How To Focus On The Eyes In Photography

By | 18/01/2023

How to focus on the eyes in photography

How to Focus & Get Sharp Eyes for Portrait Photography

When we talk about focus on the eyes, we all know what that means, right?  We want the eyes to be IN FOCUS and tack sharp!

Anytime yous are shooting a portrait, you lot will want the eyes to be in focus UNLESS you are doing something more creative or are purposely taking a different arroyo.

I bet in that location are times when yous take a photo and are and so confident that you nailed the focus, but to be let down when yous get domicile and are looking at nothing but eyes magnified on your computer screen.  Audio familiar?

Here are three different levels eye sharpness that you may run into, so yous know what to wait for when editing your ain images:

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Case one. Optics that are Out of Focus

When my photo has out of focus eyes that look like this, I will just skip it and move on to the next image.  I never show my client a pic that’southward out of focus unless I come up with a creative way to ingather it and/or get in look intentional.

There’s no manner to edit “out of focus” eyes in post processing to exist more in focus.  Y’all can try to sharpen them and/or add together clarity, only that volition not bring them dorsum into focus.

Zippo tin can bring focus to an out of focus prototype!

focus on eyes - this is an out of focus example

Case two. Eyes that have Soft Focus

The prototype below shows an example of eyes with soft focus.  To some people, they may seem sharp and in focus, only to the trained heart, the focus is soft.

Here’s a groovy way to tell the difference:

  • If you lot tin count the eyelashes, your focus is sharp.
  • If you tin can’t count the eyelashes merely the eye nevertheless looks practiced, your focus is soft.

These are the eyes you lot can sharpen a flake when editing and still be able to utilize.  They are a fleck soft, but not a deal billow.

how to get both eyes in focus

Example three. Eyes that are In Focus

The eyes in the image beneath are the ones we all desire: in focus, tack sharp eyes!

And so how do you become this kind of tack sharp focus?  Here’s the important tip:
THE Optics.  DON’T focus on one eye, make certain to focus in-betwixt!

All the eye images in this tutorial vest to the aforementioned person (I know that sounds creepy!) and were taken during the same session while she was standing in the same spot.  I was shooting broad open at 2.0.  Had I set my focus on just one eye, it would not have allowed the other middle to be in focus.

And so when you want both of your field of study’s eyes to have tack sharp focus (so you can count the eyelashes), make sure to focus in-between their optics.

how to get sharp eyes


Now its your plough.  Become out and take some photos while focusing between the eyes and then check your results!

If you don’t take an upcoming photo session or someone to practice on, try using a stuffed brute, a pet that volition sit down all the same or call a friend for lunch and photos!

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