How To Export Presets From Lightroom

By | 27/10/2022

The ability to create, import, and export presets is perhaps ane of Lightroom’s greatest features. The employ of Lightroom presets allows yous to streamline your photo editing process and create truly beautiful edits with just a few clicks!

If y’all have used Lightroom presets for whatsoever length of time, you accept probably accumulated a sizeable library of presets. With so many amazing presets, you may want to share them with family friends, or clients, or even sell them if they are ones y’all created yourself! Or, maybe you lot simply got a new computer and need to transfer your presets over. To do either of these things, y’all will need to export your Lightroom presets.

How to Export Lightroom Presets

Exporting Individual Presets

Exporting presets is a very simple procedure. Each preset you create or import get saved in a separate Lightroom preset file. Follow the steps below to export your preset:

1. Select the preset you lot want to export from the Presets tab.

export presets1

2. Correct click on the preset. This will open a drop-down bill of fare with a few different options. Select “Export”.

export presets3

iii. In the menu that opens upwards, create a file proper noun for your preset, and select where on your computer yous would similar to consign the file. In one case you are washed, click “Save”.

export presets2

4.  Your preset is now exported! The XMP preset file can be found in whichever binder/location y’all selected in the Export dialogue!

Exporting Multiple Presets

If you have a lot of presets that y’all need to export, doing them 1 past one is likely not something you lot want to do. It would simply take way too long. If this is the case, in that location is a quick and like shooting fish in a barrel way to export your Lightroom presets in bulk, too.

Each preset in your library is stored as an private file in a folder on your computer. What y’all are going to do in the following steps is locate that file then just re-create and paste the files!

1. The well-nigh straight way to get to your preset files is to go to your Lightroom Preferences. On a Mac, select the “Lightroom Archetype” button from the top bar, then select “Preferences” from the driblet-downward carte that appears.

export presets6

2. From the “Preferences” menu that opens, click “Testify Lightroom Develop Presets”.

export presets4

iii. You are now looking at the binder on your computer where all of your presets are stored. Now that you can see all of your preset files, simply select the ones you lot want to consign, so copy (Command/Ctrl + C; right click + select “Copy”) and paste (Command/Ctrl + V; right click + select paste) them into whichever folder you lot want. Yous can too transfer your presets onto a USB bulldoze or external hard drive if you are giving them to someone else.

export presets5

As you can see, exporting your Lightroom presets is as uncomplicated as importing them! Now that y’all know how to export your Lightroom presets, you tin share them with your friends, family, or clients, or just movement them over to a new reckoner.