How To Empty Adobe Scratch Disk

By | 15/11/2022

How to empty scratch disk in Photoshop [Easy Guide]

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  • According to Adobe, a working disk is a (virtual) storage drive in your computer that is used as temporary storage for Photoshop when the program is running.
  • If yous have used Adobe Photoshop on your computer, y’all’ve encountered the working deejay mistake at to the lowest degree a few times.
  • To learn more about this great epitome editor, check out our Photoshop webpage.
  • Take a look at our defended Adobe Fix department for other helpful troubleshooting guides.

empty scratch disk in Photoshop


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Photoshop is an incredibly powerful application with cracking features. But while the program interface is overly intuitive, the same can’t exist said about dealing with
its bugs.

By far the nearly common Photoshop error is that the scratch disk is full. Some users go it when they try to kickoff the program, others when they try to perform a certain activeness.

What is a scratch disk?

Photoshop requires retentivity to shop temporary projection files. If the program doesn’t accept enough RAM to store something temporarily, it uses the hard disk space as a temporary virtual retentiveness holder.

This hard disk drive space is chosen working volume (scratch disk). If both the memory and the working volume get total of temporary files, you’ll get an error message that says
Scratch Disk is full.

In the following lines y’all volition find constructive solutions to empty the scratch disk in Photoshop.

How do I empty my scratch disk in Photoshop?

1. Free upward enough disk space

  1. Open
    Photoshop, and go to
  2. Select the
  3. Click on
    Scratch Disks…
    and check which drives are beingness used as the working volume.
    photoshop scratch disk full
  4. Make sure you lot have at least
    40 GB free space

Make sure that you have enough infinite in the drive sectionalization where the working volume is located. If you exercise not specify it yourself, the C:/ drive is automatically selected as the working volume.

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2. Delete the temporary files

delete photoshop temporary files

  1. Become to partition
    C:/Users, and select
  2. Navigate to
    AppData, and click on
  3. Select
    Photoshop Temp, and choose to delete the
    temporary files.

If you lot have the habit of forcibly closing the program without giving it plenty time to shut projects properly, a large portion of the temporary files will be left backside.

If y’all do this often plenty, your temporary folder becomes total of Photoshop files. Simply these files are easy to identify and delete. Normally, their name starts with
Photoshop Temp.

Yous can safely delete them without affecting the system.

If you’re having problems deleting your temporary files, check out the elementary solutions from this handy guide and get rid of them once and for all.

3. Change the location of the working volume

  1. Start
  2. Printing and concord
    Ctrl + Alt.
  3. Encounter the carte for
    Scratch Deejay Settings.
  4. Select
    another partition
    from the drop-down carte, and click
  5. Your Photoshop should know to
    without the scratch disk is total.

This is a nice shortcut that you lot can utilize to change scratch disk settings, in case your Photoshop shows you lot the scratch disk is full, before yous manage to get into the settings.

4. Increase the corporeality of memory allowed past Photoshop

photoshop increase ram

  1. Open up
    Photoshop, and go to
  2. Click on
    Settings, and select the
  3. Suit the sliders under
    Memory Usage
    to increase the amount of RAM that Photoshop is allowed to access.
  4. Do not set up the 80% threshold
    every bit this volition cause your PC to run slower.

By default, Photoshop is programmed to use 60% of all RAM. However, you can utilise even more as above mentioned.

five. Customize your working drives

  1. Open up
    Photoshop, and go to
  2. Click on
  3. Select
    Scratch Disks….
    photoshop select scratch disk
  4. Select the checkbox next to each partition to enable them every bit scratch disks, and click
  5. RestartPhotoshop.

Past default, simply your C:/ bulldoze is selected every bit a working book, but you can let all your partitions to share this load.

Experienced Photoshop users sometimes set up a special hard disk division to forestall a trouble like this from occurring.

Don’t forget to leave whatsoever other questions or suggestions that you may have in the comments section below, and we’ll be sure to check them out.

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