How To Fade Corners In Photoshop

By | 24/10/2022

In that location are a few different ways you tin blur the edges of a photo in Photoshop. Depending on the expect you’re going for, you can utilize mistiness filters or solid colors to create the effect. Either fashion, the process doesn’t take long, and a blur can be added in no time. Here are iii different ways to blur the edges of a photo in Photoshop!

How To Mistiness Edges In Photoshop – 3 Easy Means

#1. How To Blur The Edges Of A Photo With Color

For this first blur consequence, you’ll acquire how to create a soft-colored mistiness effectually the edge of a photo. This option is all-time if you want to isolate your subjects and create a dreamy consequence with fewer distractions.

Depending on whether yous desire to create a circular or rectangular mistiness, yous’ll demand to selection a different Marquee tool.

For a
round blur,

select the Elliptical Marquee tool.

For a
rectangular mistiness, select the Rectangular Marquee tool.


In this example, I want to create a round blur around my subject, so I’ll choose the Elliptical Marquee.

In the tool settings bar at the top of your screen, set a feather radius to dictate the blur. If you aren’t familiar with plume, effort to think of it every bit the softness of an border. The more feather you have, the softer (or more blurred) your border volition look.

For a more than subtle mistiness to the border of your photo, try a radius of

If you desire to add a very heavy mistiness, try a radius of
75px or higher.


With your feather radius set, click and drag out your Marquee tool around your subject. Recollect, annihilation
of this selection will turn into a solid color! For my photograph, I will create the selection effectually my subject’s body.

You lot’ll now have a black and white dotted line to represent the choice. These are as well known equally ‘marching ants.’ At this bespeak, information technology’s difficult to imagine how blurred the edges of your photo will look. Luckily you tin can preview the selection by pressing

This will bring upwardly a quick mask to show you what your selection will look like. Anything ruby-red will not exist visible in the final image. For now, you mainly want to focus on how the edges of the selection expect.


Now enquire yourself if this volition be enough blur for the edge of your photo. If non, consider a new feather radius and draw a new selection to try once again.

If you’re happy with it, information technology’south time to add together this pick to a layer mask! Hide the quick mask by pressing
again and select your image layer in the layers panel.

Next, add together a layer mask by clicking on the layer mask icon.


At this signal, y’all’ll accept successfully added a blur to the edges of your photo. At present it’s time to choose the color around your background!

Go upwards to
Layer > New Fill up Layer > Solid Color.


Rename the layer to anything you’d like and click


At present cull a color to take as your background. For now, I’ll choose white, simply you can change this at any time!


With your new colour fill layer created, drag it below your image layer to complete the blur effect.

– The Upshot


This technique is an easy way to add a blur to the edges of a photo in Photoshop using the Marquee tool and a layer mask. For a more isolated and dreamy effect, the colored border definitely volition practise the pull a fast one on! Depending on whether y’all used the Elliptical or Rectangular Marquee tool, you lot will end up with a totally different effect.

#2. How To Mistiness The Edges Of A Photo With Filters

In this second method, you’ll larn how to blur the edges of a photograph in Photoshop with a gaussian blur filter. This filter applies a full general blur beyond the whole image, merely you tin refine information technology with the help of layer masks.

Select the image you want to mistiness the edges of in your layers panel.

Next, convert it to a smart object past correct-clicking and selecting
‘convert to smart object.’

To add your mistiness effect, go up to
Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

Set a blur radius that fits the expect you lot’re going for. If you want to have a heavier mistiness around the edge of your photo, gear up the radius college. Since I desire a mild mistiness, I’ll prepare a radius of 30px. Click
to commit to your changes.

Now you’ll have a blur covering the entire photo, then how can you make it only affect the edges? That’due south where the smart object comes in!


If y’all accept a look at your layers panel, you’ll at present see filters underneath the epitome layer with a smart filters layer mask. This layer mask is the primal to isolating the blur to the edges of your photograph.

Click on the smart filters layer mask and select your gradient tool (One thousand).


Brand certain you’re using a ‘foreground to transparent‘ gradient and accept black gear up to your foreground colour.


Lastly, brand sure you lot’re using a
radial gradient

for the best effect.

With the smart filters layer mask selected, click and drag out a gradient around your subject. This volition plume the blur and limit it to the edges of your photo! You can become back and conform this at whatever fourth dimension with your smart filters layer mask.


If yous demand to adjust the blur intensity, merely double click on ‘gaussian blur’ under your epitome layer. This will open up up the gaussian mistiness adjustment window and allow y’all to ready a new radius.

– The Result


This is another excellent pick to blur the edges of a photo in Photoshop. Rather than using color to blur around your subjects, you use a gaussian mistiness to add a more than natural look.

#three. How To Blur A Single Edge Of Your Photo

In some situations, you may not want to mistiness every edge of your photograph. Luckily, you can quickly isolate a blur to specific edges with a slightly different method. Let’s go over how to do this with both the color and gaussian mistiness options!

– With Color

Create a new colour fill layer past going to
Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color.
Rename the layer if you wish and click OK.

Now choose a color you desire to show backside the blurred edges of your photo. In this instance, I’ll choose white once again.


With the colour fill layer created, elevate it underneath your paradigm layer in the layers panel.

Select your image layer and add a layer mask.

Grab your gradient tool past pressing
Kand select a foreground to transparent slope. Make sure y’all’re using a
linear gradient,
and your foreground color is ready to


Click on your layer mask and now click and elevate your gradient out from the edge you desire to mistiness. You can continue this as many times as you’d like until you become the mistiness effect you’re looking for!


– With Gaussian Blur

Convert your prototype layer to a smart object by correct-clicking and selecting
‘convert to smart object.’

Add a gaussian mistiness to your image by going to
Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.
Set the radius to suit the style yous’re going for.

With your blur created, click on your smart filters layer mask and press
Command + I
(Mac) or
Control + I
(PC) to capsize it. The layer mask will now exist black, meaning your blur will be completely invisible.

Grab your gradient tool by pressing
and select a ‘foreground to transparent’ gradient. Set your foreground color to
and choose a
linear slope.


With your smart filters layer mask selected, click and drag out from an edge of your photo to add a blur. Go along to add together the blur to other edges to accommodate the look y’all’re going for!



There are a few different means you tin can blur the edges of a photograph in Photoshop. Fortunately, all the methods nosotros discussed here are straightforward and can be washed in simply a couple of minutes. Even if you lot’re brand new to Photoshop, calculation a blur to the edges of a photograph is a great style to get familiar with layer masks, smart filters, and the gradient tool in Photoshop!

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– Brendan 🙂