype.

    • Virtual copies only exist inside Lightroom. They do not create a split up image file outside of Lightroom.
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  1. 1

    Open Lightroom.
    Lightroom has a blue icon that says “Lr” in the center. Click the Lightroom to open Lightroom.

  2. ii

    Select the photograph you want to indistinguishable.
    Click the photo to select it. You tin select a photo in the grid or filmstrip panel.

  3. three

    Open the Export carte.
    Use the following steps to open the Export menu:

    • Click
      in the carte du jour bar at the top.
    • Click
  4. 4

    Aggrandize the

    File Settings


    To exercise so, click the arrow icon (⏵) adjacent to “File Settings” in the Export menu.

  5. 5


    It’s under “Paradigm Format” below “File Settings.”

  6. vi




    It’south in the lower-right corner of the Export menu. This exports a duplicate of the paradigm.[1]

    • Alternatively, yous can duplicate an epitome exterior of Lightroom. To practice so, right-click the paradigm and click
      on Mac). Then right-click a blank area inside the same folder and click
  7. vii

    Open up the Import carte.
    Utilise the following steps to open up the Import menu in Lightroom:

    • Click
      in the bill of fare bar at the top.
    • Click
      Import Photos and Videos.
  8. 8

    “Don’t Import Suspected Duplicates.”

    Past default, when you import images into Lightroom, information technology automatically tries to detect duplicates and not import them. You demand to plow off this feature. To do so, click the checkbox next to “Don’t Import Suspected Duplicates” in the panel on the correct.

  9. 9

    Select your indistinguishable photograph.
    Use the bill of fare panel on the left to navigate the dissimilar folders on your PC. And so click the folder your prototype duplicate is located in. Click the checkbox in the upper-correct corner of the thumbnail image of your epitome duplicate.

  10. ten




    This imports your image indistinguishable into Lightroom. You can make edits to either image.[ii]

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