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How To Get Starburst Effect Photography

By | 12/10/2022
Creating a starburst effect in camera

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Creating effects in-camera is e’er a lot more fun and accurate than adding them using post-processing. Ane trick that’s fun to create is a starburst effect.

When you lot desire to play around with the settings in your camera, consider a starburst effect. It’s actually quite uncomplicated to practice! Below, I’ll share with you some tips on creating this fun effect in the photographic camera.

Find a good light source for your starburst

Ane ingredient necessary for the starburst effect is a light source. You volition need to be photographing directly into the light to create this upshot. Here are some platonic low-cal sources to utilize to make a good starburst in your photograph:

  • The lord’s day: Position your photographic camera so that the sunday is within the frame.
  • Holiday and string lights: Lights on a Christmas tree, or any type of string light hanging upwards in the background of a shot volition also create this effect.
  • Streetlights: If y’all are photographing outside — specially at dark — yous tin create add the starburst effect to make streetlights really pop in the scene.

Set your aperture to a small setting

The flim-flam to creating this issue is to set your lens to a
small aperture
. The smaller the aperture, the more intense the starburst outcome volition be. This will be a college number, such as f/11, f/16 and then on.

Apply a wide-angle lens

To requite your image a proficient surroundings for this effect, try playing around with different lenses. I find that a wide-bending lens gives the all-time results, particularly when working with i intense light source to create the starburst. The wide-angle also helps to let the beams of the starburst become out as far every bit possible in the frame.

Creating a starburst effect in camera

Tips and considerations for creating a starburst

When creating a starburst consequence, y’all might have some compromises or workarounds with your paradigm. Offset of all, if yous are
photographing direct into the dominicus, you lot might not take enough low-cal to illuminate your discipline. In this example, you can either
create a silhouette, or y’all can employ a speed light or flash to
add fill light. You’ll demand to make sure you have a wink that can piece of work with high-speed weather, and so you tin position it and so that yous go both a well-lit subject and a starburst in the background.

You also might battle a bit with lens flare. Sometimes it can add an interesting issue to the paradigm and is often more visible with lower-quality lenses. However, if yous have a
lens hood, you’ll definitely desire to make sure that yous are using that on your lens to help minimize the consequence.

Creating a starburst effect in camera

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Helpful starburst info. Thank you!

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