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Designing a moving picture poster is pure fun. There’southward no question about information technology. Information technology’south one of those projects that yous wait forward to as a designer. Designing a film poster can likewise be incredibly fast and easy… Given the right reference photos and discipline matter, a stunning poster can be created in minutes. In this tutorial I volition walk you through some easy steps to exercise just that.

Here’s a look at what nosotros’ll be creating.

Pace 1

After some searching I found an excellent photo [unfortunately no longer available] to use for our poster. The girl in the photo is very sinister looking, which is perfect. But I want to exaggerate her evilness a picayune flake further. We’re going to utilise the Liquify Filter to accomplish that. Click ( Filter | Liquify ) to load the filter window. Will be using the Bloat Tool (B) to brand her eyes larger, and we’ll utilize the Forward Warp Tool (W) on her oral fissure and eyebrows. Below y’all can see the brush strokes that I made with these tools.

The animation below shows the before and later effects of the Liquify Filter.

Step 3

Adjacent I want to brighten her eyes to the bespeak where they wait inhuman, and I too desire to darken the shadows nether her eyes and effectually her face up. I used the Dodge Tool on her eyes and the Fire Tool on the shadows. Below are my results.

Pace iv

Lets sharpen the image using the Loftier Pass filter play a joke on. Indistinguishable the layer and select (Filter | Other | High Pass). Enter xv for the amount.

Set this layer’s blend mode to Opacity.

Step 5

Now we’re going to add some aligning layers to enhance the contrast and detail of the image. First up, a levels adjustment.

Next, we need a Hue/Saturation adjustment. We’ll remove some of the saturation and slightly arrange the hue to a libation tone.

Now lets add a Photo Filter aligning to further the cooling issue.

Finally, lets add together a Curves adjustment.

Pace 6

Now nosotros need a new layer higher up the image, but below our adjustment layers. With a large, soft white brush, with an Opacity and Flow set to 30%, begin to lighten the image taking the edges to completely white.

The aligning layers apply the same cool blueish tone to our white brushed area, completing the cold effect we desire for the image.

Pace 7

Now nosotros need to use some type to complete the poster. Your typography can make or break your poster design. It seems that there is sort of a go too style when information technology comes to movie posters. If you choose to go outside of that fashion make sure you exercise it with the intention farther the touch your poster is trying to convey. Here is one bully case of going outside the typical film poster style. For the listing of actors at the meridian, I went to IMDB and chose some role player names at random. I used Myriad Pro Condensed for the first names and Condensed Bold for the terminal names. Whatever condensed sans-serif font volition work well for this stride, if you lot don’t have Myriad Pro.

For the championship I chose Trajan Pro. Love it or hate it, it’s a good looking font, and it’s used a lot for movie titles for it’southward dramatic look and experience.

I applied a slight drop shadow and inner glow layer styles to the championship font.

For the credits, I used a font chosen SF Movie Poster. This is a dandy condensed font, excellent for adding a ton of names into a very tight space.

Below is the finished poster. I hope these techniques gave you some insight into how fast and piece of cake a dramatic movie poster can exist created.


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