How To Force A Client To Pay For Commercial Photography Images

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Want to start shooting commercial photography work? Try these five simple tips for finding and keeping photography clients.

For upwardly-and-coming photographers, shooting commercial photography work tin can be easy one time y’all’ve built a professional photography portfolio yous’re proud of. And nowadays, it’south easier than e’er earlier to share the fine art you create with potential clients around the globe.

First off, what is commercial photography?

Commercial photography is creating photographs for commercial apply by a business.
Often, these images back up a item make’s production or service. Yet, commercial photography can likewise be lifestyle imagery or portrait imagery where no specific product is being featured. Commercial photography piece of work happens when clients or agencies hire photographers to photograph for a particular business organisation or campaign.

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Getting started shooting commercial photography piece of work

On Instagram, photographers use the platform to showcase their best, about inspirational work to an audience who admires their style and aesthetic. For contributors at Shutterstock Custom, photographers have the opportunity to commencement earning money creating authentic custom photography work for our global clients.

Fun fact?
When we recruit photographers to join Shutterstock Custom, Instagram is often 1 of the kickoff places nosotros look. We often scope your work there earlier reviewing your website or submitted portfolio.

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If yous haven’t had the opportunity to shoot customer work nevertheless, non to worry. There’s a lot of ways that you can start edifice a portfolio of commercial photography work that will print clients when you pitch projects to shoot.

Working with Shutterstock Custom

At Shutterstock Custom, we require photographers to take commercial piece of work in their portfolio prior to being accepted into our network. That being said, it doesn’t have to be branded work deputed from a particular client. Y’all merely need to submit images that stand for that you have the skills to shoot for a particular category of photography.

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In the following commodity, we’re sharing a few tips and suggestions on how you tin use your photography talents to start shooting commercial photography piece of work. If being a freelance photographer is your goal, or moving from one genre to another, this is a peachy guide to get you started.

Here are five tips on how you lot can kickoff shooting commercial photography work.

5 Tips on Getting Commercial Photography Clients

Tip #1: Curate your online portfolios around the work you want to shoot

While you may have a ton of skills to showcase, being a generalist is not always a skilful thought when you lot’re getting started shooting commercial work. Marketing yourself within a specific style of photography is a stronger and clearer way for the right clients to find your piece of work. For example, your Instagram may be an array of travel images, nutrient images, and portraits that could be groovy for some brands. But, if you want to shoot lifestyle images for commercial clients it may not exist the clearest fashion for those brands to find you.

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Instead, curate your online portfolio and Instagram around the piece of work you want to shoot. If yous want to shoot nutrient, brand that your focus. If yous want to shoot portraits, share your portraits. Create different portfolios or Instagram accounts for the dissimilar piece of work you lot create and so the right client can hire you.

Tip #2: Create a portfolio of general commercial images

If yous want to showtime shooting commercial photography work, starting time you have to testify that you can create commercial work. One time a company reviews your portfolio and see that y’all have the power to shoot a sure type of work, they volition be more likely to hire you. For example, while your stunning landscape images may perform well on social media, they don’t necessarily evidence your capability as a commercial photographer.
Create some images using products y’all already own, or label-less products
to show that you have the skills to create that blazon of prototype.

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If you want to shoot still life images, beginning
still life images. Take hold of some flowers from a local market, create a smoothie bowl, and get-go styling. By showcasing your ability to conceptualize, create, and execute a particular way, brands that fit that fashion volition be more likely to hire you lot.

Tip #three: Shoot “on spec”

If there’due south a detail client that yous’d honey to work with, offer to shoot on spec.
What does “on spec” mean?
It ways shooting images without a set contract or payment for a particular brand. Once you lot’ve created your images, you show those images to the brand with the option for them to purchase afterwards. While it’southward not guaranteed that the company that sends yous product will buy your images, this is a great way to proceeds experience and portfolio work shooting something you lot love. If information technology doesn’t work out, yous tin nonetheless utilize those images to pitch other clients that you’d beloved to work for.

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Tip #iv: Approach commercial clients with ideas, non just photos

Be i footstep ahead of the game by approaching potential clients with ideas, non simply images. While yous may accept a stunning portfolio that fits a brands aesthetic, they probably receive a lot of similar portfolios.
How practise you brand yours stand out?
Understand the brand and why you are the right photographer for them. For instance, effort emailing a brand you’d similar to shoot for. Come up up with a few ideas for campaigns that would be a practiced fit for them. This is a great style to demonstrate that you understand the brand’s vision. It also positions you a stride ahead of other photographers who simply brought a portfolio to the table.

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Tip #5: Create custom content to build photography feel

At Shutterstock Custom, photographers take the opportunity to build feel working for a wide assortment of brands that they might not have admission to otherwise. Once you’ve built a general portfolio of styled images in a particular category you’d like to shoot work in, use to Shutterstock Custom.

Images in your portfolio deed as a proof of skill for the categories and brands you’d like to shoot for. Our internal squad reviews each portfolio and each image example to determine the all-time commercial photography clients and briefs that match your skill.

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Non accepted?
Don’t worry. Keep creating great work and apply again. We love seeing the multifariousness of work and skills that photographers around the earth bring to our community. At Shutterstock, we want nothing but success for creatives looking to start shooting commercial photography work.

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